Work From Anywhere in Kumospace

A virtual office to bring teams together to do their best work.

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Iterate Faster

Kumospace eliminates the overhead of scheduling meetings, freeing more time for deep work. Have a quick question? Walk over to your colleague with a keystroke – you’ll avoid miscommunication and make better decisions, faster.


Communicate Authentically

Remote work has left team members everywhere feeling lonely and isolated. In Kumospace, collaboration happens organically. Conversations feel natural and more engaging – almost as if you were physically next to each other.


Create Opportunity

Exposure to management and being “in the know” are critical for upward mobility, and retention. Kumospace levels the playing field for remote employees by providing visibility and allowing access to the water-cooler information.


Build Culture

Regular informal interactions foster deeper connections and trust between team members. Coworking in Kumospace helps integrate new team members, strengthens cross-departmental bonds, and creates a sense of belonging in remote teams.

Freshen up your video calls


Spatial Audio

Kumospace allows for multiple simultaneous conversations in the same space – no breakout rooms required.



Moving around the office increases the chances of serendipitous encounters and organic collaboration.



Teammates can wind down and play a game with a colleague. Personal connection is the foundation of trust.


Quick Links

Creates a secure, shared window into other websites for real-time collaboration in Google Docs, MetroRetro, and more!



Personalize and brand your virtual office space to suit your team’s personality and reflect your company culture.


Screen Sharing

Multiple team members are able to present their screens locally at the same time, enabling concurrent collaboration in the same space.


SSO Integration

Spare your team from another log in and increase security by integrating OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols for single sign-on. Learn more.



Brainstorm with your team in a shared workspace with text, shapes and freeform.


Pop-Out Video

See people’s faces while you’re collaborating off tab, and easily find your way back to Kumospace.


Private Rooms

Rooms in Kumospace are ideal for private meetings, focused work, and when you don’t want to be interrupted.