Broadcast using the Megaphone and Microphone Furniture


The Megaphone and Microphone allow participants to share their video and audio to the Floor they're on, or across All Floors in the Space.

Everybody can hear and see the broadcaster, including people in Rooms, while the broadcaster can only hear the people in their audio range.

How to add a Megaphone

  1. Open up the Edit menu by clicking the chair icon in the upper right corner or pressing the 'E' on your keyboard. Scroll down to the Activities dropdown, or type Megaphone into the search bar.

  2. Click the Megaphone item to select it, then click on where you want to place it on the floor.

  3. Click the Edit button to close the edit tab.

How to add a Microphone

Follow the steps listed above, but type Microphone into the search bar instead.  

How to start Broadcasting

  1. Click the Megaphone or Microphone item on your floor.

    *Note: your camera must be turned on to use this tool!

  2. Set your Broadcast Range to either This Floor or All Floors.

  3. Click Start to begin broadcasting.

Note that choosing to broadcast to All Floors will interrupt any ongoing broadcasts.

Who is able to Broadcast?

Broadcasting is only available to Owners, Admins, Floor Managers, and Members. Guests will be unable to click the items and use the Broadcast feature.

If you have a participant intending to Broadcast, please make sure they have been promoted to Member. Read more about setting permissions in our article about User Roles

Broadcast a Presentation

While Broadcasting your video and audio in Kumospace, you're also able to share a presentation. This includes Screen-Sharing, Streaming a Local File, or Presenting with a Secondary Camera. Read this article to learn more about Presenting in Kumospace.

To start broadcasting your presentation:

  1. Start a presentation using the Present button on the bottom bar.

  2. Click the Megaphone or Microphone and select your desired Broadcast Range to start sharing your presentation.

Group Broadcast

Up to eight participants can Broadcast together, and each Floor can have its own Broadcast running simultaneously, perfect for multi-track conferences.

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