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Boost collaboration and team productivity with an advanced screen sharing tool. Help your team communicate better and faster with Kumospace.

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Why choose Kumospace for screen sharing?

Transform your meeting with Kumospace. Our screen sharing enhances collaboration, increases productivity, and fosters privacy, providing a dynamic platform for all team types. Elevate your remote communication experience with Kumospace.

Two powerful business use cases for using online screen sharing

Virtual office space

Transform your team's collaboration with Kumospace, the virtual office hub designed to foster culture and drive success in your online interactions.

Virtual events software

Capitalize on Kumospace's virtual events platform to streamline the organization, hosting, and execution of captivating online gatherings.

Share more than just screens

Kumospace is more than a screen sharing tool—it's a gateway to effective, collaborative team communication.

Ready to transform the way you screen share?

Key features elevating your screen sharing experience

Gallery view

Gallery view

Experience comprehensive viewing with full-screen mode while maintaining participant visibility.

Annotations & emojis

Enhance collaboration with on-screen annotations and expressive emojis during presentations.

Virtual meeting

Magnify function

Zoom in and out during a screen share for meticulous, detail-oriented viewing.

Mobile screen share

Mobile-friendly screen sharing

Remain connected and view shared screens seamlessly, even while on the move.

Screen remote control-1

Empowering remote control

Enhance learning by taking control of another participant's screen when needed.


Full screen or tab display

Selectively share your entire screen or a specific tab for focused discussion with audio.

Cross-platform online screen sharing

Join an online meeting from anywhere

Access Kumospace screen sharing via all popular web browsers or from our native apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.


Enhancing virtual collaboration with Kumospace

Experience the future of screen sharing.

With Kumospace, redefine team collaboration in the digital space. Our innovative screen sharing tools enhance communication, boost productivity, and foster community, making us your ideal partner for effective online teamwork.

Award-winning online screen sharing

Start using the most highly reviewed virtual workspace tool on G2! Enhance your remote or hybrid team today.

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Secure, Safe, Encrypted.

Feel safe sharing your screen, knowing that you are protected with enterprise-grade security and privacy

Enhanced user experience


Encrypted for your safety

Indulge in secure video conferencing, backed by end-to-end encrypted webRTC, ensuring optimal data protection for users.

Unified sign-in convenience

Maintain your hybrid or remote team's synergy with a singular, secure, and compliant company login system.

Compliance and security

SOC 2 Compliance

With a focus on compliance, easily orchestrate team member and guest roles, guaranteeing a safer, more compliant video chat environment.


Conduct video conferences in alignment with the stringent standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Proven commitment to security standards

SOC 2 certified

Kumospace has triumphantly passed the SOC 2 examination and audit, reinforcing our commitment to top-tier security and data standards.


Respecting European data privacy regulations

GDPR Adherent

Kumospace ensures smooth video and audio communications while strictly adhering to data privacy regulations within the European Economic Area.


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