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Published by by Product-Led Summit Toronto on

Sales-Led vs. Product-Led - Is the Real Profit in Finding the Right Balance?

Brett Martin dissects the merits and drawbacks of each approach, emphasizing the critical role of balance in maximizing profits.

Published by by IN the Nasdaq on

Follow these 'tectonic' trends to cash in on venture capital investments

Brett Martin, general partner at Charge Ventures, sits down with InvestmentNews anchor Gregg Greenberg to highlight the hottest opportunities in venture and startup investing.

Published by by Dublin Tech Summit on

Building Culture, from a Distance

"Culture isn't what you say, it's what you do." Kumospace Cofounder Brett Martin shares best practices on how to build long-lasting culture for distributed teams, using insight from real case studies and the Kumospace team's vibrant company culture.

Published by by Grit Daily House on

What Does Inflation Mean for Startups?

Michelle Jacobik, author, "The Path to Profits". Katie Canales, The Milk Road / Morning Brew. Brett Martin, Charge Ventures and Kumospace.

Published by by Tulsa Remote House on

Is Remote Work a Privilege or a Right?

Join Kumospace Cofounder Brett Martin, alongside Tulsa Remote House panelists, as they discuss what to look out for in remote work trends.

Published by by Web Summit on

Will physical real estate even matter in the future?

See Kumospace cofounder Brett Martin appear onstage at the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Kumospace in the news

Article by Bloomberg on

The Tape: Outlook for Venture Capital

Brett Martin, General Partner at Charge Ventures, joins to discuss the outlook for the venture capital space in 2024. Hosted by John Tucker and Bailey Lipschultz.

Article by Founders Forum North America on

We’re back in the office, now what?

Brett Martin, cofounder of Kumospace, participated in an exciting and informative discussion centered on navigating a future of work that's hybrid and has AI augmented meetings and autonomous agents.

Article by Vation Ventures Global Summit on

What does return to office really mean?

The audience got the chance to hear from Kumospace cofounder Brett Martin on how Kumospace is changing the virtual work landscape for distributed teams across the globe.

Article by Wharton Tech Toks on

Charge Ventures: Pre-Seed Investing

Cynthia Zhou interviews Brett Martin as they delve into the world of pre-seed investing and serial entrepreneurship, covering a wide range of topics like lessons in entrepreneurship, strategies for identifying genuine potential in early-stage businesses as a pre-seed investor, and the evolving landscape of remote work.

Article by Be Happy Remote on

Swap the RTO for a RVO with Brett Martin, Kumospace

Join Sam as she chats with Brett Martin, President & Co-Founder of Kumospace about why it seems like so many companies are returning to the office (RTO), what the benefits of a return to a virtual office (RVO) are as an alternative, and how companies can foster greater connection and productivity through virtual co-working.

Article by Scaleup Valley Podcast on

AI Trends that CEOs Should Be Aware Of

Cofounder and VC Brett Martin joins host Mike Dias to discuss AI trends that CEOs need to know.

Article by Tech Entrepreneur on a Mission on

Brett Martin, President at Kumospace - on the power of focus

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to enable all of us to collaborate, build culture, and thrive together - remotely. My guest is Brett Martin, Co-founder and President at Kumospace.

Article by FoundersMag on

Thriving Amidst the Remote Revolution: Insights From Entrepreneurs on Adapting to Remote Work and Ensuring Productivity, Engagement, and Company Culture

In our interview series, ‘The Remote Revolution: Navigating the Future of Work,’ we have gathered responses from over 20 successful entrepreneurs to shed light on how their companies have adapted to the rise of remote work. Join us as we dive into their experiences and learn from their valuable lessons in this ever-evolving work environment.

Article by Fundraising Demystified on

He raised $21 Million for his startup - Brett Martin, Co-founder, Kumospace

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Brett Martin, the co-founder of Kumospace, a virtual office for remote and distributed teams. Brett shares his experience of raising a $21 million Series A led by Lightspeed Ventures and highlights the importance of timing your fundraise around an inflection point.

