Sococo: Revolutionizing Remote Work with Virtual Office Solutions

By Drew Moffitt

In an era where remote work is becoming the new normal, virtual office platforms are revolutionizing the way we communicate and collaborate. Two key players in this arena, Sococo and Kumospace, offer unique solutions to keep distributed teams connected and productive. Buckle up as we embark on an exploration of these platforms, their features, and how they stack up against traditional physical offices.

Key takeaways

  • Sococo provides a virtual office environment with digital rooms that emulate the setup of a physical office, fostering real-time collaboration, natural team engagement, and seamless integration with tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.
  • Kumospace is the #1 leader in virtual office software, with experience focusing on company culture, features like team-building activities, customizable spaces, and integration with services like Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar to enhance the remote work experience.
  • Maximizing the Sococo experience involves personalizing the virtual office layout and incorporating communication best practices, such as establishing explicit guidelines and utilizing integrations for efficient and cohesive teamwork.

Exploring the virtual office landscape: Sococo at a glance

Exploring The Virtual Office Landscape

Sococo is the online office where distributed teams come to work side by side, breaking down the barriers of physical distance. Built on a cloud-based SaaS platform, Sococo offers a virtual office solution that enables remote teams to:

Users have lauded the platform for its intuitive interface, collaboration tools, and the ability to make remote work feel like you’re working in the same office.

The platform addresses common challenges in remote work environments such as information overload and isolated knowledge. Sococo fosters a workplace where distributed teams can effectively collaborate by promoting innovation, enhancing team member engagement, and strengthening trust through real-time collaboration and ad-hoc meetings. But what exactly powers Sococo? We’ll explore its capabilities in further detail.

How Sococo stacks up against physical offices


When comparing Sococo with traditional physical offices, the benefits of the former become evident. Not only does Sococo offer substantial cost savings, but its well-designed visual interface replicates the closeness and functionality of a physical office in an online setting. The platform facilitates real-time interactions such as direct outreach, screen sharing, and non-verbal cue observation, contributing to team unity and cohesiveness irrespective of physical distance.

Sococo provides a suite of productivity tools specifically tailored for use within the online office, including:

These tools eliminate the need to switch between various platforms and help with productivity. Sococo also effectively addresses cross-cultural communication challenges and simulates an office environment, thereby mitigating one of the primary disadvantages of remote work: physical distance.

Kumospace: a superior alternative to consider

While Sococo has its strengths, it’s worth considering alternatives that cater to diverse organizational needs. Enter Kumospace, a virtual office software that focuses on creating a more connected and collaborative remote work experience.

We’ll explore the unique features and functionalities that Kumospace offers.

Building culture with Kumospace

Kumospace is more than just a remote team collaboration tool; it is a platform that builds company culture. The software offers:

The vibrant culture within Kumospace is attributed to its unique features, including:

All of these features play a role in facilitating spontaneous conversation, casual interactions, and team bonding.

Kumospace's integration and customization

Kumospace stands out with its integration capabilities and customization options. The platform integrates seamlessly with:

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Hopin platform
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Calendar

This seamless integration enables users to customize their virtual workspace to their specific needs.

In addition to its integration capabilities, Kumospace offers extensive customization options. Users can personalize floor plans, layout, design elements, and atmosphere. Furthermore, Kumospace supports third-party integrations for personalized branding through company logos and furniture adjustments. This combination of integration and customization enhances the user experience, creating a unique and personalized video conferencing experience that meets the specific needs of users.

Moreover, while Kumospace works fantastically in tandem with external software, such as Microsoft Teams, one of its best features is it has every resource you could possibly need in one space. Users can share their screens, virtually communicate through video chat and team chat, as well as attend culture-building events. When using Kumospace, users don’t need to invest in or learn any other software, Kumospace is an all-in-one software

A deep dive into online office capabilities: Sococo vs Kumospace

Online Office Capabilities

Both Kumospace and Sococo’s organization’s online office capabilities are designed to mimic the dynamics of a physical office. 

From an array of digital rooms tailored to meet diverse team requirements to seamless integration with popular tools and an emphasis on social interaction, Sococo offers a comprehensive platform for remote team collaboration. 

With interactive tools that transcend traditional communication boundaries, Kumospace creates an environment where collaboration thrives, enabling teams to work together in real time and elevate their collective productivity.

We’ll analyze these features individually.

The Dynamics of Digital Rooms

Digital rooms in Sococo are virtual spaces for teams to feel like they’re in an office setting, even virtually. These rooms, including the conference room, serve as the nerve center for seamless communication and collaboration among team members. Imagine having an entire office layout, complete with private chat options for swift dialogues, reducing the reliance on excessive email communication.

The immersive virtual workspace created by Sococo’s digital rooms sets them apart. These rooms feature distinct areas for:

  • team activities
  • group work
  • meetings
  • socializing

All are facilitated by real-time communication tools such as instant messaging and video calls, creating an online workplace where distributed teams can thrive on the same floor. The spatial layout emulates a physical office, offering a visual representation that fosters natural and immersive collaboration.

Kumospace, on the other hand, takes team collaboration to the next level through a range of innovative features designed to enhance communication and connectivity. The platform's spatial audio feature provides an immersive experience, allowing team members to engage in natural, spatial conversations, replicating the dynamics of an in-person meeting. The team chat function facilitates real-time communication, enabling quick exchanges and fostering a sense of camaraderie among team members.

Online meetings on Kumospace are elevated with customizable spatial layouts, allowing users to design virtual environments tailored to their specific needs. This feature not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to a more organized and effective collaborative space. Additionally, Kumospace offers conference rooms, providing dedicated spaces for focused discussions or presentations, further promoting structured and efficient team collaboration

In essence, Kumospace's combination of spatial audio, team chat, online meetings with customizable layouts, and dedicated conference rooms creates a virtual workspace where team collaboration flourishes. 

