Get to Know Kumospace's Talented 3-D Artist

By Sophia Kercher

Meet the BBQ-loving, highly creative Alan Lee. He helps make Kumospace the best-looking place to hang out on the internet.

Thank goodness for Kumospace's Alan Lee. Not only does our in-house 3-D artist make Kumospace immersive and visually awesome — he also cracks us up with his dry humor.

Alan is insanely detail-oriented and inventive, whether he is creating a turkey that makes gobble noises for a Thanksgiving set-up in Kumospace (which we call our templates) or leading a group game for our team socials.

In our employee spotlight series, we invite you to get to know Alan who loves experimenting with new BBQ gadgets, reading video games news, and spending time with his family.

Designing Kumospace's Immersive Settings with Wit and Wisdom

What did you do before working at Kumospace?

I've been in the video game industry for about a decade and for the past few years I have been working on real-time 3-D architectural renderings and space planning. I like to say that this position at Kumospace was made for me personally, all of my experiences in my past careers converged perfectly at, or maybe virtually in a Kumospace.

What’s something you’ve worked on at Kumospace that you’re especially proud of?

I'm especially proud of the “Jukebox” furniture that I worked on. It plays Spotify playlists in your Kumospace. Getting the Spotify window to fit in aesthetically took about seven iterations and I was so happy with the final result.

spotify jukebox

Do you have a favorite Kumospace template?

My favorite template is probably the “Thanksgiving template." I had a great time designing it because it contains so many of my favorite things like Fall, food, and firepits.


Remind me where you live again?

I live in Long Island, NY.

What's something you love about Long Island?

I appreciate the space and quietness of living in Long Island especially after living in Queens, NY most of my life. The location is also great because I am only a 35-minute train ride to Manhattan.

You have some very cute kiddos, would you mind telling us about them?

My wife and I have two boys. Our youngest just turned one, and our oldest is three. My oldest is very thoughtful, we were all having lunch together and out of the blue he said to my wife and I “Mommy, daddy, I can watch baby brother and you can take a nap.” My youngest loves blackberries, he will drop all other foods for them, he has laser focus when there are blackberries.

What’s your favorite Kumospace feature?

My favorite Kumospace feature is “Snap furniture to grid," which allows anyone custom building their space to organize the furniture on a grid with a click of a button. This is my favorite feature because it saves me a lot of time when designing a template and makes placing furniture less floaty and more accurate.

What's your go-to virtual drink, and why?

Water, because it's healthy.


What’s the best thing about working remotely?

Commuting would take me about two hours a day if I was traveling to Manhattan; the best thing about working remotely is I can spend the time I would have spent commuting enjoying time with my family instead.

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