Set Up Furniture & Rooms in Your Space

All Kumospace Floor templates are fully editable and allow you to personalize your finishing touches.

Edit menu

Kumospace hosts and co-hosts can access the Edit  menu on the bottom right of the screen. Clicking it will reveal the Furniture and Rooms tabs, both of which contain a number of categories.


Rooms in Kumospace have private audio zones, separate from spatial audio ranges available on the rest of the Floor. Everybody can hear each other no matter how far apart they are in the Room

Add a Room to your Kumospace

  1. Open the Edit  menu.

  2. Select the Rooms tab, then click the Rooms dropdown. 

  3. Click the Empty Room object to select it, then click on where you want to place it. 

You can resize Rooms by dragging the corners to your desired size.

Customize your Rooms

You can change the look of your Rooms by adding different flooring, wall finishes, windows, and doors.

  1. Open the Edit menu.
  2. Select the Rooms tab, then click the Flooring or Walls dropdowns.
  3. Click the finish you want to select, then click on the part of the Room you'd like to place it.

You can hold Shift to continue using an object without having to click to select every time. To deselect, stop holding Shift or click into the Edit  menu.

Group Furniture with Rooms

To link furniture items with the room it is placed in, you'll need to group the furniture with the room:

  1. Open your Edit  tab.
  2. Click the Grid  button in the top-right corner of the Customize Room menu.
  3. Untick the Snap furniture to grid box. 

This will allow you to move an entire room while maintaining the furniture placement, or delete a room along with all of the items inside.


You can close and open the door from inside the Room by clicking on it.

Click on the door from the outside to "knock" and be let in.

Audio zones

As mentioned, Rooms are in fact audio zones. To remove the walls of a Room, but keep the audio zone,  add the Empty object from the Walls dropdown to the parts of the wall you'd like to remove.

Room templates

To speed up building your Floors, you can add furnished Room templates to your Kumospace.

To add a Room template:

  1. Open the Edit  menu and click the Rooms tab.
  2. Select the Rooms dropdown.
  3. Click to select your chosen Room template, then click on where you want to place it. 

Room Settings

While your Edit menu is open and the Room tab is selected, hover over your chosen Room to reveal the Settings button. From here you can rename your Room, making it appear as a location in the People menu. 

Room Settings


You can further customize your Floor templates in Kumospace by adding furniture, games, and interactive objects like the Youtube TV, Whiteboard and Custom Links tablet

  1. Open the Edit menu.

  2. Select the Furniture tab. 

  3. Choose one of the following dropdowns:

  • Seating: This dropdown displays an array of sofas, chairs, benches, loungers, stools, as well as pool floats. 

  • Tables: This dropdown allows you to view tables, counters, bar furniture, and our popular DJ booth.

  • Decor: Click this dropdown to choose from a variety of drink trays, pizza, pastries, and sushi. There's also statues, sculptures, and other decorative objects.

  • Plants: Add greenery to your space from this dropdown, where you can find everything from succulents to tomato and lettuce plants. 

  • Ground: This dropdown includes partial flooring options, like ocean waves and various terrains, as well as a stage, a fountain, and audio circles. 

  • Rugs: Add coziness or color to your Space by placing a welcome mat, one of our vibrant rugs, or a beach blanket.

  • Seasonal: This dropdown changes with the seasons, and contains objects such as pumpkins, Snowmen, or New Year party balloons.

Add furniture

Once you find the furniture you want, click on it to select, then click on where you'd like to place it. No heavy lifting required!

Click the curved arrow ⟳ buttons to rotate most furniture items, and set the elevation of your furniture, e.g. sofa above carpet, and table below plant. 

Click the in the top-right corner of the furniture to delete it.

Note that as long as the Edit  menu is open, you will be in edit mode, and can make changes to your furniture and space. You can even do so in real time, during an event. 

Add Furniture

Close the Edit menu to get back to Kumospace.

Remove Furniture

To remove furniture, open the Edit menu and use your pointer to hover over the item you would like to delete. Click the X icon in the top right corner to delete the item.

Furniture variations

Furniture items can have multiple variations such as different colors or patterns.

To view the different variations, hover over the circles found underneath certain furniture items. The preview image of the furniture item will change as you hover over different circles.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 3.34.47 PM

To select a specific furniture variation, click on the circle. Then add the furniture item to your Space by clicking the image of the item and clicking on the Floor where you would like to place it.

Furniture settings

Some objects, like the Custom Link tablet, will display a Settings  button when you hover over them with your mouse while in edit mode.

Click the Settings  button to adjust the settings of your furniture.

Search furniture

You can quick-search all the furniture to make editing your Floors easier: 

  1. Open your Edit  menu.
  2. Click the Search furniture field at the top.
  3. Enter your keyword, e.g. the color or item you’re looking for.

Snap furniture to grid

To help you align furniture and other objects perfectly, our handy Grid  function is on by default. If you prefer to customize your space without the Grid function, you can turn it off:

  1. Open your Edit  tab.
  2. Click the Grid  button in the top-right corner of the Customize Room menu.
  3. Untick the Snap furniture to grid box. 

You can also turn off the grid overlay which appears while you're in edit mode by unticking the Show grid overlay box.

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