40 Best Places to Work Remotely & Travel: Top Cities for Remote Workers

By Rad Aswani

During the pandemic, remote work meant packing yourself into the spare room or walk-in closet — or, if you were lucky, retreating to your home office. As remote and hybrid work became more normalized, we began to see additional spaces open up.

But what if you took your hybrid workspace a step further?

What if you took it a whole state further?

If your daily commute involves rolling out of bed and into your office chair, who says that office chair has to be in your home? Who says you can’t fulfill that lifelong dream of seeing gorgeous sites while holding down your dream job?

Welcome to the trend that combines travel with telecommuting and will boost your productivity and happiness along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a new locale without ditching your job, this lifestyle may be for you. So, here’s how to pick the best places to work from home that will help you get the most out of your experience.

How to Choose the Right City

If the idea of working remotely and traveling the world appeals to you, great! But that doesn’t mean you should just pack up your van and hit the road — you’ve got to be smart about your destination. Save the Australian Outback for your vacation days; here’s how to choose the best place to work away from home for your remote or hybrid job.

Places to Work Remotely-Travel

Internet connection

A good Wi-Fi connection is imperative for anyone who’s working away from home. You’ll need excellent Wi-Fi speed and reliability to ensure that your video calls, emails, document sharing, and the like get to where they need to go. Don’t assume that you can make things work with nothing more than your phone’s hotspot — that’s going to get expensive fast.


Sometimes working from home just won’t cut it, so make sure that your chosen city has alternative work spots to visit. Whether these be dedicated co-working spaces, a lovely little café with great Wi-Fi, or your favorite coffee shop or park, the choice is up to you.

Cost of living

You may be dreaming of sandy Cali beaches — but is that view going to agree with your budget? You’re going to pay more for shelter, food, and travel expenses in some cities. Be sure to carefully research the cost of living so you can feel confident that your workcation isn’t going to break the bank.


Travel opportunities

Oftentimes the best remote work cities are the ones that offer plenty of things to do after work while also providing the perfect hub for longer weekend trips. When you’re picking the best places to work remotely, be sure to consider all the fun things you can do when you’re off the clock. Bonus points if your chosen city has easy access to an airport for further travel!

Ease of travel

If you’re a US citizen traveling around the country, your workcation may be easier to plan than it would if you decide to venture outside US borders. Want to see new countries and continents? Great! Just be sure you plan for any applicable visas or work permits your chosen city may enforce. Psst…some countries are now offering digital nomad visas for this exact purpose!


We wish it was as easy as taking a short-term rental in Cali and enjoying the ocean breeze from your in-home office. We really do. Unfortunately, unless you’re lucky and work in one of the nine states that don’t require income tax on earned wages, you may be on the hook for paying state taxes.


40 Top Cities for Remote Workers from Around the World

Ready to plan your next work/travel trip? We’ve created a list of 40 of the best cities for remote work that you can visit this year. Each city on this list was chosen based on factors like:

Cost of living. Does the city have ample and affordable rental spaces? Eateries? Can a solo travel afford to stay here?

Safety. Is it safe for travelers (even solo and women travelers)? Is the city generally friendly to outsiders?

Culture. Does the city have easy access to unique events, sites, architecture, monuments, parks, etc.?

Ease of travel. Will you need a special visa to work in the city? If so, is it easy to acquire? Is the city easy to get to, and once there, will you be able to navigate it?

Job connectivity. Does the city have fast internet connectivity? Are there co-working spaces to use if needed?

If a city scored well on all these points, it made our list! Keep in mind that our theoretical digital nomad is a US citizen traveling solo — some information may not be applicable to families, expats, or non-US citizens.


1. Antigua, Guatemala

Full of gorgeous scenery (ever wanted to see a real volcano or hike through a tropical jungle?), Antigua is affordable, beautiful, and easy to get to — a digital nomad’s dream come true. After work, walk down the lovely cobblestone streets and enjoy the warm breeze as you head out to one of the many rooftop cafés for a bite to eat or visit the street markets to experience the amazing food, crafts, and culture. It’s easy to see why digital nomads have named Antigua as one of the best cities for remote work.

