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The World’s Best Hybrid and Remote Teams Use Kumospace

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A Collaborative Virtual Workspace

Spatial Audio-3

Spatial Audio

A shared virtual workspace where multiple conversations can happen simultaneously – no breakout rooms required.

A collection of icons representing the integrations available within Kumospace, arranged in a circle.

Quick Links

Save documents in your online workspace for easy access. And share in a secure window to collaborate together.

Move Around


Moving around your virtual shared workspace creates chance encounters and fosters organic team collaboration.

A 3D rendering of a blue arcade gaming cabinet, which is an interactive furniture item available in Kumospace.

Virtual Games

Give remote and hybrid team members a moment to wind down with built-in virtual office party games to facilitate team building.



Personalize and brand your virtual office workspace to suit your team’s personality and reflect your company culture.

A mockup of a desktop background, representing the ability to screenshare within Kumospace.

Screen Share

Multiple team members can present their screens, enabling concurrent collaboration in the same virtual office app.

A 3D rendering of a whiteboard, which is a furniture item available in Kumospace.


Brainstorm with hybrid and remote team members using freeform, text, and shapes with your team’s virtual office.

A mockup of a several users' video feeds overlayed on a desktop, representing the concept of pop-out video conferencing.

Pop-Out Video

See people’s faces while you’re collaborating off tab, and easily find your way back to Kumospace.

A 3D rendering of a watercooler, which is an interactive furniture item available in Kumospace.

Watercooler Moments

Celebrate and connect with colleagues over virtual drinks, around the DJ booth, hitting the sales gong, and more.

People Love Virtual Office Technology

Virtual Office Benefits

Why use virtual office software?

Iterate faster

Replace fatiguing meetings with collaborative, organic conversations that reduce misunderstanding.

Build trust

Level the playing field by democratizing exposure to management and being “in the know.”
A person lounging on a bed with their dog, and using a laptop.

Break down silos

Foster a collaborative virtual office environment that breaks down cross-departmental silos and brings teams together.

Have fun

Add fun moments and increase productivity. Team members need moments to bond socially in order to prevent burnout.

Your company’s home

Give your remote team a virtual office space to call home that encompasses their personalities and the company’s brand.
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Questions about increasing team productivity?

A Safe and Secure Online Workspace

A screenshot of five users interacting inside a private room within Kumospace.

Private Rooms

Rooms in Kumospace are ideal for private meetings, focused work, and when you don’t want to be interrupted.

An animation that represents an external user attempting to enter a private space, but being blocked due to a security setting.

SSO Integration

Leverage single sign-on to spare your team another login and increase security with OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols.

Transform the way your team works.