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20 Fun 5 Minute Games for Virtual Meetings in 2024

By Rad Aswani

In today’s world of remote work, building strong relationships within a team can be challenging. That’s where engaging virtual team building activities come in! This blog post will guide you through 20 exciting 5 minute games for virtual meetings, designed to strengthen team bonds, boost morale, and improve communication among remote colleagues. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Key takeaways

  • Quickly foster meaningful connections and create an inclusive environment with fun 5 minute icebreakers, energizing brain teasers, and collaborative challenges.
  • Unleash your team’s unique talents through creative expression activities like virtual drawing contests, show & tell sessions, and poetry slams.
  • Strengthen relationships while having fun with team bonding games such as Virtual Trivia or Guess the Baby Picture!

Quick and engaging icebreakers


Icebreakers serve a vital role in remote teams, including remote employees, by fostering personal connections and a sense of belonging among team members.

We will uncover three quick and engaging icebreakers that add a fun and inclusive element to your virtual meetings while breaking the ice effectively.

1. Rapid Fire Questions

Rapid Fire Questions is a fast-paced icebreaker that tests how quickly participants can answer a series of questions. This game is perfect for getting to know your team members better and increasing team bonding. For example, you might ask about their favorite food, color, or animal. The key is to keep the questions light-hearted and inclusive, ensuring everyone gets a chance to participate.

Introducing a time limit for each question or setting up a point system for correct answers can enhance the engagement level of this virtual team trivia. A friendly competition can help energize your team and set a positive tone for the rest of the meeting.

2. Emoji Guessing Game

The Emoji Guessing Game is an entertaining way to challenge your team’s knowledge of emojis. In this game, players decipher emojis to guess words, phrases, or movie titles. Adding a time limit for each round or setting up a point system for correct guesses can make the game more exciting.

For example, the 🤔 emoji could mean “think” or “ponder” with a hint of curiosity, the 🤩 emoji could mean “excited” or “thrilled” with a feeling of joy, and the 🤠 emoji could mean “cowboy” or “wild west” with a sense of adventure.

This fun game is suitable for all team members and will surely add a touch of excitement to your virtual meetings, making it one of the engaging virtual team building activities. Virtual meeting tool Kumospace, the leading provider for remote teams, pioneered allow video call participants to emote. 

3. One-Word Storytelling

One-Word Storytelling is an exciting game where team members take turns adding one word at a time to craft a meaningful story. This activity encourages:

  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • collaboration
  • engagement

As everyone in the entire team must collaborate, it’s crucial for the whole team to work together in creating a coherent and engaging narrative.

Begin by having the first person say one word, then the next person adds another word to the story, and so forth. For example, a story might begin:

  • “Once”
  • “upon”
  • “a”
  • “time”
  • “there”
  • “was”
  • “a”
  • “brave”
  • “knight”
  • “who”
  • “ventured”
  • “into”
  • “a”
  • “dark”
  • “forest”

The game ends when the last person adds a word that wraps up the story, leaving everyone with a sense of accomplishment and a memorable team experience.

Energizing brain teasers


Brain teasers stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills while promoting team building. We will delve into three energizing brain teasers that can challenge your team’s intellect and promote unity.

4. Virtual Riddles

Virtual Riddles are intriguing puzzles that challenge your team to think critically and creatively, unlocking their full potential. In this game, each team member is given a riddle to solve, and the team collaborates to come up with a creative solution within a limited time.

For example, a riddle could be: “What has a mouth but cannot speak?” The answer is a river. Playing Virtual Riddles can sharpen critical and creative thinking, promote collaboration, and improve communication among team members. It’s a fun and engaging way to challenge your team and bring them together.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is an exciting and entertaining game where players share two true statements and one false statement about themselves, and others try to spot the lie. This game is perfect for getting to know your team members better and encouraging open and honest communication.

To play, simply have each participant take turns sharing their two truths and one lie. The other players must draw on their knowledge of the person and rely on their intuition to determine which statement is the lie. Players can also back up their opinions with evidence or sound reasoning to explain why they think the statement is a lie.

6. Word Association Game

The Word Association Game is a simple yet engaging activity where team members take turns saying a word or phrase related to the previous word mentioned. This game stimulates creativity and encourages team members to think outside the box.

For instance, if the first word is “cat,” the next player could say:

  • “kitten”
  • “fur”
  • “purr”
  • “whiskers”
  • “meow”

The Word Association Game is an excellent way to get people’s creative juices flowing and generate fresh ideas. It also helps team members think outside the box and devise imaginative solutions to issues.

Collaborative challenges


Collaborative challenges are team-building activities that require team members to work together to complete tasks or solve puzzles. They foster a sense of unity and camaraderie, improving team dynamics and communication.

We will examine three collaborative challenges designed to strengthen your team’s bond and enhance their collaborative efficiency.

