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14 Virtual Games You Can Play Online Right Now in Kumospace

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14 Virtual Games You Can Play Online Right Now in Kumospace


Ready to put on your game face? Whether you love word games, chess, trivia, or playing spy — we put together a list of fun games to play online for your next game night.

What’s a party without games? Whether you have a competitive side, or you’re looking for some new ways to link up with colleagues or friends, virtual games for big groups — and smaller ones too — are a great way to stay connected with your pals, family, and co-workers. Or to keep your frenemies close, if that’s the kind of thing you're into.

Video conferencing is an easy way to run your own game night. You might be thinking, aren’t most video conferencing apps (we're looking at you Zoom) formatted as a stuffy grid? Yep, most are. But Kumospace is built to feel like a party; it simulates the real world with virtual rooms and special audio features — check it out for yourself here. And these audio features are especially good for games and strategizing answers in private — or possibly talking a little smack.  

Are you sick of Zoom but still want to host a fun game night? Or do you want to find some activities you can play on Kumospace? From trivia games to spies and assassins, here's a list of super fun games to play online whether you're looking to connect with pals/co-workers, or want to play a round of chess against your computer. 

Games you can play online in Kumospace with groups big and small

The Online Code Names Game

You may know the popular board game Code Names, but have you tried playing it online? You can play the game directly in your Kumospace, the immersive virtual event platform that is more interactive than Zoom. The Kumospace host or co-host can kick-off Code Names by following the below steps:

Click the Edit  tab on the right side of the screen. The Edit tab will open up a window labeled Customize Floor with a list of options.

Select the Activities dropdown, and click the red game board with a drawing of a wolf labeled 'Word Guess!'. Drag and drop it into your Kumospace. 

code namesThen you simply click on the red board game image to start. 

How does CodeNames work? Follow our handy Kumospace guide here. The game centers around team-based play between two designated teams, so first divide your group into two (i.e. the red team and blue team), and then choose one person on each team to be the secret agent/clue giver. The secret agent's objective is to try to get their team members to correctly guess all the Code Names cards that have been given to them.


Key to the game: each of the cards has a word on it (i.e. your secret code), so the players have to associate all the words on their virtual team's cards using other words. (We promise it's less complex than it first sounds. We found the video above super helpful, too). One of the biggest challenges of the game, however, is that your clues can only be one word and can't be proper nouns. How do you win? When your team is first to guess all the cards/words. Need more pointers? Again, check out Kumospace Code Names guide

Online Chess

For all the Chess enthusiasts or wannabe Queen's Gambit characters, we’ve got you covered. You can play Online Chess directly in your Kumospace. The best part? You can play with a pal or solo with the computer, along with other options.

Simply open up your Edit tab and scroll down to the Activities dropdown where you will see a Chessboard. Drag and drop it into your Kumospace, then close your Edit tab, and you’re ready to play.


Click on the board and choose from the options provided: play against a friend in your Kumospace, a random player online, against the computer or practice solving chess puzzles. Click on the 5 minute Blitz button and the game will begin.



In addition to Kumospace's Online Code Names and Online Chess, there's also a dedicated Games Tab (help article for adding them), featuring one-of-a-kind game rooms complete with rules and other guidelines for fun. Here's what you can find on the exclusive Kumospace online games page... 

Rock the Basket 

This is a great ice-breaker game, perfect if you want your guests to get to know one another and share some laughs!


Start off by counting the number of players, then add one less chair than there are players into your Kumospace. Simply open up your Edit tab and add or remove chairs as needed. Change the audio settings to Entire floor and the game can begin.


Everybody should take a seat, except the host, who can start the game off by doing the first “call out”. A call-out can be any statement that refers to the players’ lives, personality, achievements, attire — anything a person can identify with. For example, they can call out: “everybody wearing white socks, rock the basket.” When the call-out is made, everyone wearing white socks and the person who made the call-out needs to get up from their chair and quickly find a new seat. 

