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This remote team is 10% more productive and as connected as ever — here’s how they used Kumospace to grow together

This remote team is 10% more productive and as connected as ever — here’s how they used Kumospace to grow together

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Meet Connexus

Connexus is a domestic US 3rd party contact center service provider with over 5,000 associates – the majority of whom work from home. They provide services from offices in 4 states as well as nearshore solutions in Mexico and offshore solutions in the Philippines.

Connexus has been able to deliver highly customizable and scalable solutions–all with a hybrid structure that allows approximately 75% of its employees to work from home.

The Account Manager with her team’s best interests at heart

Michelle Duffy is a tenured Account Manager at Connexus Resource Group. While she has a home base during the workday, the rest of her team of 25 is 100% remote. Michelle sought to improve communications and positively impact her team’s happiness and productivity. She researched companies and discovered Kumospace. She was intrigued by the idea of using a virtual office space to enhance culture and collaboration. She was impressed with the ease of implementation and began using the product the very next day!

Using virtual offices for hybrid and remote models

“We were thrilled that Kumospace led to such a significant improvement in camaraderie and attitude,” Michelle says. Even skeptical employees have quickly embraced the virtual office space. When you look at Michelle’s remote team today, they are closer, more invested, and more collaborative. 

Michelle's Quote
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"It’s brought out people’s personalities and allowed them to truly get to know their coworkers… we work in the relationship business, so improving team member relationships is the logical next step."
Michelle Duffy
Account Manager, Connexus Resource Group

Problem: Disconnection with no end in sight. So, what motivated Michelle’s team to make change happen?


Covid created a shift in how people interact at work

Working from home changed the very nature of interactions for Michelle’s team – they were much less organic. This made it more difficult to develop the desired level of camaraderie and connection they had been used to. Michelle’s strategy was to create a more cohesive unit. She knew she could achieve better results for her client.

A lack of visibility increases problems

In an office, walking the call center floor is the easiest way to surface issues. The change to remote work made it more difficult for Michelle to know who needed help and when. While tools like Google Meet or Zoom might help fix issues after they occur, these platforms didn’t allow Michelle to offer her team the proactive support they needed to thrive.

Scheduling friction causes frustration

Fitting individuals into 15 or 30 minute scheduled segments is not the most effective way to address challenges. Michelle and her team found themselves playing Slack or phone tag, trying to squeeze another meeting into their already crammed schedules.

Solution: Kumospace allows proactive support, fueling collaboration and creating camaraderie

Kumospace was built to solve the challenges that Michelle’s team was facing. And now they use the platform for everything!

Proactive management improves workflow

In a real-world example, Michelle was approached by a team member who was struggling with an IT/email issue. They both logged into Kumospace, shared screens, and Michelle was able to fix the problem right then and there. No helpdesk. No ticketing. No frustration. Simply an immediate solution.

Dealing with issues immediately has allowed Michelle’s team to see a 30% increase in overall productivity. Michelle credits Kumospace for her ability to pass these savings on to her client.

Spend more time in meetings, less time scheduling

Calendar Tetris and miles-long meeting lists are a thing of the past. With Kumospace, a simple shoulder tap can replace dozens of meetings, solving problems that would otherwise hold teams back. With Kumospace, Michelle’s team can easily see who’s available to meet — plus there are plenty of individual office rooms that people can visit when they need a bit of privacy.

Michelle’s verdict? She would rather spend more time solving and less time scheduling.

Free to move – free to communicate

Just like a physical office, Kumospace offers freedom of movement. Team members can walk around the Floors and visit each other’s private offices whenever they need to. This freedom fosters the kind of natural communication that boosts creativity, happiness, and collaboration.


Making space to grow together

And, of course, Kumospace isn’t just for weekly meetings and client phone calls. Kumospace has become a great tool that helps bring humanity into remote work. Offering versatile Spaces means there is space to build camaraderie with team-building activities, virtual games, and hanging out during breaks. Their recommendation? Try the corn maze or set up a game of Jeopardy. Feel free to get creative, because this is truly a team office environment.

The view from the team

Michelle’s team is just as thrilled with Kumospace as she is. They love the support they get. They’ve made friends by having a tool that makes it easy to talk to one another. They are more invested. They feel better about work because the platform has helped them boost productivity, resolve their issues quicker, and has done wonders for workplace equity.

High-level culture

Every smart manager is looking for ways to increase collaboration and communication for their team. Michelle and Connexus found their solution in Kumospace. It’s not about tracking employees or micromanaging — it’s about bringing humanity into the new workplace environment. Here are a few of their tips.

Virtual rewards

Michelle’s team also makes use of the unique video-game-style nature of Kumospace by incorporating virtual rewards into their team culture. Their method is to use furniture incentives. When agents meet their KPIs, they earn virtual points. These virtual points can be put towards buying new furniture for their private offices. Not only does this make the office more exciting, but it conveys that the company cares about their individual work environment.

Adding humanity to remote working

Michelle's Quot
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"The connection is key. It never feels like you’re talking to someone across the world. Kumospace allows for the human connection that everyone needs in the virtual world."
Michelle Duffy
Account Manager, Connexus Resource Group

Try Kumospace out today (yes, for free!)

Michelle did! It’s time to get behind the wheel and try out Kumospace for yourself. Test the platform out for free and make use of our free trials for paid accounts to spread the joy. Need some help scheduling a demo? Want to talk to an actual human about Kumospace? Reach out and we’d be happy to chat.