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All spaces

Did you ever play the game Assassins (aka Gotcha)?

Bang! Bang! is similar to this classic social roleplaying game and includes mystery, strategy, and a dash of luck, but it's all online on Kumospace.

Kumospace is an immersive virtual chat platform in which players can freely move around a virtual room, using their arrow keys. It’s spatial audio feature also makes it the ideal venue for group games where participants can move and talk privately. 

In Kumospace's Bang! Bang! a player is sent a secret chat appointing them as the "killer." They must stealthily move around Kumospace finding other players and eliminate them by saying the deadly catchphrase  "Bang, bang, you're dead!"  The "shot' player must then indirectly move to the center of the space labeled "the morgue."

How do you win Bang! Bang!? You must guess the killer and Broadcast your guess to the group before the killer catches you! 

Check out the video above that explains more of the rules for "Bang! Bang!" on Kumospace.


There's also other Kumospace games perfect for team building such as the laughter-inducing group game Rock the BasketSidewalk Tag featuring hot lava, and the challenging — and hilarious — Alphabet Acrobatics.

To play Bang! Bang! create your Kumospace. Follow the help guidelines to set up your space, and select the most enigmatic group member as "the killer," and — pow! — be prepared for fun.