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Kumospace Acquires Kosy Office

By Yang Mou

Kumospace Acquires Kosy Office

Kumospace is an innovative platform built to improve the speed of communication and the quality of remote and hybrid work. Kumospace was founded after we experienced the virtual collaboration gaps that traditional tools like Zoom and Slack created, and we set out to build a solution that would fix them. Our solution is growing and helping hundreds of companies work faster, gain better visibility into how their remote and hybrid teams are collaborating, and cut meeting times to an average of 9 minutes.

We are excited to announce our first acquisition of Kosy, a virtual collaboration software solution, to accelerate our growth. Kosy was founded with a similar principle of building a more collaborative virtual software platform, and we are excited to join forces.

"I'm super excited to join forces with Kumospace," said Yanis Mellata, CEO and Co-Founder of Kosy Office. "Our combined strengths and shared vision open up incredible opportunities to redefine collaboration and communication for remote and hybrid teams. There's so much potential in this field, and I believe we're just scratching the surface."

What's Next for Kosy Users

Kosy users will be migrated to Kumospace by the end of September. Yanis will oversee the transition to ensure a seamless experience for all users. This is a testament to his commitment to delivering the highest quality user experience.

Kumospace's Momentum

While this is Kumospace's first acquisition, we were most recently the recommended platform of choice by, a virtual collaboration platform that closed its doors in early 2023. This was another vote of confidence in our quality product and commitment to delivering a world-class virtual office software platform.

"We look forward to helping bring more teams together to collaborate and achieve their goals," said Kumospace CEO and Co-Founder, Yang Mou. "Collaboration gaps are frustrating, and having something that relieves the emotional tension is what makes this more than just a tool. Yanis saw it the same way, which is why I'm so excited by this opportunity to combine and accelerate our growth."

Kumospace will be releasing new AI-powered features in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates.

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Yang Mou

Yang Mou is the Co-founder & CEO of Kumospace, a virtual office platform where teams show up. Prior to founding Kumospace, he led member-facing technology efforts as a Staff Software Engineer at Oscar Health (NYSE: OSCR). When not working, Yang enjoys skiing, scotch, and StarCraft. And sometimes, can be found roaming the blackjack tables of Las Vegas.

Transform the way your team works.