Status and Availability

Set your Status and Availability to let other people in Kumospace know if you're Available, Away, or Focusing.

Set Your Availability

Click the green Status button in the bottom bar to open the Status tab. 

Here, you can set your availability to Available, Away, or Focusing, by clicking the respective options. 


Each option will change the outline color of your video:

  • Available is neutral.

  • Away is yellow.

  • Focusing is purple. 

This way, other people can quickly scan the Floor to see your availability. You can hover over somebody's video to see how long they have been Away or Focusing.  

Availability will also be visible in the People menu. 



You can add a message to let people know what you're up to.

Type your status in the text field and it will appear under your name on your video, and in the People menu.

Camera and Microphone

Each availability option impacts your camera and microphone settings:

  • Available: when selecting this option, your camera and microphone will default to the settings you have chosen, e.g. if your camera and microphone were off, they will remain off whenever you're Available

  • Away: this option will turn off your camera and microphone, but you'll still be able to hear the sounds in Kumospace, e.g. when someone enters your audio range and starts speaking to you. 

  • Focusing: this option will turn off your camera, microphone, and sound, so that you can concentrate without being distracted by surrounding sounds.

Other people can reach you by Nudging you, sending you a Direct Message in the Chat, or knocking on your closed door (if you're focusing in a Room).

Return to Available: click the Return to Available button to restore your previously chosen camera and microphone settings.


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