  • Internet: 20+ Mbps (50+ in co-working spaces)

  • Popular workspaces: Impact Hub, Selina, El Cubo

  • Cost of living: $1,500

  • Safety: Considered one of Guatemala’s safest cities

  • Don’t miss the: Colonial architecture, excellent nightlife, gorgeous landscapes, volcanoes

  • Travel: Entry-exit requirements, no tourist visa necessary for US citizens


2. Austin, Texas

One of the US’s favorite remote work cities, Austin is never boring. From music festivals (Austin is the live music capital of the world, after all) to authentic Texan barbecue to natural swimming holes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this city — especially if the Zoom fatigue has hit and you’re looking for something exciting to do. Austin’s home to plenty of startups and is a huge workcation location, so you’ll be sure to find lots of other like-minded individuals to talk to.

  • Internet: 130+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, Common Desk, TechSpace, The Commune

  • Cost of living: $2,200

  • Safety: Moderately safe

  • Don’t miss the: Texas Capitol, history museums, live music, nature preserves, state parks


3. Berlin, Germany

What do you get when you combine gorgeous natural features with centuries of history? Berlin! As one of the most popular (yet affordable) capital cities in Europe, Berlin is a great place to explore, whether you stay for a week or a year. The nightlife is unbeatable, and there are endless museums, parks, gardens, and historical sites to explore in this interesting and exciting city.

  • Internet: 55+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, St. Oberholz, Ahoy!

  • Cost of living: $1,700

  • Safety: A very safe and welcoming city

  • Don’t miss the: Unique architecture, walking and biking tours, museums, historical sites

  • Travel: Freelancer visa or residence permit for stays over 90 days


4. Boise, Idaho

Looking to live away from the really big city? Boise is the place to go — specifically Downtown Boise. In this college town, you’ll find plenty of workspaces for a quick meeting with your team, restaurants and takeout, and a chill and laid-back vibe that will make you sigh in contentment. Affordable and open with ample space for running, biking, and walking, Boise is the perfect way to reset from the go-go-go of city life.

  • Internet: 75+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Wheelhouse Boise, Office Evolution, Regus Boise, Trailhead

  • Cost of living: $2,200

  • Safety: One of the safest states in the US

  • Don’t miss the: Freak Alley, museums, Downtown Boise, culinary scene, Basque Block, water adventures, hiking


5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city steeped in history, making it the perfect destination for any digital nomads living in yesteryears. There are plenty of historical sites to visit during the day and endless restaurants and activities to experience. Boston is also nearby several great weekend getaway destinations, including Cape Cod and Acadia National Park. Plus, the city is commuter-friendly, with Uber, Lyft, and public transport providing attractive alternatives to car rental.

  • Internet: 120+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Work Loft, Oficio, Workbar, Geek Offices, NGIN Workplace, WeWork, Impact Hub

  • Cost of living: $2,900

  • Safety: Fairly safe, especially in tourist destinations

  • Don’t miss the: Museums and US historical sites, sports scene, Boston Rowing Center, Faneuil Hall Marketplace


6. Boulder, Colorado

Named one of the best places to live (and work remotely!) in America, Boulder is the ultimate combination of breathtaking natural scenery and an exciting social scene. The city comes complete with live music, bus tours, microbreweries, and enough amazing eats to make even the most cultured foodie drool with delight. It’s a great hub for adventurers looking to explore some of the Southwest’s loveliest national parks.

