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How a Kumospace Powered Team-Building Game Creates Business Solutions


How a Kumospace Powered Team-Building Game Creates Business Solutions

Vision Game, hosted on Kumospace, helps organizations with team building and creative problem-solving. The 100% remote Kumospace team tried it for ourselves.

In January 2022, the Kumospace team tried the Vision Game, a virtual team-building exercise organized by 4sing, using our own platform. The main objective was to brainstorm the future of our company while reflecting on our past. 

Kumospace is an immersive virtual environment, designed to facilitate collaboration and culture building in virtual teams, using video chat and spatial audio.

4Sing, short for Foresight to Strategy for Security and Sustainability in Governance, is a consulting company whose mission is to support clients in dealing with present and future challenges, often using creative tools and methods to enhance active participation of multiple stakeholders.

“We are constantly experimenting with different collaborative spaces, including 2 and 3D spaces. And Kumospace was one of the places we discovered about a year ago. We loved — and still love — the space and its functionalities!,” said Petra Wiesbrock, a strategy consultant at 4Sing. 

The team was able to experience our own platform, through the eyes of a guest, as 4Sing’s founder Adrian Taylor presented the rules of the Vision Game hosted on Kumospace.

Creative Activities in Kumospace Led to Remote Team Bonding

In three rounds of the Vision Game, our team reflected on the past, present, and future of Kumospace as a company. The first round was set in Kumospace’s Beach template, where we played a speed-dating game to consider the successes and challenges of the past year. The most notable mentions were how much Kumospace was able to achieve with such a small team, including building Custom Spaces in Kumospace and closing our Series A fundraising round.


“We all felt so engaged. It was impressive,"  said Maxwell Schilling, who heads Sales at Kumospace. 

In the second round of the Vision Game, the Kumospace team was tasked with imagining being in the year 2035. We got to build Kumospace’s own museum exhibit using Kumospace’s Custom Images feature, to import images representing the big milestones of our company to date, and an imagined future.

image (14)

The team recalled the first version of a Kumospace floor template (pictured above), the original “Pour a Drink” button, all the way to the soon-to-be-released Virtual Office template, which is complete with a local screen share feature, and interactive Tablets that link out to Google Docs, Jira, Figma, and other software used daily by our team. 

 “It was amazing to see how they used our features to make the event work so well,"  said Kumospace senior software engineer Michael Nguyen.


The final round took place in a virtual Vision Sandbox, where our team got to gather around different images which they thought best represented their desired future achievements and the long-term vision for Kumospace. The Kumospace team agreed that Creativity, Collaboration, and Culture are keywords that best describe the Kumospace experience.

Rad Aswani, a member of the Marketing team enjoyed the fun, collaborative day. She reflected, "The Vision Game brought me closer to my colleagues — and our company goals."

Milica Stojanovic
Milica does Product Marketing at Kumospace, where her work entails flexing her creative muscles as well as supporting users' wants and needs. She loves traveling, and when she started working at Kumospace, she was sailing off the coast of Portugal and Spain.
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