Integrating your toolkit with Sococo

Toolkit With Sococo

One of Sococo’s strengths lies in its integration capabilities. The platform smoothly integrates with popular tools like:

This seamless integration eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, allowing for efficient communication in the online workplace.

Connecting your Sococo user with Zoom, for instance, allows you to manage your Zoom meetings directly from the Sococo workspace. Additionally, the integration of Google Hangouts enables conducting Hangouts meetings within Sococo, linking them to a room in a space, and allowing participation from anyone. Having the entire toolkit available in one place due to this seamless integration facilitates effective collaboration.

While Sococo offers some integrations, Kumospace not only offers integrations but also eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions to a slew of business software. For starters, Kumospace seamlessly integrates with widely used platforms such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, streamlining the scheduling process for users. By connecting with these calendar applications, Kumospace ensures that events and meetings are synchronized effortlessly, enhancing overall organizational efficiency. Additionally, integration with Hopin, a popular virtual event platform, allows for a cohesive experience, bridging the gap between virtual workspaces and events seamlessly.

One of the significant advantages of Kumospace is its multifunctionality, serving as a centralized hub that consolidates features of various subscription-based platforms. Businesses can save costs by eliminating separate subscriptions for video conferencing tools like Zoom, team collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, and communication tools like Slack. Kumospace encompasses all these functions in one platform, providing a cost-effective solution that not only simplifies collaboration but also optimizes budget allocation for organizations looking to streamline their virtual workspace tools.

Beyond meetings: Sococo’s social interaction features

Beyond Meetings

While Sococo excels at facilitating productive meetings, its social interaction features are equally impressive. The platform offers functionalities that promote impromptu conversations and team cooperation, ensuring that the social dimension of work is maintained despite team members working remotely.

From the ability to customize your virtual office to games that foster team bonding, Sococo creates an engaging user experience. These features break the monotony of remote work but also build a sense of community within remote teams.

Similarly, Kumospace extends its capabilities beyond merely facilitating productive meetings; it excels in fostering social interactions. The platform offers features that prompt impromptu conversations and collaborative efforts, maintaining the social fabric of work in remote environments. With customizable virtual offices and team-bonding games, Kumospace guarantees a connected and immersive user experience. These elements not only infuse energy into remote work but also nurture a communal atmosphere, promoting creativity and collaboration among dispersed teams.

The digital workspace: a day in the life


Imagine starting your workday by logging into your Sococo or Kumospace workspace. As you navigate through the virtual office layout, you feel a sense of presence and proximity, even when your team members are spread across different time zones. You collaborate with your team in real time, share documents, engage in in-app chatting, and track work activities, all in one place.

This is the reality of a day in the life of a Sococo user:

To replicate the social dynamics of an open office environment within Sococo, teams can organize designated ‘group work’ sessions. These sessions, accommodating about six individuals in an audio-only space, can encompass work-related discussions as well as casual conversations, fostering a blend of social and professional engagement. This is how Sococo brings the physical office experience to the virtual world.

Whereas a Kumospace user may notice that Kumospace empowers employees to seamlessly collaborate across timezones, bridging geographical gaps effortlessly. With the ability to pop into each other's virtual offices, team members can maintain a sense of proximity despite being physically distant. The platform facilitates impromptu group syncs, fostering spontaneous discussions and enhancing real-time collaboration, making it a versatile solution for teams navigating different time zones and working dynamics.

Tips for maximizing your Sococo experience


Having explored both Sococo and Kumospace, we now return to Sococo to share some tips for maximizing your platform experience. These tips, ranging from personalizing your virtual office to streamlining communication, can enhance your Sococo experience.

Personalizing your virtual office

Customizing your Sococo virtual office can significantly improve your remote work experience. Here are some ways you can customize your virtual office:

  • Modify the colors of any existing map
  • Rearrange the layout of rooms and offices
  • Incorporate logos or other personalized elements to align with your team’s requirements

By customizing your virtual office, you can create a space that is tailored to your team’s needs and preferences.

Moreover, Sococo allows you to establish various room types including open spaces, offices, and classrooms. You can customize the name of a room by modifying the room names in the Space Properties settings to align with the intended function of each space. This personalization can help team members feel more connected and foster a stronger sense of team cohesion, regardless of their geographic locations.

Streamlining communication in Sococo

Effective communication is key to the success of any team, and Sococo provides the tools to facilitate this. Strategies for optimizing communication in Sococo include:

  • Ensuring uniform usage of software and tools
  • Leveraging apps and integrations to improve virtual meetings
  • Organizing extended meetings to minimize travel costs
  • Integrating crisis communication tools like AlertFind
  • Utilizing a project management system for project communication
  • Establishing explicit communication guidelines.

Best practices for utilizing features like the ‘knocking before entering’ and creating permanent video call links for conference rooms can also contribute to effective communication. Streamlining communication in Sococo not only enhances the efficiency of interactions but also reinforces team dynamics.


In conclusion, both Sococo and Kumospace offer powerful virtual office solutions for remote teams, each with its unique features and capabilities. Sococo stands out with its digital rooms, seamless integration with popular tools, and social interaction features that go beyond meetings. On the other hand, Kumospace excels with its focus on building company culture, exponentially increasing workplace productivity, and offering extensive customization options for the virtual workspace.

While each platform has its strengths, the choice between Sococo and Kumospace (or any other virtual office platform) ultimately depends on your team’s specific needs and work style. However, one thing is clear: in an era of remote work, these platforms are revolutionizing the way we collaborate and communicate, bringing us closer together despite being physically apart.

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