The slowest player will be left without a chair, which makes them the new caller! Check out the instruction video for “Rock the Basket” from our YouTube channel above.

Bang Bang!

This is one for the murder mystery lovers! The object of this virtual game is to find the killer.


Start by changing your audio settings to Quiet and promoting all of the players to co-hosts.


The game begins when the host sends a secret chat to one player at random, telling them that they are the killer. Since the host knows who the killer is, they need to sit out the first round.

The killer will move around the floor and when the opportune moment arises, they need to get close to someone, making sure that nobody else can hear them, and say: “Bang bang, you’re dead!”

If you’ve been killed, you need to slowly and indirectly move towards “the morgue,” which is the plant-fenced square in the center of the floor. The killer continues killing the victims.


If you suspect who the killer is and you are still alive, you can use the Broadcast feature at any time and accuse the suspect of being the killer. 

If you are mistaken, you’ll be dead and you need to go to the morgue. If you are correct, the game starts over. The old killer sits out the next round, but not before sending a secret chat to the new killer. 

Check out the video above for how to play “Bang Bang!” and subscribe to our YouTube channel  for new Kumospace games.

Sidewalk Tag

This is a classic game with a virtual twist! We all played a version of “Tag” when we were kids, so the rules are simple. The Kumospace version has an added rule that you have to stay on the sidewalks!


The host should change the audio settings to Entire Floor so that all the players can hear everything. The host can then start the game by designating the first “It,” who will start chasing the other players around the floor, all within the confines of the sidewalks of course.

If you leave the sidewalk to escape getting caught, you’re “It”! But if the “It” leaves the sidewalk to try to catch somebody, it does not count and they are still the “It”. If you catch someone, you need to shout: “So-and-so is the it!” 

Scope out our video above that explains the rules of “Sidewalk Tag” on Kumospace. 

Alphabet Acrobatics 

This one will for sure get everybody moving! It’s best when played with at least 8-10 people. If you have 16 or more participants, you can choose to split into two teams and compete against each other to see who can finish first. 


The object of the game is to make shapes of letters using your avatars. Change the audio settings to Entire Floor, and make free use of the Map to make it easier to move around and get a better overview of your letter formations.


The host starts the game off by shouting out a letter at random. The rest of the players need to try to get in a formation of this letter as quickly as possible in the middle of the floor. The last person to join the formation will have to shout out the next letter.

Check out the video instructions on how to play “Alphabet Acrobatics” on Kumospace above.

Virtual Trivia

Tried-and-true trivia games are some of the easiest and most fun games to play with friends or colleagues. Just like in real life, virtual trivia games are centered around your team's general knowledge about various topics. We're super into this free trivia generator from the imaginative folks at Let's Roam, which works great with any web conferencing platform, including Kumospace. The generator compiles info about you and your peers and lets you personalize your own trivia questions.

The Hat Game

This game is for word-guessing lovers! The host needs to do a bit of prep work before the serious fun starts. Follow the below steps:

1. Set the audio range in your Kumospace to Entire Floor.

audio range ramon screenshot-1

2. Make all the players co-hosts.


3. Keep an eye on the timer and write down the score for each of the three rounds.

You also want to prepare the words that go in The Hat, hence the name of the game! We used the Random Word Generator: choose the number of words you want, 5-10 nouns per participant is best. Write them down on small pieces of paper and put them in a hat (we like using a beanie).

The players should split into pairs and sit in a circle, alternating who describes and guesses the words after each full circle. The host draws one word at a time and sends it in Private Chat to the person whose turn it is to describe the word to their partner. When they guess a word, send them the next word per private chat. They have 60 seconds to guess as many words as possible. When their time is up, it’s the next pairs’ turn. The host keeps the scores. 

