32 Funny Teamwork Memes to Boost Morale in Your Virtual Office

By Nana de Franco

Memes are the reigning driver of online communities and social media platforms, bringing humor and lightheartedness to various topics. Companies have been incorporating memes into their communication channels as they are a great way to build connections among team members, foster a sense of community, engage with teams in a memorable way and increase employee engagement.  

In this article, we will discuss the various ways memes can add value to your workplace and share some examples you can share with your work teams. 

What is a Teamwork Meme?

Memes have become increasingly popular over the years, taking the internet culture by storm within different online communities and social media channels alike. A meme is a viral idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Memes can include images, videos, or text and often have a humorous or comical element to them. They can be used to comment on social or political issues, to express a particular emotion or point of view, or simply to entertain.


Why are Memes Important in the Workplace?

Memes are great to incorporate into the workplace in order to connect with colleagues, adding humor and lightheartedness while breaking up the monotony of the workday. Memes provide moments of fun, improving morale and increasing productivity as well as communicating ideas or concepts in a way that is easy to understand and remember. 

Although memes are a valuable tool for improving communication and building connections in the workplace, it's important to be mindful of the culture and values of your company, as well as the sensitivity of the topic being discussed.

How to Use Memes for Humor and Fun in the Workplace

Using humor in the workplace can be a powerful tool for improving communication and fostering a positive work culture. Here are a few ways that humor can have a positive impact on your teams:

Humor can help to break the ice and facilitate communication by starting the conversation or to get people to open up and share their thoughts and ideas.

Humor can help build relationships by sharing laughter with colleagues, which builds stronger, more positive relationships within the workplace.

Humor can help to reduce stress and increase morale, increasing feelings of happiness and well-being and creating a more positive and enjoyable work environment.

Humor can help facilitate problem-solving by encouraging teams to approach tasks with an open and flexible mindset, leading to more creative and innovative solutions.

Humor can help to build trust through a sense of shared experiences, which can be important for building strong, close-knit teams.

It's important to use humor in a way that is appropriate for the culture of your organization, and that is respectful of all team members. 


The Concept of “Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork”

The concept of teamwork is based on the idea that individuals working together can achieve more than they could on their own. By pooling their skills, knowledge, and resources, team members can support each other and work towards a common goal. In order for teamwork to be effective, it is important for team members to communicate openly and honestly, to be willing to collaborate and support each other, and to have a shared vision or goal.

The phrase "teamwork makes the dream work" is used to encourage people to work together and to recognize the value of collaboration. The idea is that by working together as a team, people can achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

Teamwork can be especially important in the workplace, where it can help improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. By fostering a culture of teamwork, organizations can create a more positive and enjoyable work environment and help their teams achieve success.

32 Funny Teamwork Memes | Remote Edition

Here are 32 funny memes to share with your teams. 

“Zoom Fatigue” Memes

"Zoom fatigue" refers to the tiredness and burnout that can come from spending a lot of time on video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been working from home and using video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues and friends. 

As a result, there have been a number of memes and jokes created about the experience of Zoom fatigue, with people poking fun at the difficulties of trying to stay engaged in online meetings, the struggles of trying to look presentable on camera, and the general monotony of spending so much time on video calls.


“Virtual Team Bonding” Memes

Virtual team bonding memes refer to the jokes, images, and videos that people create to help build camaraderie and connection among team members who are working remotely. 

These memes often depict the challenges of working from home and the absurdity of trying to bond with coworkers over video conferencing platforms like Zoom. They can also be used to make light of the difficulties of working remotely and to foster a sense of humor and connection among team members. They are used as a way to bring a little bit of levity to the situation and to make the best out of the current situation.


"Remote Work Struggles" Memes

Remote work struggle memes refer to the jokes and images that people create to highlight the difficulties and challenges of working from home. These memes often depict the challenges of trying to separate work and personal life, the difficulties of staying focused and motivated, the awkwardness of video meetings, and the struggles of working in a home environment not designed for it. 

These memes can also depict the struggles of working remotely as a parent, such as trying to balance work and childcare. These memes are often used as a way for people to relate to one another and bond over shared struggles, and to make light of the difficulties of working remotely.


“Remote Work Triumph” Memes

"Remote work triumph" memes refer to the jokes and images that people create to highlight the positive aspects of working from home. These memes often depict the ability to work in pajamas, the flexibility of remote work, the ability to take breaks whenever you want, and the lack of commute. 

They can also depict the joys of working from home as a parent, such as getting to spend more time with children. These memes are often used as a way to appreciate the benefits of remote work, to express gratitude for the freedom it provides, and to make light of the positive aspects of working from home.


“Team Work Makes the Dream Work" Memes

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work" memes are a popular internet trend that is often used to express the importance and benefits of teamwork. The phrase, "Team Work Makes the Dream Work" is a motivational statement that encourages people to work together in order to achieve a common goal. 

The memes often depict a group of people working together towards a common goal, with each person playing an important role in making it happen. These memes often used to inspire and motivate people to work together, to appreciate the value of teamwork and to express the importance of collaboration for achieving success. They also can be used to make light of the challenges of working together, as well as to make light of the importance of teamwork in achieving a common goal.


The Benefits of Using Funny Memes in Team Building

Using funny memes in team building can have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Creating a bond by having fun together 

  • Improving communication 

  • Boosting morale 

  • Encouraging creativity 

Using memes in the workplace has many benefits besides the shared laughter. It helps build culture and team bonding, develops a sense of community and a shared strive, lighten up the mundane day-to-day work, and creates moments of shared joy and camaraderie. 

The meme culture, when used appropriately, is in line with the popular cultural trends, helps us “rally the troops” when necessary, and enables us to connect to one another virtually in a more relatable way. 

Aside from the widespread popularity of the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work,” we truly believe and encourage virtual team bonding tactics in our day-to-day operations to harness the power of our team. Fun is an essential element of the human experience, and by adding more fun into our work lives, the experience and the output improve exponentially. 

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