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Record an Event or Meeting

Record an Event or Meeting

Your next meeting or event can be recorded directly inside Kumospace! Learn how to start recording and save a video with Kumospace Pro.

How to Start Recording

1. Click on the Record button on the bottom bar

2. Inform other participants in your audio range before starting


3. Select Start Recording

Participants in the same space will see a notification on the top left of their screen that the space is being recorded.

Stop Recording

Click the Stop  button located on the bottom bar to stop recording. Once the recording has ended, it will automatically be downloaded onto your laptop.

View and Save your Video

Once the recording has been stopped, the video will be downloaded on to your laptop. Make sure to keep the file safe, as Kumospace does not store recorded files. If lost, we will be unable to retrieve the video.

Who can Record Meetings?

The Recording feature is available with Kumospace Pro. Owners, Admins, Floor Managers, and Members on our Professional Plan are all able to start recording. This feature is disabled for guest.

What's recorded in a Meeting?

The recorded video will include all participants within your audio range or room. Other participants outside your audio range, in different rooms, or on different floors, will not be included in the recording.

Recordings will appear similar to the Pop-out view and will only include the video feeds and audio of the participants. The layout and appearance of the space will not be displayed. 


To record your entire screen in Kumospace, included the appearance of the space, we recommend using QuickTime Player for Mac OS users or Loom.