Pricing FAQs

Read this guide to find answers to the most common questions regarding Kumospace pricing.

Why Upgrade your Space?

The main reasons our users choose the Business or Enterprise subscriptions are:

  • Increased number of Members: Our Free plan is limited to 5 Members. If you would like to add more Members, we recommend upgrading to our Business or Enterprise Plan.

  • Add multiple Floors: Users on our Free Plan are limited to one Floor per Space. Upgrade to one of our Paid Plans to add unlimited Floors.

  • Space security: Our upgraded plans offer security options such as password protection, Guest list access, domain-restricted access, and Single Sign on.

  • Unlimited Chat history: Conversations inside of Chat are now saved so you can refer back to previous messages, even after you leave and return to a Space.

  • Recording: Spaces on our paid plans are able to record in Kumospace. Record, download, and save your next conference meeting, all-hands session, or client conversation.

  • Advanced analytics: View the usage of your Space broken down by Floor, user name, and duration with Space Analytics. 

  • Single Sign-On integration: Our Enterprise plan offers OIDC and SSO integration options to increase security and convenience for your team when signing in to Kumospace. 

  • Priority support: You’ll be first in line for any customer support issues on our Business and Enterprise Plans.

Monthly vs Annual Subscription

We have two pricing plans, monthly and annual. Subscribers who choose the annual option, benefit from a 20% discount.

The same discount applies to increases in the number of Members per Space.

What is the Business plan?

Our Business plan includes all the features in the free plan plus advanced User Analytics, multiple Floors, access to Chat History, Recording capabilities, Privacy and Access controls, and in-person support.

What is the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan is essentially an à la carte menu of add ons, tailored to your needs, e.g. HIPAA compliance, SSO integration, Custom Domain, and Uptime SLA.

If you’re interested in adding any custom features, please contact our sales team and we’ll be more than happy to help!

14-day trial

To start a 14-day trial you will get all the benefits of that pricing tier. Once your trial ends, your credit card will be automatically charged to start your chosen plan.

How do I cancel my trial?

You can manage your subscription in your profile page or the subscription details page in your Space.

What happens when I cancel my trial?

When you cancel your trial, current Members will be demoted to Guest. You can then promote up to 5 Members. You will be able to keep the Floors you created but you will not be able to add Floors.

Members and Guests

Members are people who use the Space on a regular basis. These are typically your team members or employees. Members are granted a different level of permissions compared to Guests. This includes the ability to:

  • Customize Furniture
  • Close doors for private conversations
  • Set availability and status
  • Block or mute Guests

In addition to these features, Members have unlimited access to their Space. Guests are limited to 4 hours per week.

How many Members can I assign to my Space?

On our Free plan, the maximum number of Members is limited to 5.

On our Business and Enterprise Plans, subscription rates are based on the number of Members assigned to your Space. This means there is no limit on how many Members you're allowed per Space!

If the number of Members is increased or decreased, the subscription rate will adjust at the start of your next billing cycle.

How many Guests can I have in my Space?

Your Space can host up to 50 Guests concurrently in addition to your Members. If you are looking to host an event with more than 50 Guests let us know at

Manage Subscription

How do I add Members to my plan?

Free plans allow up to 5 Members. Paid plans have a 5 Members minimum starting at $16 per Member per month. To add Members, you will need to invite people as Members or set their permission to Member if they are a Guest. Adding Members will automatically update your billing and you will be charged the prorated amount.

What happens to memberships when I remove Members?

Removing a Member will automatically adjust your next invoice if the Member hasn’t been replaced.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my paid plan?

If you would like to change tiers in your paid plan, please schedule a conversation with us.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Manage Subscription button on your Profile page, and following the prompts.

Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team and we can help.

What happens when I cancel my Subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, current Members will be demoted to Guest. You can then promote up to 5 Members. You will be able to keep the Floors you created but you will not be able to add Floors.

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