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Miro Integration

Miro Integration

You can add your Miro boards to your preferred Miro object to access them directly from Kumospace.

Add a Miro board to your Kumospace:

  1. Open the Edit menu and type “Miro” in the Search field (the Miro objects are located in the Decor dropdown).

  2. Click to select your favorite Miro object, then click to place it somewhere in your space. 

  3. Click the Settings button on the Miro object, then copy and paste your Miro board link into the provided field.


Managing user access

Note that you can manage user permissions from the Miro website. Click the Share button to invite team members to view or edit your board. 

Your team will need to log into Miro to be able to access your Miro board in Kumospace. 

Share to Nearby

You can quickly share your board in Kumospace to Nearby, i.e. everybody in your audio range, by clicking the Share button in the top right corner.