  • Internet: 120+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, Campworks, Galvanize Boulder, Confluence

  • Cost of living: $2,300

  • Safety: One of the safest places in Colorado

  • Don’t miss the: Farmers market, Pearl Street, hiking in the Flatirons, coffee culture, bike tours


7. Bridgetown, Barbados

Sparkling sea waves, picturesque palms, pillowy-soft beaches — who wouldn’t want to work from a place like that? If you travel to Bridgetown, you can. With the easy-to-apply-to Barbados Welcome Stamp, you can stay for months, enjoying the amazing hospitality, delectable foods, exciting history, and everything this city has to offer. And with the plethora of workspaces to choose from, you can still present a professional front while working from paradise.

  • Internet: 75+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: TEN Habitat, Surfer’s Cafe, Artsplash Cafe, Regus

  • Cost of living: $1,200

  • Safety: Explore the city during the day and watch out for hurricanes during the summer/fall

  • Don’t miss the: World Heritage Sites, unbeatable beaches, snorkeling

  • Travel: 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp visa


8. Canggu, Indonesia

Often nominated as one of the best remote work locations, Bali boasts one of the most significant populations of digital nomads in Asia (plus lightning-fast Wi-Fi and plenty of co-working spaces). There’s a lot to see and do here, from visiting rice terraces to walking on the beach, making it one of the best places to work remote. Plus, a just-launched visa allows digital nomads to stay for up to five years — without paying local taxes.

  • Internet: 20+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Outpost Canggu, Matra, ZIN Cafe, Bali Bustle

  • Cost of living: $1,000

  • Safety: A safe and popular place to travel with the potential for extreme weather

  • Don’t miss the: Surfing, unique dining options, shopping, gorgeous beach sunsets, nightlife

  • Travel: Business Visa (B211a) allows up to a six-month stay


9. Charleston, South Carolina

With plenty of places to rent, mouth-watering restaurants, and easy access to beautiful beaches that are going to look great as your next Zoom background, Charleston is a great city in which to set up your WFH space. You’ll love exploring the various historical sites after work or even getting away for the weekend to nearby Sullivan’s Island.

  • Internet: 110+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Office Evolution, Venture X, Regus, The Hub, Serendipity Labs

  • Cost of living: $2,000

  • Safety: Generally a very safe place to be

  • Don’t miss the: City market, sightseeing tours, historical sites, beautiful beaches and parks, carriage tours


10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Love Bangkok but ready to go somewhere a little quieter? Chiang Mai rivals Bangkok in terms of architecture, food, and culture — without the huge tourist population (though you will find lots of expats here). You’ll find plenty of co-working spaces, networking events, and opportunities in this gorgeous, mountainous sanctuary that’s called the Digital Nomad Capital of the World.

  • Internet: 200+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Yellow, My Secret Cafe in Town, StarWork, Outerspace

  • Cost of living: $750

  • Safety: A very safe destination — just use your common sense

  • Don’t miss the: Religious landmarks, serene beaches, Khao Yai National Park, palaces and temples, floating markets

  • Travel: Thailand offers tourist and long-stay visas


11. Cincinnati, Ohio

Nomadic professionals will be delighted to call Cincinnati their temporary home — after all, this city has everything you could ask for and then some! There are plenty of co-working spaces to choose from, lovely weather, and the laid-back feel means that living in this city will help you kick work stress and be your best self.

  • Internet: 90+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Expansive, Spaces, 1628 Ltd., Fueled Collective, Union Hall

  • Cost of living: $1,600

  • Safety: Generally safe, but do your research before you go

  • Don’t miss the: Cincinnati Zoo, underground tours, riverboat journeys, craft beer scene


12. Dahab, Egypt

Located by the Red Sea, Dahab is bursting with beautiful ocean views, golden beaches, and all the water adventures that come with them. This small city is quiet enough to avoid the heavy tourist crowds yet still close to the popular Sharm El Sheikh. The only downside is Wi-Fi can be a bit temperamental, so be sure to spring for a telecom network or check out one of the many co-working spaces.