Article by Cracking the Entrepreneur Bottleneck on

How To Pitch Your Business to Investors

Join the conversation with Brett Martin as he shares his entrepreneurship journey and how you can leverage VC and build your desired business.

Article by The Compassionate Capitalist on

Unveiling the Future: Insights from a Visionary Angel Investor and VC with Brett Martin

In this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Show, Karen engages in an enlightening conversation with Brett Martin, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, and visionary. Brett shares his remarkable experiences and profound insights, offering listeners a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship and venture investing.

Article by HR Tech Cube on

Kumospace releases the Kumospace mobile app

Users can now join virtual office spaces, workshops, webinars, and other meetings hosted on Kumospace, and engage with speakers and other participants in real-time from their mobile devices

Article by Millionaire Interviews | Entrepreneur Stories 4 Inspiration on

Surviving a Storm at Sea & Reflecting on Past Startups via Brett Martin of Kumospace (The Innovative Virtual Office Platform)

Brett Martin is President & Co-Founder of Kumospace, the virtual office platform where teams show up, as well as Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Charge Ventures, a pre-seed-focused venture fund based in Brooklyn, NY. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, where he teaches data analytics and technology strategy.

Article by Great Mondays Radio on

Using Software to Enable Trust and Interactions with Kumospace's Brett Martin

Our host, Josh Levine, talks with the Co-Founder of Kumospace, Brett Martin. Kumospace is a virtual office and events software company that helps teams that feel disconnected and siloed. By using a virtual office remote work meetings no longer have to be boring or unproductive.

Article by My Worst Investment Ever Podcast on

Brett Martin – Fix Your Partnership or Quit It

If you’re in a partnership that’s not working, you must push it to a conclusion. Complaining won’t resolve your problems. If you can, bootstrap your company instead of taking money from venture capitalists.

Article by Automated Creative on

Hilton For the Stay Ad Reviewed by PensionBee, Kumopsace and Caterpillar

Would you watch a 10-minute TikTok? Even for Hilton Honors points? Hilton think you will. And they’re proving it with their latest ad, “For the Stay”, chosen by Contagious. Our guests Jasper Martens (Chief Marketing Officer at PensionBee), Drew Moffitt (Marketing at Kumospace) and Atilla Vékony (Global Marketing Lead at Caterpillar) had mixed opinions on the experiment and rated it 3.33 / 5.

Article by Nothing Ventured on

NV Main Show S4e5 - Brett Martin

Today I am really excited to have with me Brett Martin. Brett is an entrepreneur, angel investor, pragmatist, and optimist. Having spent most of his career in the startup trenches, he now focuses on supporting other entrepreneurs as Managing Partner of a small seed-stage venture fund: Charge Ventures.

Article by Raw and Real Entrepreneurship on

Interview with Brett Martin, President & Co-Founder of Kumospace: Increasing Productivity and Collaboration with Remote Teams

Susan Sly interviews Brett Martin, President and Co-Founder of Kumospace. Listen in as they dive deep into the origin story of Kumospace. Learn about the importance of product-market fit and the vision for Kumospace, which is to provide freedom and flexibility to its users to live their best lives and be hyper-productive. Tune in to the podcast and get inspired to build something that makes a difference!

Article by Tech in the Right Direction on

MENtors that Make A Difference

Jennifer Didier sits down with co-founder of Kumospace Brett Martin. Listen to their conversation about the changes that are available in the digital work space.

Article by Dapper Data on

Diversity & Inclusiveness in Data Science

Join me as I speak with David Sepulveda, Chief Data Officer for Kumospace,, a virtual office workspace that increase productivity and team morale. Davids discusses the role of a Chief Data Officer and the importance of inclusiveness and diversity in the data being fed to algorithms.

