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A classic game with a virtual twist, Kumospace's Sidewalk Tag game is a fun icebreaker to bond with your team, or hang out with friends. 

Tag is, of course, a traditionally a playground game for two or more players, where the first person is “it”, and has to chase the other players. Catching someone makes them the next tagger. 

In Kumospace, an immersive online chat platform, players can freely move around virtual rooms using their arrow keys — making it the perfect roaming ground for a virtual game of Tag. Just don't step on the lava, or you've lost the game. 


Check out our video above that explains the rules of “Sidewalk Tag” on Kumospace.


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There's also other Kumospace games perfect for team building such as the laughter-inducing group game Rock the Basket, the murder mystery favorite Bang! Bang!, and the challenging — and hilarious — Alphabet Acrobatics.

To start playing Sidewalk Tag, create your Kumospace. Follow these guidelines to set up your space, and make it game-ready.

Tag, you're it!