Space Creation and Management

Help Articles

Create Your Space & Change Ownership

Looking to create & manage your space? Learn how to upgrade your Kumospace plan, manage billing, increase space capacity, or even delete your space.

Manage Your Space & Add Floors

Account set up & want to join or manage your space? Read about how to create and delete Floors, edit a space's name, and manage privacy or chat settings.

Managing Floors

Adjust and Manage the floors in your Kumospace. Read about how to change a Floor template, increase Floor capacity, and adjust the Floor privacy settings.

Managing Members and Guests

Curious how to manage attendees? Read this article to learn how the people menu allows you to mute or remove disruptive guests & assign seats.

Adjust Permissions with User Roles

Want some users to have limited or enhanced access in Kumospace? Learn how each assigned role updates permissions for different Kumospace users.

Assign Office Owners

Assign an Office Owners a to a specific Room in a Space, granting them the ability to edit and customize this Room.

Virtual Office Onboarding Video

Are you new to Kumospace? Watch this onboarding video to learn about basic features of Kumospace, how to navigate, and more within your virtual office.

Hosting Events in Kumospace

Planning to host a virtual event? Read these tips and best practices to plan ahead & ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible in Kumospace.

Evaluate Engagement with Space Analytics

Want to see how people are using your Kumospace? Read this guide to learn about space analytics, available to our Professional and Custom plan subscribers.