  • Internet: 7+ Mpbs

  • Popular workspaces: Mojo Cowork Cafe, Rock n Cafe

  • Cost of living: $600

  • Safety: Stable and safe, now is a great time to visit

  • Don’t miss the: Surrounding day trips and attractions, colorful coral reefs, amazing landscapes, kitesurfing

  • Travel: Purchase your tourist visa upon arrival and extend it for up to three months


13. Dublin, Ireland

Good luck finding a more beautiful place to work from! Dublin is a must-experience digital nomad destination, especially if you’re interested in networking with other digital workers and like-minded people. The bar scene is unsurpassable, of course, but there are also plenty of tours, sites, and more to experience while you’re here.

  • Internet: 40+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, CoCreate, Regus, The Tara Building, Huckletree D2, Spaces

  • Cost of living: $2,200

  • Safety: Considered one of the safest countries in the world

  • Don’t miss the: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness bar, Trinity College, scenic train rides

  • Travel: 90-day tourist visa


14. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’ve always dreamed of moving to the UK, now’s your chance, and we’re recommending Edinburgh. One of Scotland’s largest cities (and most prominent tourist destinations), there’s plenty to do here, from exploring the beautiful buildings to going hiking and camping to trying out the variety of pubs and coffee shops. The local Wi-Fi is nothing to scoff at either, so no need to worry about accessing your Zoom meetings or virtual office.

  • Internet: 30+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, The Melting Pot, Spaces, Regus, Schop, Landmark

  • Cost of living: $1,700

  • Safety: Pub-filled areas can get rowdy, but the city is extremely safe and friendly

  • Don’t miss the: Castles and palaces, museums, scenic hikes and walks, Royal Botanic Garden

  • Travel: Valid passport required, no visa needed


15. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Located in southern Vietnam, Saigon is one of the largest cities around and has become a popular place for digital nomads to put down temporary roots. Co-living and co-working spaces are abundant, and the cheap yet delicious local eateries and markets will help you make your money stretch.

  • Internet: 75+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Dreamplex, Comspace, The Hive, WeWork, Saigon Coworking

  • Cost of living: $800

  • Safety: Tourist safety is a primary concern, but use your common sense when you’re out and about

  • Don’t miss the: Amazing food, stunning landscapes, heritage sites, bus tours, Cu Chi Tunnels

  • Travel: Valid visa and passport


16. Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island is embracing the workcation trend by adding more workspaces and accommodations and is quickly becoming one of the best places to work remote in South Korea. Compared to some destinations, this place can be a little pricier, but it’s well worth the peace, delectable food, and a one-of-a-kind experience!

  • Internet: 90+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: O-PEACE Jeju, Jeju Coworking

  • Cost of living: $1,000

  • Safety: This safe city is home to many friendly locales

  • Don’t miss the: Parks and beaches, quiet forests, Dongmun Market, hiking, guided tours

  • Travel: May not require a visa


17. Las Palmas, Spain

You’ll love the year-round summer weather in the most popular city of the Canary Islands. Las Palmas boasts a strong community of digital nomads and expats, plus the local population couldn’t be friendlier. This sun-drenched city is bursting with Canarian food, bubbling nightlife, and a relaxed vibe — the perfect destination for travel-hungry working professionals.

  • Internet: 150+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The House, Talleres Palermo, GoCoworking, Work-Labs, Dojo Coworking

  • Cost of living: $1,000

  • Safety: Avoid Santa Catalina Park and the ports after dark

  • Don’t miss the: Free walking tours, outdoor shopping areas, water sports, fresh seafood, open market

  • Travel: No visa required for visits up to 90 days


18. Lisbon, Portugal

Word has spread. If you’re looking for one of the best places to work remotely, Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, is on the list for digital nomads looking to go global. No matter where you go in Lisbon, you’re guaranteed to find exciting foods, amazing experiences, and beautiful scenery. Add that to the cheap cost of living and plenty of co-working spaces to help you stay focused, and you can see why you should just book your ticket today.

