Customizing your Kumospace

Help Articles

Set Up Furniture & Rooms in Your Space

All Kumospace floor templates are fully editable so you can personalize your space. Learn how to set up rooms, furniture, & templates in this quick guide.

Custom Images, Gifs, Signs, and Sticky Notes

Looking to brand or personalize your space? Read this article to learn about adding and managing custom images, animated gifs, and Signs in Kumospace.

Whiteboard Collaboration

Need a visual collaboration tool in your virtual space? Use this guide to learn how you can quickly set up a whiteboard in your Kumospace.

Integrate with a Custom Link Tablet

Need to show users another site or resource? Read our help article to learn how you can set up a custom llink tablet & share content in Kumospace or new tab.

Customize Your Space with Virtual Drinks 🥂

Miss water cooler conversations or need to liven up the party? Learn how to set up a virtual drink station & pour yourself a beverage while in your space.

Add Musical Objects to your Space 🎶

Want users in your Kumospace to have some ambiance? Read this quick guide to learn how to customize musical objects, white noise machines, pianos, and more.

Stream Videos in Your Kumospace with YouTube TV

Want to stream videos or YouTube Lives directly from your Kumospace? Learn how to set up and customize a YouTube TV in your space with this quick guide.

Miro Integration

Do you love Miro boards? Read this help article to learn about the process of setting up & adding Miro boards to your Kumospace with custom furniture.