Event Hosting Guide

Hosting an event in Kumospace? Here are a few tips to prepare your Space and make your event a success.

Before your event


Create the perfect Space

Start from our easy, pre-built templates or build a Floor from scratch. Add interactive furniture from the Edit tab to make the Space work for your needs.

Frame 1404-1

Assign User Roles

Assign your event organizers, moderators, and speakers to a User Role, granting them elevated permissions in the Space.

Frame 358

Choose a plan

Upgrade to one of our paid plans to accommodate your event size and unlock advanced features such as recording, chat history, analytics, and security options.

During your event

Component 3

Manage attendees

Use the People menu to mute disruptive guests, block unruly individuals, and assign event attendees to sit in the nearest seat.


Make announcements with Broadcast

Allow your event speakers to share their video and audio throughout the entire Floor or Space using the Megaphone furniture item found in the Edit tab.

Group 285

Deliver a presentation

Use the Present feature to share your screen within your audio range, or in conjunction with the Megaphone furniture item to share to the Floor or entire Space.

Transform the way your team works.