7. Five-Minute Debate

Five-Minute Debate is a team-building activity where participants engage in a friendly debate on a chosen topic within a set time limit. To ensure a successful debate, you should:

  1. Establish the structure beforehand, including assigning roles to participants.
  2. Set a time limit for the debate.
  3. Track points to keep score and determine a winner.

For example, you could have a debate on whether remote work is more effective than working in an office, or the pros and cons of different communication platforms. At the end of the debate, participants should summarize their points and discuss the results to conclude the activity. It’s a great way to encourage healthy discussions and improve communication skills within your team.

8. Online Pictionary

Online Pictionary is a collaborative drawing game where team members guess the word being drawn. It’s an excellent way to boost communication and collaboration skills while having fun and connecting with others.

To play, each participant takes turns drawing a word or phrase related to a chosen theme, while others try to guess what it is. To ensure success, pick words or phrases that are simple to draw but not too easy to guess, and set a time limit for each round to keep the game going.

Online Pictionary is perfect for bringing out your team’s creativity and fostering a sense of teamwork.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a virtual team-building activity where participants search for items within a set time limit. Each team is given a list of items to find or tasks to complete, and they must collaborate to accomplish their goals within the given timeframe.

For example, you could ask your team to find items such as a specific type of food, an unusual object, or a rare animal. Remember to keep the items or tasks appropriate for your team members and consider the locations of other team members.

The Scavenger Hunt is one of the engaging virtual team building ideas to build team connection and encourage creativity among remote team members.

Creative expression activities


Creative expression activities provide a platform for team members to showcase their unique talents and interests. These activities help unleash creativity, improve communication, and strengthen team bonding.

We will look at three creative expression activities designed to help team members express themselves and foster deeper connections.

10. Virtual Drawing Contest

In a Virtual Drawing Contest, team members compete to create the best drawing within a set time limit. To get the game going, follow these steps:

  1. Decide on a creative theme for the contest.
  2. Set a challenging time limit for the participants to complete their drawings.
  3. Choose a judge who will score the drawings based on creativity, skill, and adherence to the theme.

The judge will score each drawing based on creativity, accuracy, and overall quality, so make sure your drawing stands out. This activity is perfect for fostering healthy competition and boosting team morale, all while showcasing your team’s artistic abilities. Organizers can use an online whiteboard, like those built into Kumospace, to facilitate this virtual activity.

11. Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a creative expression activity where participants share an item or story from their personal lives. This activity is perfect for getting to know your team members better and understanding their interests and passions.

To make Show and Tell work in virtual meetings, have everyone share an item or story from their personal lives, such as a favorite book, a special family recipe, or a recent vacation. This activity encourages open and honest communication and helps build a stronger sense of community within your team.

12. Quick Poetry Slam


Quick Poetry Slam is a team-building activity where participants write and share short poems within a set time limit. This activity encourages creativity, self-expression, and collaboration among team members.

To organize a Quick Poetry Slam, follow these steps:

  1. Set a theme for the poems.
  2. Set a time limit for writing the poems.
  3. Once the poems are ready, have participants share their creations with the team.
  4. Consider having a friendly competition to determine the best poem, based on creativity, style, and content.

The Quick Poetry Slam is a fantastic way to promote self-expression and teamwork within your team.

Team bonding games


Team bonding games, also known as team building games, play a crucial role in strengthening relationships among team members and fostering a sense of unity. We’ll delve into three captivating games designed to enhance connection, fun, and communication skills among team members.

The first game is called “Two Truths and a Lie”. Each team

13. Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia is a team bonding game where participants answer trivia questions related to various topics. This game is perfect for testing your team members’ knowledge and sparking lively discussions.

In Virtual Trivia, the host prepares and reads out trivia questions on various topics, and participants answer them remotely. You can make the game even more engaging by creating themed rounds, setting a time limit, or organizing a friendly competition with prizes for the winning team.

14. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is an entertaining game where team members choose between two options and discuss their reasoning. This game is perfect for facilitating engaging conversations and encouraging team members to share their preferences and opinions.

The game starts by presenting two options. Team members choose one and justify their choice. For example, you could ask, “Would you rather have a day at the beach or a day in the mountains?” The game can lead to amusing and insightful discussions, helping your team members understand each other’s preferences and perspectives.

15. Guess the Baby Picture

Guess the Baby Picture is a fun activity where participants try to identify their colleagues from their baby photos. This game is perfect for fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting team bonding.

Each team member sends their baby picture beforehand. During the virtual meeting, display the photos and let participants guess who’s who. To make the game more challenging, you can set a time limit or award points for each correct guess.

Guess the Baby Picture is a light-hearted and engaging way to bring your team closer together.


In conclusion, virtual team building activities play a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships and enhancing communication among remote team members. By incorporating these 20 fun and engaging games into your virtual meetings, you can promote teamwork, boost morale, and create a more connected and productive team. So why wait? Start implementing these activities today and watch your team thrive!

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