  • Internet: 90+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Resvés, Cowork Lisboa, WeWork, Second Home, Impact Hub

  • Cost of living: $1,200

  • Safety: One of the safest cities for digital nomads

  • Don’t miss the: Unique architecture, amazing music, underwater Oceanarium, museums

  • Travel: Temporary stay visa


19. Madeira, Portugal

Better travel to this hidden gem before it’s overrun because Madeira is a digital nomad’s dream come true. Beautiful subtropical climate meets picture-perfect nature scenes meets a city geared toward digital nomad needs (affordable rooms, plenty of places to eat, private workspaces — you get the picture).

  • Internet: 100+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Amparo Workspace, Cowork Funchal, MadeiraWork

  • Cost of living: $800

  • Safety: Safe for families and solo travelers alike

  • Don’t miss the: Cable cars, breathtaking views, surfing and water sports, scenic drives

  • Travel: Temporary stay visa


20. Madrid, Spain

Walk around Madrid and you’ll discover why it’s such a popular place for a workcation. Beautiful architecture graces the streets, and there are plenty of exciting bars, museums, events, and more to enjoy when you clock out for the day. Plus, it’s a fabulous hub if you want to explore other parts of Spain. Barcelona? The Canary Islands? Don’t mind if we do! Don’t worry, though — the engaging co-working spaces and friendly locals will make it equally pleasant when you have to come back and log in to your virtual workspace.

  • Internet: 100+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The Shed, Impact Hub, WeWork, Spaces, Regus, Cink, Talent Garden

  • Cost of living: $1,400

  • Safety: Low crime rates (watch out for pickpockets)

  • Don’t miss the: Museums, Royal Botanic Garden, Crystal Palace, art scene, soccer games

  • Travel: Digital Nomad Visa, Portugal D7 Visa, and more


21. Melbourne, Australia

Where can you find towering high-rises and surprising street music? Cute cafés and cavernous art galleries? Melbourne, that’s where! This contemporary city is eccentricity made tangible. Explore the surrounding suburbs after work or go farther to access some of the more touristy destinations Australia is famous for, then head back to the Wi-Fi and toggle up your latest Google Doc or log into your virtual workspace to play some online team-building games with your buddies.

  • Internet: 100+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, HUB Australia, The Cluster, Spaces, Creative Cubes, JustCo

  • Cost of living: $1,900

  • Safety: Considered one of Australia’s safest cities

  • Don’t miss the: Open market, Royal Botanic Gardens, various coffee shops, ocean road drive, diverse culinary scene

  • Travel: 417 Working Holiday or 462 Work and Holiday visa


22. Merida, Mexico

Skip the overcrowded tourist areas like Cancun and enjoy a more authentic experience in Merida. Nestled in the scenic Yucatán, this city is a haven for digital nomads, boasting a fabulous culture, convenient working spaces, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste.

  • Internet: 75+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Conexion60, IOS Offices, Paseo 60, UrbanHub, WeWork

  • Cost of living: $800

  • Safety: Known as the safest city in Mexico (and one of the best cities in the world)

  • Don’t miss the: Cathedrals, impressive museums, authentic Yucatán culture and food, Mayan ruins

  • Travel: May need a tourist visa for stays exceeding six months


23. Mexico City, Mexico

If you want to experience Mexico on a grander scale, Mexico City is where to do it. While large and bustling, Mexico City is surprisingly affordable and super easy to get to from the US. It also caters to the business scene, which means plenty of co-working spaces for you to enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, we hope you’re ready for tacos, tlacoyos, and mole poblanos because not only is this one of the best places to work from home, it’s one of the world’s best places to eat as well.

  • Internet: 35+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, Cubic Idea, Spaces, Impact Hub, Regus, IOS Offices, El 3er Espacio

  • Cost of living: $800

  • Safety: Most neighborhoods are safe, but we recommend not walking around at night

  • Don’t miss the: Ancient ruins, unbeatable cuisine, Frida Kahlo museum, La Ciudadela, museums, trajinera boats

  • Travel: May need a tourist visa for stays exceeding six months


24. Nashville, Tennessee

The music capital of the world is one of the top 10 greatest places for digital nomads who are looking for a place to put down roots for a few weeks or months. Enjoy the live music and finger-licking BBQ perks after work, then get away to one of the nearby national parks or even visit Memphis when you have the weekend off. Nashville truly is a city where you can find it all, including some amazing co-working spaces!