Once all the words have been used, the host puts them back in the hat and so begins round 2 - charades. This time players need to act out the word to their partner without using a sound. For most amusement, players doing the charade should use the Kumospace Broadcast feature so that everyone on the floor can see them. 

broadcast_only (1)

At the end of the second round, the words go back in the hat, and the final round begins - have your partner guess the word by just saying one word associated with it, e.g. if the word is lamp you might say lightbulb. No changes and no repeats, but passing is allowed. The winners are the partners with the most correct guesses!


We recently played a game of Bingo at a Kumospace team social that called on us to mark our virtual bingo boards if we 'had more than one tattoo,' 'got kicked out of an establishment,' 'danced on a table,' or other misadventures — and it was crazy fun. Bonus? We all went around sharing the stories behind the misadventures. It was an unforgettable team building activity, but it's also something we want to do ASAP on Kumospace with our family and friend game night. With the website Bingo Maker, you can host a virtual game with as many players as you like, and personalize the Bingo board to make it work-friendly or NSFW. 

Word Scatter

Calling all wordsmiths and Scrabble fanatics; this virtual game is for you. Word Scatter is similar to Boggle but all online. Here's how the website breaks down the rules: "The goal of Word Scatter is to find words in a game board made up of randomly scattered letters. Each word will give you points based on the letters in the word and the amount of letters it has. Finding a word that is not seen as a real word will result in a 10 point penalty. The higher your final score the better." To put it another way, if a player misspells a word you automatically lose 10 points. Cue the sad trombone sound.


Do you love to draw? Or just have fun doodling from time to time? Maybe you have a budding — or seasoned — artist you want to connect with online? Skribbl is a free online drawing and guessing game that's super accessible and easy to share on Kumospace. Here's how Skribbl breaks down the rules on their website: "When it's your turn to draw, you will have to choose a word from three options and visualize that word in 80 seconds, alternatively when somebody else is drawing you have to type your guess into the chat to gain points, be quick, the earlier you guess a word the more points you get!"


Is a game show-style activity your jam? You, and your pals, might want to give Jackbox a spin. Originally designed for IRL parties where people gather 'round a screen, Jackbox can also be played on a web conferencing platform. One player has to buy a game (or a Jackbox Party Pack) and they can share it for free with their friends on Kumospace. When the game begins, all the players will see a four-letter room code pop-up. To get started players go to on their web browser and enter the "room code" and a name — and voila — you have the joined the game. 

According to the Senior Editor of USgames, Caty McCarty, the top Jackbox games include Fibbage 2 and 3, Mad Verse City, Drawful and Quiplash XL. McCarty shares, "To me, Jackbox Party Pack does not exist outside of these select few. When friends are over, we're playing a Fibbage game and telling lies, or designing ludicrous shirts in Tee K.O., or coming up with stupid raps in Mad Verse City. We're drawing crude things in Drawful, or spewing the silliest quips ever heard in Quiplash XL. These games represent Jackbox at its pinnacle.

Among Us

The virtual game Among Us got mega-popular during quarantine. Even a member of the U.S. Congress famously showcased the game on Twitch in 2020, but you can also play it on Kumospace. Start by having all the players download the Among Us app, and create a private game for the whole group. When you enter the online game one player will be dubbed the "imposter." Their goal? Slyly killing off their fellow crewmates one by one. The surviving crew members meet up after each death to hash out theories about who the imposter is, and then they vote for who they think the imposter is. You can play the online game with a group of 4 to 10 people — so it's ideal for connecting with long-lost pals and remote team building. 

Spies & Assassins

This classic game involves the organizer assigning people to specific teams and roles within a Kumospace. Players then move around the space and once they get close to one another try to discover if they are opposing team members, or friendly spies, via a special code word. If a player bumps into an assassin during their journeys around the Kumospace, then they “die” and have to stay where they “fell” in the Kumospace. Many thanks to a city government official in Canada who actually created an entire playbook for playing Spies & Assassins online in Kumospace, which you can find here

The above games are just a few of many fun virtual games for your colleagues or a game night. What are we missing? What are some of your favorites? Let us know! Drop us a line at

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