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Making remote collaboration effortless

Welcome to your digital canvas

With the Online Whiteboard, you're not just sharing ideas; you're building them together. Our free online whiteboard is designed for remote and hybrid teams looking to enhance their brainstorming, planning, and strategic sessions. Interact, sketch, and collaborate in real-time, no matter where your team is located.

Transform your collaboration with powerful features

Ignite creative sparks

Brainstorm seamlessly with our interactive online whiteboard. Unleash your team's creativity and watch as your ideas evolve in real time.

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Features that maximize workplace collaboration and success

Simplify strategy sessions

Bring your strategy to life with our tools. See the big picture and align on objectives.

Simplify strategy sessions

Bring your strategy to life with our tools. See the big picture and align on objectives.

Capture every thought

Write ideas and essential points. Keep thoughts organized and accessible for all.

Enjoy dual functionality

Simultaneously take notes and draw with our split screen. Capture every concept.

Start with ease

Kickstart your work with our templates. Perfect for planning and brainstorming.

Preserve your ideas

Save your work and revisit whenever you want. Never lose a brilliant idea again.

Bring ideas to life

Display digital plans in your office. Infuse your workspace with shared vision.

Real-time collaboration

Work on the same canvas, simultaneously. Enhance creativity among distributed teams.

Seamless integrations

Expand your workspace with Miro and Eraser. Your all-in-one collaboration hub.


Cross-platform digital whiteboard

Use our free online whiteboard

Kumospace's online whiteboard software is universally available, accessible across web browsers and through native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android. Enjoy seamless collaboration, regardless of your location or operating system.

G2 Leader Winter 2024

Award-winning software

#1 virtual workspace

Kumospace stands out as the top-rated online collaboration and whiteboard tool on G2! Foster a more collaborative and connected environment for your remote or hybrid team today.

Upholding strong security protocols

SOC 2 certified

Kumospace has successfully undergone the SOC 2 review and audit, underscoring our unwavering dedication to exemplary security and data protocols.


Improved user interaction


Your safety, our priority

Experience secure video conferencing through our end-to-end encrypted webRTC technology, prioritizing top-tier data protection for users.

Simplified single sign-on

Foster your remote or hybrid team's cohesion with a single, secure, and compliant company-wide login system.

Security and regulatory adherence

Admin control at your fingertips

Centered on regulatory compliance, effortlessly manage team and guest roles, promoting a secure, compliant video chat environment.

Meeting HIPAA standards

Perform video meetings in accordance with the rigorous requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Compliant with GDPR

Compliance with European Privacy Laws

Kumospace guarantees seamless video and audio interactions, all while rigorously conforming to data privacy laws in the European Economic Area.


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