An Inside Look at Kumospace’s People-First Company Culture

By Sophia Kercher

Our all-remote team prides itself on trust, collaboration, and making time for fun and learning.

At Kumospace our all-remote workplace is on a mission to deepen human connection. That starts with building a caring team culture.

Our working environment is creative, positive, and high-performing.

"We take pride of ownership of our work, and focus on speed rather than perfection," says Drew Moffitt who runs Marketing. "That means to focus on great ideas we might have to say no to some really good ones."

The team uses Kumospace’s immersive virtual chat platform to conduct meetings, socials, and brainstorm ideas. It's how we stay connected across various locations and time zones, and ensure Kumospace is the best place to hang out on the internet.

“I like the way we do remote work,” says Charneille Daley, who runs Customer Success. “We don’t have tons and tons of meetings, and you never feel like you’re alone. You know you have the team working alongside you.”

We Believe in Trust, Empathy, and Independence

Working at Kumospace is about results, not face time. Teammates are given independence and flexibility in their work schedules. There's no need to ask permission to leave for a specific appointment, just drop a heads up into Slack. If someone needs a day off, there are unlimited vacation days available. The team trusts their colleagues to get their work completed and to take a break when they need to.

Kumospace also prides itself on its transparency and openness. Documents and memos are accessible to all. We share work updates or challenges on Slack, where conversations are open to the entire team.

Every employee is invited to offer feedback on the company and the product. In team meetings, time is always saved for thoughtful and candid suggestions.

“I do feel like every voice is valued and heard,” says Alan Lee, Kumospace’s 3D artist. He also appreciates that there’s flexibility in his work schedule, which allows him to spend time with his wife and two young sons. In fact, Kumospace co-founder Brett Martin has been building Kumospace from the road, working remotely from over 10 countries since the company’s inception. Remote is a core part of Kumospace’s DNA!

We Promote Learning, Collaboration, and Making Time For Fun

The work at Kumospace is fast-paced and constantly evolving. Learning is a must. Mistakes are allowed. Everyone is encouraged to recover quickly and lean on teammates when needed.

“One of the things I like the most about Kumospace is how everyone helps one another to problem solve,” says Sophia Kercher, who runs Content Marketing for Kumospace. “It’s a truly collaborative environment.”

At Kumospace we take pride in our work, and in our play. We regularly make time for play with our own product, whether it’s testing out new additions like ghosts that say boo, or getting together regularly to test a new game template. Our weekly team socials have included virtual bingo, team puzzles, and zany icebreakers, and creative online team games from our signature Kumogames.

“Because of our team socials, and getting to hang out in Kumospace in general, I actually feel like I know people at the company much more than I would in a non-remote office environment,” says Bobby Martin, a Kumospace engineer. “It really is a fun place to work.”

Transform the way your team works from anywhere.

A virtual office in Kumospace lets teams thrive together by doing their best work no matter where they are geographically.

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