Hopin Integration with Kumospace

We're proud to announce the Kumospace – Hopin partnership! Learn about how to set up your Kumospace account and prepare unforgettable virtual events in the Hopin platform.

Integrate Kumospace in Hopin

To integrate Kumospace in the Hopin platform, you will first need to install the Kumospace app to your Hopin Organization from their App Store. To do this, go to your Hopin Dashboard, and select the Apps tab on the top bar.

You'll be able to find Kumospace under Hopin's Fun and Games category. Click here for to go directly to the Kumospace download page.

Note that Kumospace is available on all Hopin paid plans.

For additional information, read this help article from Hopin.

Add Kumospace to your Hopin event

One you've installed Kumospace to your Hopin Organization, you'll be able to see it in your Dashboard. You can then add it to a Hopin event:

1. In the side bar, click Setup, then click Basics.

2. Under Event areas, tick the App box.

hopin integration-png

3. This will make the App option appear under Venue in your side bar.

4. From the side bar, click on App. Under Selected app, select Kumospace from the dropdown.

hopin app configuration-png

Just below, you can also add a Space id, Menu label, and an Icon for your event.

You will be able go to your event from the Reception area, by clicking Kumospace in the side bar.

Set up your Kumospace account and space

Once you've installed Kumospace in your Hopin Organization, you are ready to set up your Kumospace account and space.

Check out the Kumospace Pricing page to find the best plan for your event.

Create account

Creating your very own Kumospace account couldn't be easier!

  1. Visit www.kumospace.com and click on Get Your Space.

  2. Create your Kumospace account using your email address, Google or Facebook account, and follow the prompts.

Registration options

  • Email: If you choose to register with your email, you will be prompted to enter your email address and choose a password for your Kumospace account. A welcome email will be sent to the email address you provide.

  • Google: Choosing to register with your Google account, you will be prompted to enter your Google account password. This password will not be stored with Kumospace.

  • Facebook: Similarly, when using your Facebook account to register, you will be prompted to enter your Facebook account password. This password will not be stored with Kumospace.

Once you've registered with Kumospace, you will land on your Profilepage, which you can always access on: www.kumospace.com/profile.

Create space

Once you’ve set up your Kumospace account, you can start creating your space:

  1. Scroll down on your Profile page and click the Create a Space button.

  2. Choose your space name and unique Kumospace URL - they’re going fast!

  3. Let us know your intended use case from the dropdown, and click Create Space.

For information on changing your Kumospace URL, password, and setting up a profile picture, scan this article on Creating Your Account and Space.

Manage your Kumospace

Once you've created your Kumospace, you can start adding Floors, which you and your guests can access from your Kumospace Lobby.

To create a new Floor:

  1. Click on Add Floor in the Lobby.
  2. Choose the Floors, Games or Offices tabs.
  3. Select your favorite template and click Save.

Read this article for more information on Managing your Space and Floor templates.

Note that if you'd like your guests to join your event without having to register, you can adjust your Space Privacy Settings accordingly.

Customize your Kumospace

Note that all Kumospace templates are fully customizable, and you can add your own finishing touches.

To learn more about decorating your Kumospace, check out our help page on Customizing Your Kumospace.

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