  • Internet: 115+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, Industrious, Center 615, Regus, Davor

  • Cost of living: $2,200

  • Safety: Fairly safe for travelers, but do take precautions

  • Don’t miss the: Nashville Zoo, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Music Row, Mammoth Cave National Park


25. Oʻahu, Hawaii

Who hasn’t wanted to move to Hawaii? As a digital nomad, you’ll be happy to know that Oʻahu scores pretty high on the scale of cities to live in while working remotely. You already know about the stunning scenery, but this city also has lots to offer in the way of Wi-Fi, workspaces, and affordability.

  • Internet: 90+ Mbps
  • Popular workspaces: Impact Hub, BoxJelly, Regus, Waiwai Collective, ProWorks
  • Cost of living: $2,500
  • Safety: Kind locals and safe locale — but be careful when you’re out exploring nature
  • Don’t miss the: Pearl Harbor National Memorial, waterfalls, snorkeling and water sports, zipline

26. Ottawa, Canada

Canada’s administrative capital is a great place to relocate if you’re new to the whole workcation idea. Ottawa perfectly balances a bustling population with gorgeous greenery so that you can stay in touch with people but still enjoy some peace when you need it.

  • Internet: 75+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Impact Hub, Regus, Coworkly, Spaces, iQ Offices, Coworkly, Armada Spaces, My ByWard

  • Cost of living: $1,800

  • Safety: A very safe place for digital nomads

  • Don’t miss the: Parliament Buildings, canal cruises, museums and galleries, tulip festival, summer market

  • Travel: Self-Employment Visa, temporary work permit, and other options


27. Perth, Australia

One of Australia’s gems, Perth is drenched in beach-town culture but still has all the amenities you need to get your work done in comfort. Australia offers a convenient Working Holiday visa, so don’t hesitate to use it! You’ll thank us once you’re here enjoying the local wineries, Aussie national parks, and culture-blending food scene. Plus, the local workspaces are the perfect place to set yourself up for video conferences, virtual collaborations, 1:1 online meetings, and more.

  • Internet: 95+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, Spacecubed, Spaces, Officenexus, Flux, Regus, Hive

  • Cost of living: $1,800

  • Safety: One of the safest major Australian cities

  • Don’t miss the: Botanic Gardens, beautiful beaches, Swan River, Aquarium of Western Australia, fishing

  • Travel: 417 Working Holiday or 462 Work and Holiday visa


28. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Spend your time in the tropics at Playa del Carmen, one of Mexico’s most famous work-from-home spots. This gorgeous city has amazing weather, is easy to travel to, boasts great Wi-Fi, and offers plenty to do on your days off.

  • Internet: 40+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Work It, Workzone, Bunker, Xinergy Workation

  • Cost of living: $900

  • Safety: Safe even for solo travelers

  • Don’t miss the: Diving, picturesque beaches, nature parks, scenic walks, coffee scene, amazing local food

  • Travel: May need a tourist visa for stays exceeding six months


29. Portland, Oregon

Life on the West Coast doesn’t get more fun than in Portland. This friendly city is a must-visit on your digital nomad journey. So, stop by and enjoy a special space that mixes lush green parks with delectable food trucks and hidden coffee shops (with Wi-Fi!) with a strong cycling community. Whether you’re here for the hiking or the art scene, there’s a lot to enjoy.

  • Internet: 100+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: WeWork, openHAUS, the Collective Agency, CENTRL

  • Cost of living: $2,300

  • Safety: Crime can occur, especially in non-tourist areas, so use common sense

  • Don’t miss the: Washington Park, abundant hiking, used bookstores, art and culture museums


30. Prague, Czech Republic

Visit Prague during the summer months and you’ll be immersed in a gorgeous sunset kaleidoscope every evening — the perfect way to end a day of work. Whether you’re watching the colors from an outdoor café or a blanket in the park, you’ll love the peaceful, laid-back vibes of this city.