Article by She's Making an Impact Podcast on

Leading Remotely: Unveiling the Do’s & Don’ts of Managing a Virtual Team (with Drew Moffitt): Episode 390

On this episode, I have startup expert Drew Moffitt! Drew leads marketing at Kumospace. As one of the company's earliest employees, he helped take it from a pre-funded product with ~100 users to being used by several million around the world. Kumospace a Lightspeed Ventures portfolio company with more than $24 million in funding.

Article by Inside the ScaleUp on

Drew Moffitt - Kumospace

In this conversation with Drew Moffitt from Kumospace, we learn about they are powering virtual offices, workspaces and events. We discuss the future of work and what a move towards working in the metaverse might look like.

Article by The Deal Closers Podcast on

The Virtual Ecommerce Office of the Future, with Kumospace CEO Brett Martin

For many of us in Ecommerce, we don’t really work from an office and we have no intention to. But what we do struggle with is camaraderie and connection. On the show today, Brett Martin from Kumospace gives us tips on how to create a company culture, even in a virtual world.

Article by It Starts Now on

Pointers for first time Business Founders

Brett details the start of the journey, the early stages and concept behind Kumospace, and what it takes to sustain the path of entrepreneurship. He also explains what types of companies he looks for when investing and much more.

Article by Better Done Than Perfect Podcast on

Data Activation for SaaS with David Sepulveda

You'll learn why data analysts need to work closely with research and product teams, how to distinguish correlation from causation, how much data you need to track, and more.

Article by The Cambridge Marketing Podcast on


We start 2023 with a look at Entrepreneurship. My guest is Drew Moffitt, a serial Entrepreneur! He tells us about some of the businesses he's set up, how you deal with failure and the mindset of an Entrepreneur.

Article by If You Market on

Staying Connected with a Remote Marketing Team, with Drew Moffitt

What if you could combine the best parts of working from home and being in the office? This week on the If You Market podcast we talk with Drew Moffitt about how to stay connected with remote marketing team and the Kumospace application.

Article by The Exit Podcast on

Jumping on trends with Brett Martin

Brett Martin is changing the world of virtual office space and events but he wasn’t always so focused on solving real problems. His first big venture involved building a proximity-based social media app. The hype before launch was huge, but when users got their hands on the app things didn't go as planned. Listen to learn what he’s learnt and why he jumps on trends when the opportunity comes along.

Article by Duct Tape Marketing on

Why Virtual Offices Are The Future Of Remote Working

In this episode, Brett Martin, a co-founder of Kumospace, shares how h set out to create a solution to help virtual workers receive all the benefits of being in a physical office without the disadvantages of working remotely.

Article by MBIT Podcast: Marketing, Business, Investing and Tech on

The Startup Changing The Game For Remote Work w/ Brett Martin (Co-Founder)

Today Shamus Madan sits down with Brett Martin, the President and Co-Founder of Kumospace. Kumospace is a platform that offers virtual offices and events where remote and hybrid teams collaborate and connect. Brett is also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Charge Ventures, a pre-seed-focused venture fund based in Brooklyn, NY.

Article by TechTime with Nathan Mumm on

Week for October 16th

Our Guest, Brett Martin, explains an actual virtual office on his application/platform Kumospace.

Article by Fortune on

Fortune Termsheet - August 12, 2022

Kumospace, a remote-based virtual office software company for teams and events, raised $21 million in Series A funding from Lightspeed Ventures.

Article by MINT College on


MINT College held an online event for the new students last September 22, 2021. The theme for this year’s acquaintance party is “retro-futuristic.”

Article by MIT Technology Review on

Meetings suck. Can we make them more fun?

As hybrid and remote work become the norm, meetings are including video game and virtual reality elements to increase engagement.

Article by The New York Times Magazine on

The Race to Fix Virtual Meetings

Sick of boring grids of heads? A new crop of start-ups aims to bring some serendipity and spark to remote meetings.

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