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Settings Menu

Settings Menu

To access your Kumospace settings, click the Settings menu on the right side of the bottom bar. The keyboard shortcut is the key. 

Switch between the User and Floor tabs on top of the Settings menu to adjust your User and Floor settings.

User Settings

The User settings pertain to your personal experience in Kumospace, and don't affect anybody else. Open the Settings menu, and select the User tab on the top left to adjust your user settings.

Camera and Microphone

Change your Camera and Microphone inputs, including turning them off. To adjust these inputs, click the dropdown to select your desired camera and microphone. 

Read this article to learn more about adjusting your Camera and Microphone in Kumospace.



View which speakers Kumospace is using and test to see if they're working by clicking the Test button.


Graphic Settings

Adjust Graphic Settings options to optimize your experience in Kumospace:

  • Battery Saver: Maximize battery life and minimize resource usage, but you may experience choppiness.

  • Performance: Optimize for a seamless experience but with a lower image quality.

  • High Quality: Highest image quality but also uses more resources 

You can also toggle Show videos to turn on/off the video feeds of other users in the space. Turning this feature off will help optimize your Kumospace experience if you are experiencing choppiness or low bandwidth.


Interface Preferences

  • Show audio radius: the circle that indicates your audio range.

  • Mirror videos: invert your video.

  • Single-click to move: double-click to move is the default navigation option.

  • Skip camera preview page to enter the space with less clicks


Alert Preferences

  • Play sound for new chat messages.

  • Mute the Sound of the doorbell when someone enters. Note that the doorbell will sound when there are less than thirty people in the room.

  • Play sound when someone is nearby and entered your audio range

  • Enable Desktop notifications.


Tick your preferred options to apply. Press the Esc key to close the Settings menu. 

Floor Settings

The Floor tab is only visible to participants assigned a user role such as Owner, Admin, Floor Manager, or Members. Adjusting the Floor settings will affect the entire Floor and everybody on it.

Open the Settings menu, and select the Floor tab on the top right to adjust your floor settings.

Rename the Floor

Change the name of a floor by clicking the text field under Name. To save the changes, scroll down and click the Save button.


Change Floor Capacity

To increase or decrease the Floor capacity, click the text field under Floor Capacity and type in a new number. You can also click the up and down arrows on the right side of the text field to increase or decrease this value.

Read this article to learn more about changing your Floor Capacity.


Change the Audio Range

Change the Audio Range by clicking on the drop down and choosing between Entire Floor, Loud, Normal, and Quiet options. This will change the audio range of all users in the space, not just your own audio range. 

Read this help article to learn more about Audio Ranges in Kumospace.


Adjust the Floor Size

Adjust the Floor Size by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the grid to alter the dimensions of the floor.

Click the Save Changes button to apply Floor settings.