  • Internet: 60+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Impact Hub, Opero, Locus Workspace, Node5, WorkLounge Diamant

  • Cost of living: $1,200

  • Safety: Use caution just as you would in any big city

  • Don’t miss the: Prague Castle, Old Town Square, trdelník (or trdlo)  and other Czech food, Wenceslas Square

  • Travel: Zivnostenske opravneni visa


31. San Diego, California

This laid-back city is just a hop, skip, and jump from Mexico, making San Diego the perfect pitstop for non-US destinations. You may have a hard time focusing on your laptop when there’s a sun-drenched beach calling to you just outside, though. Get through the workday then pick up dinner on your way to enjoy the sand — life doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Internet: 130+ Mbps
  • Popular workspaces: Gather, Downtown Works, WeWork, Moniker Commons
  • Cost of living: $2,700
  • Safety: One of the safest large cities in the US
  • Don’t miss the: San Diego Zoo, beautiful parks, Old Globe theatre, Mediterranean-style food, paragliding

32. Savannah, Georgia

Love history? You’ll love Savannah. Home to some of America’s most fascinating historic landmarks (plus the Savannah College of Art and Design, stunning coasts, trees dripping with Spanish moss, chilling haunted sites, delectable breweries, and more), Savannah is one of the nation’s most stunning hidden gems.

  • Internet: 125+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Expansive, Regus, Coworker, The Novel, VEL

  • Cost of living: $1,800

  • Safety: Tourists are less likely to be the victims of crime; just be sure to use your common sense

  • Don’t miss the: City Market, River Street, culinary scene, elegant churches, antebellum architecture


33. Scottsdale, Arizona

Dream of living off the beaten path? Scottsdale is a popular place to do it! There are plenty of exciting adventures waiting for you just outside your front door — and thanks to the warm weather, you’ll be able to enjoy them year-round! Fast internet, friendly locals, and tons of fun events make this city one of the best places to work from home.

  • Internet: 95+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Spaces, Industrious, CO+HOOTS, Workuity, ColabLab, Deskhub, Regus

  • Cost of living: $2,000

  • Safety: Very safe, with almost no crime to note

  • Don’t miss the: Desert gardens, cultivated golf courses, shopping opportunities, hiking and walking trails

St. George-Utah

34. St. George, Utah

Warm and sunny St. George is the perfect hub for adventurous digital nomads who want to explore red rock country in Utah. Small enough that you’ll feel like a local yet large enough to please picky gastronomes, this perpetually warm city offers easy access to beautiful national parks like Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Arches and is just a few hours away from Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital city.

  • Internet: 100+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The Zen Den, Workturf, St. George Executive Suites, Davinci Meeting Rooms

  • Cost of living: $1,700

  • Safety: Great for digital nomads and families alike

  • Don’t miss the: Red Hills Desert Garden, Zion National Park, hiking, St. George Town Square, aviation museum


35. Taipei, Taiwan

Beautiful weather, welcoming locals, mouth-watering street food, and so many attractions to see — you’re going to want to stay in Taipei for months (and you can with the Taiwan Employment Gold Card)! This city is highly walkable, which means you can easily find workspaces, cafés, eateries, and more, all within walking distance.

  • Internet: 85+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The Hive, WeWork, Impact Hub, Kafnu, Home Sweet Home, FutureWard

  • Cost of living: $1,200

  • Safety: Safer than other large cities

  • Don’t miss the: Temples and memorials, night markets, cat cafés, hot springs, delectable culinary scene

  • Travel: Employment Gold Card Visa


36. Tallinn, Estonia

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque city than Tallinn, one of Europe’s hidden gems. It’s got everything from old churches to a food market that boasts fresh produce. Plus, this business-oriented location has got plenty of workspaces to help you stay focused on the job, including co-working spaces and opportunities to network. It’s also the perfect place to start your remote business from!

