Navigating Kumospace

Welcome to Kumospace! Here are a few tips to help you move around and make the most of your experience.
Spaces include a Lobby before entering a virtual office Floor

Begin in the Lobby

All Spaces begin in a private Lobby where you can select a Floor to enter. To exit the Floor, click the Back to Lobby button.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the Virtual Office

Move around the Floor

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click with your mouse to move around the Space.

Kumospace uses Spatial Audio to talk to people like you can in real life

Spatial Audio

Sound in Kumospace behaves similarly to real life. When inside of another user's audio range, you are able to hear and speak to them.

Room audio creates private virtual offices for teams to work from

Room Audio and Doors

Rooms in Kumospace have Private Audio Zones allowing everyone in a Room to hear each other. For extra privacy, close the Room's door.

The map allows you to see the entire virtual office Floor

Explore the Floor

Use the Map or zoom features to see who else is in the space, spark a conversation, or discover interactive furniture.


Connect through Chat

Use the People menu to send direct messages, chat Nearby with people inside of your audio range, or message the entire Floor or Space.

Transform the way your team works.