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Kumospace is changing the way people connect online. Let’s build technology that brings people together, together!


Backed by the best

The world’s top venture funds are invested in our success.

Humans first
Core Values

Be Human First

We are building the best place to host events on the internet. At Kumospace, people are our priority both in the virtual world and in life.

Idea, Design, Ship, Repeat
Core Values

Focus, Ship, Learn

To focus on great ideas, we say no to many good ones. We seek data and feedback to drive discovery. Learning is paramount.

Brain in a lightbulb
Core Values

Own the Work

We trust each other to do our best work. We take pride in what we do, and own our outcomes.

Communicate and Collaborate
Core Values

Listen for the Gold

We speak candidly and listen with empathy. When in doubt or disagreement, we hop into Kumospace to hash it out. Most of all, we're committed to having fun and enjoying the ride!

Be Human First
Focus, Ship, Learn
Own the Work
Listen for the Gold
Diversity & Inclusion

Building the dream team

Diverse teams build winning products. If you are smart, hardworking, and eager to build the future of human connection, we want you to get involved. Let’s do this!

Perks and Benefits

Let's make work a bit less like work

Great pay, ample vacation, and quality healthcare aren’t “nice to haves,” they’re the foundation for long term success.

Kumo Team
The Team

Help us make meaningful connections happen in unforgettable virtual spaces

An eclectic group of gamers, surfers, card-counters, botanists, and linguists, the Kumospace team is united by a passion for building technology that brings people together. Join our mission to deepen human connection.


The entire Kumospace team hanging out during a weekly planning meeting (07/2020)