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Unlimited online video conferencing available for free

Use Kumospace's two best features: virtual office software and virtual events platform for free groups up to 50 people. Host all hand meetings, chat 1-on-1 with colleagues, or organize a culture building virtual event.

Virtual office software

Use Kumospace as your team's virtual HQ to boost collaboration, build culture, and thrive together when having online meetings. 

Virtual events platform

Leverage Kumospace virtual events software that allows users to organize, host, and execute highly engaging virtual gatherings. 

Features that drive productivity


Record meetings using the Kumospace video conference app for future reference and to share with work colleagues.


Our built-in digital whiteboard feature makes team collaboration easier and more productive for distributed teams.

File sharing

Easy platform-agnostic file sharing makes collaborating with internal team members and external vendors a breeze.

Noise cancellation

Minimize distractions to other participants

Custom background

Take a video call from anywhere with the ability to ensure privacy


Hand raise

Allow participants indicate to speakers they have a question

Unlimited online video conferencing available for free

Built for Virtual Meetings


No Zoombombing

Multiple ways to safely share the link for online video conferencing including password, guest list, known users, unique and expiring links.

Custom destination meeting links

Hosting a larger event or meeting, but only want some people to go to a specific place? No problem.

Team huddle

Easily host re-occurring meetings that allow colleagues to come and go as they please to the virtual meeting room.

Google Cal

Allows users to view and create online meetings. Get notifications in your workspace and never miss a meeting again.

Screen Share that Drives Teamwork

Presenter pop-out

Automatic video pop-out window for presenters to look at their materials while still seeing and engaging with participants.

Participant pointer

Easily draw on the presenters slides or meeting materials to help spur team collaboration and eliminate blockers.

Remote screen control

Request access to control the presenter's screen for better collaboration, troubleshooting, and over-the-shoulder work.

Closed captioning

Live transcription for meeting captions delivers real-time by AI and supporting real-time multi-language translation.

Video conferencing software

Large group ready, learn more about webinar

people-bubbles gallery view with spacing RoomAudio
Invite up to 10,000 webinar attendees who can easily join via browser with no downloads required.

Robust team chat, learn more about chat

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Run more communicative online meetings with video conferencing software that offers persistent chat history.

Brand your video conferencing software

Cross-platform video conferencing app

Join an online meeting from anywhere

Kumospace offers a full suite of desktop and mobile apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Say goodbye to missing meetings regardless of where you are physically. 


Award-winning video conferencing app

Kumospace is the most highly reviewed online meeting tool on G2! Help your remote or hybrid team feel more collaborative and connected today.

G2 Leader Winter 2024

Secure video calling

Security front and center

Kumospace offers all users security, compliance, and privacy regardless of payment tier. Enable your team to be more collaborative and productive without sacrificing security and data compliance. Learn more about Kumospace’s enterprise-grade security.




Enjoy secure online video conferencing that leverages end-to-end encrypted webRTC providing users with the highest level of data security.

Administrative controls

Built with compliance in mind, easily manage team member and guest roles to ensure a safe and more compliant video chat experience.

Single sign-on

Keep your hybrid or remote team working all in one place with a single secure and compliant company login.


SOC 2 Compliance

Kumospace has successfully undergone SOC 2 examination and audit that demonstrates we hold security and data to the highest standards.


Video conference while adhering to the standards set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Kumospace delivers frictionless video and audio communications that abide by the data privacy obligations in the European Economic Area.

People Love Using Kumospace

Benefits of hybrid and remote teams using online video conferencing

Using video conferencing software helps distributed teams communicate, collaborate, and connect better. Leadership teams can expect to see improvement in these areas. Learn how a global contact center as a service saw a 10% boost to productivity by using Kumospace.

Improved team collaboration

Remote and hybrid work is highly productive, but team members can run into challenges with quick problem solving and removing blockers. Having your team in one signular video chat application can allow team members to instantly gain alignment and answers to questions.

Build positive team culture

A majority of employees love the benefits of hybrid and remote work schedules, but isolation is a real problem. Gathering your distributed team online in one virtual workspace can help team members feel more connected and part of a team again.

Increase visibility and team equity

Give team members a place to to be seen, be heard, and where the company can be accountable. Using virtual office video conferencing gives users a place to see whats happening around them, easily resolve problems and get their best work done.

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