  • Internet: 80+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Spaces, Work27, Regus, Lift99, Spring Hub, Baltic Cowork

  • Cost of living: $1,100

  • Safety: A pretty safe city, with mostly petty crime

  • Don’t miss the: Breathtaking architecture, art museums, Estonian history, Old Town, churches

  • Travel: Digital Nomad Visa allows for up to 1 year


37. Tampa, Florida

Sunny, balmy, and strewn with beaches, Tampa is a great place to work and play away from home. After you’ve visited one of the many co-working spaces, grab a meal from one of the waterfront cafés or restaurants then spend the next day at one of Tampa’s many tourist attractions.

  • Internet: 120+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Quest, WeWork, CoCreativ, CoWork, Industrious, Regus

  • Cost of living: $2,400

  • Safety: Use your common sense to fully enjoy Tampa

  • Don’t miss the: Busch Gardens, roller coasters, horse races, museums, rooftop bars


38. Tokyo, Japan

With unrivaled nightlife, fast internet speeds, and a well-designed public transport system, Tokyo is a great place to work and explore. Spend your days at one of the many co-working spaces then hop around trying new local foods in between meetings with your remote or hybrid team. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will make you want to stay forever.

  • Internet: 50+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The Hive, .andwork Shibuya, Basis Point, WeWork

  • Cost of living: $1,700

  • Safety: One of the top 10 safest cities in the world

  • Don’t miss the: Harajuku, temples, national gardens, sumo wrestling tournaments, kaiseki meal

  • Travel: Temporary or working visas, Designated Activities Visa


39. Vancouver, Canada

Right before you hit the Pacific, you’ll find yourself in Vancouver, one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. From stunning glass skyscrapers to trails meant for running, Vancouver has it all and a stunning food scene to boot. Plus, you’re not too far from the US border, making it easy to pop over to the states if needed.

  • Internet: 90+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: The Hive, The Network, L’atelier, Suite Genius, The Profile, WeWork

  • Cost of living: $1,600

  • Safety: Crime is incredibly rare

  • Don’t miss the: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, hiking, beaches, night market, arts scene, cultural landmarks

  • Travel: Self-Employment Visa, temporary work permit, and other options


40. Wellington, New Zealand

It may be a bit on the smaller side, but Wellington sure packs a punch when it comes to co-working spaces (a definite online meeting “do” if you’re going to be holding meetings, video conferences, and team collabs), bars, beaches, and outdoor excursions. If you’re searching for a laid-back spot as your home away from home, there’s no better place to be than in New Zealand.

  • Internet: 70+ Mbps

  • Popular workspaces: Digital Nomad, two/fiftyseven, Regus, Urban Hub, Offix

  • Cost of living: $1,800

  • Safety: Consistently named one of the world’s safest cities

  • Don’t miss the: Cable car drives, exciting wildlife, museums, craft beer

  • Travel: Working holiday visa


Combining travel and work isn’t a new concept, but it’s sure gained traction in the past few years — and we can see why. It’s quite clear that the digital nomad trend is here to stay. Remote work provides the freedom to explore new places, experience new things, and make new memories — all without leaving your job behind!

If you’re planning on hitting the road, keep these tips in mind (and be sure to check out our guide to traveling and working abroad as well):

  • Keep all your documents (and copies of them too) on you, especially when traveling out of the country.

  • Create (and stick to) a work plan. Try to have a routine, even when you’re on the road.

  • Have dedicated work hours and exploration hours.

  • Pack light (but don’t forget your cords and adaptors!).

  • Research your destination ahead of time and be aware of time zone differences.

  • Take advantage of co-living opportunities and co-working spaces to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Consider travel insurance.

  • Make use of digital workspaces and offices like Kumospace to increase your productivity while you’re away from home.

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