Getting Started

Help Articles

Joining a Space and Floor

Curious about all aspects of your space? Read this article to learn how you can share floors, navigate the lobby, and join different areas of your Kumospace.

Navigating Kumospace

Trying to get around in Kumospace? Read this guide to learn how you can navigate & explore virtual environments and the people that are in them with you!

Camera, Microphone, and Speakers

Excited to interact with people in real time? Read this article to enable your camera, microphone, and other crucial settings to get started.

Spatial Audio and Room Audio

Tired of breakout rooms for smaller conversations? Learn how Kumospace leverages spatial audio & rooms to facilitate multiple discussions within one space.

Status and Availability

Want to show what you're up to in Kumospace? Read this article to learn about setting a status message of available, away, or focusing.

Invite People to your Space

Kumospace is more fun with others. Read this article to learn how to invite guest to your space or team members with their email addresses or by uploading a CSV file.

Profile Cards

Set up your Profile Card in Kumospace to display your virtual name tag. Use Profile Cards to display information about yourself and to easily interact with others.

Present, Pop-out, and Gallery View

Want to collaborate more effectively in Kumospace? Learn about some of our core features: Present, Pop-Out, and Gallery View.

Broadcast using the Megaphone and Microphone Furniture

Holding a team meeting or need to make an announcement? Use our Megaphone or Microphone to broadcast your video and audio to all users on your Floor or All Floors in the Space.


Looking to send chats in Kumospace? Read this quick guide to learn the basics of the chat feature & how you can access it in different areas of the platform.

Setting your Home in a Space

Do you have a favorite spot to work from? Set this as your Home to automatically be brought to this location and quickly settle in.

Set a Default Space

For quick Space entry, users are able to set a Space as default to enter their favorite Space with ease.

Raise Hand and Emoji Reactions

Never feel hesitant to speak up during virtual meetings. Use the Raise Hand feature or emoji reactions to contribute to a conversation.

User and Floor Settings

Want to tweak some settings? Read this article to learn how you can adjust the user and floor settings directly from Kumospace in the Settings menu.

Enable Desktop Notifications

Don't want to miss anything when you step away or shift to a different tab/window? Learn how you can enable desktop notifications from Kumospace.

Enable Live Captions

Got a live event that needs captioning? Read this quick guide to learn about live captioning your Kumospace using Google Chrome.