Virtual Event Hosting Guide

The owner is the creator of a Kumospace and along with Admins, has access to promote others to a member role. Owners, Admins, and Members all have elevated permission to manage the space.



Customize with Furniture

Start from our easy, pre-built templates or add interactive furniture from our library to make the space work for your needs.


Manage Participants

Hosts can promote others to co-hosts. Co-hosts and hosts can remove or mute any misbehaving or unruly guests.


Broadcast and Present

Broadcast a message to everyone. Share your screen, present OBS, or stream local video files with ease.

Owners and Admins only


Privacy Settings

Manage who's allowed into your space with our flexible access controls.


Manage Your Space

Add as many floors as you want. Get your house in order by naming, closing, or deleting floors.


Chat Settings

Set fine-grained permissions for how participants can chat with each other.