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Take your virtual meetings to new heights with Kumospace's state-of-the-art spatial audio technology, providing an immersive communication environment that fosters effortless teamwork and collaboration.

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What is spatial audio?

The meaning of spatial audio is defined as a form of audio technology that allows for the creation of a three-dimensional sound field, where sounds can be positioned and moved in a virtual space to create a more immersive audio experience. 

Spatial audio technology mimics hearing sounds in the real world. The closer you are to a person, the more you can hear them. Kumospace video conferencing provides two different audio settings: spatial audio and room-wide audio. 


Spatial audio features to boost collaboration

Seamless interaction

Enjoy smooth transitions between conversations, mimicking natural human interaction for a more seamless experience.

Versatile spaces

Use room-wide audio for group discussions or private office rooms for focused collaboration with team members.

Secure conversations

Close your room's door for confidential conversations with advanced spatial audio technology, ensuring privacy and security.

Bring your team together with unlimited free spatial chat

Spatial audio: redefining team interaction

Broadcast mode

Effortlessly address everyone in the room with Broadcast Mode, allowing for quick and efficient communication with remote teams.

Zone recordings

Harness spatial audio technology to record in-zone discussions, ideal for future reference and team collaboration.

Versatile chats

Experience spatial chat versatility. Interact individually, with close groups, or engage everyone using our spatial audio chat.

Innovation in spatial audio for teams

Confetti celebrations

Mark special occasions with teammates as confetti graces your audio zone, adding joy to remote team interactions.

Audio range flexibility

Fine-tune your audio range for your team's needs, from room-wide to floor-wide, enhancing your hybrid team experience.

Gallery only view

Focus better with our Gallery View, displaying only participants in your zone for a more intimate video conferencing.

Benefits of spatial audio on Kumospace

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Spatial audio mimics the way we perceive sound in real life, creating a more natural and engaging experience for participants. It makes users feel as if they are in the same physical space as others.

Cross-platform spatial audio technology

Attended online meetings from any place

Use spatial chat via web browser and our native apps available on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Host better virtual meetings with Kumospace's spatial chat functionality.


Industry-leading spatial chat app

Kumospace is the #1 rated virtual workspace tool using spatial audio technology to make online meetings more productive. Help your remote or hybrid team have better meetings today.

G2 Leader Winter 2024

Spatial audio technology

Enjoy a safe and secure spatial chat experience

Feel secure knowing that Kumospace places the highest standards on data security and compliance. Our spatial audio product offers users encrypted video conferencing regardless of payment tier. Give your team a more collaborative virtual meeting tool today with spatial audio.




Experience safe online video meetings through end-to-end encrypted webRTC technology, offering users top-notch data protection.

Admin controls

Designed with compliance in focus, effortlessly control team member and guest permissions for a secure and compliant video conversation environment.

Single sign-on

Maintain your hybrid or remote team's productivity in a unified location with a single, secure, and compliant company login.



Kumospace has successfully completed the SOC 2 examination and audit, showcasing our commitment to the highest levels of security and data handling.


Conduct video conferences in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.


Kumospace offers seamless video and audio communication that conforms to data privacy requirements within the European Economic Area.

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