150+ Funny Zoom Memes to Beat Video Meeting Blues

By Rad Aswani

Ah, the world of Zoom meetings – a place where technical difficulties, awkward silences, and surprise pet appearances reign supreme. But fear not, fellow Zoomers! We’re here to help you combat those video meeting blues with a hearty dose of humor. Join us as we explore the wacky world of Zoom meme culture, guaranteed to make your virtual meetings a little more bearable.

In this laugh-a-minute journey, we’ll delve into relatable Zoom memes, explore the unique fashion choices made during video calls, and uncover the hilarity of Zoom background shenanigans. We’ll also tackle the all-too-real struggle of Zoom fatigue and share some side-splitting mishaps that can occur during virtual meetings. And for all you educators out there, we’ve got you covered with a whole section dedicated to virtual learning humor. So buckle up, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s dive into the uproarious realm of Zoom memes!

Key takeaways

  • Beat Zoom meeting blues with 150+ funny memes!
  • From “Business on Top, Party on Bottom” to accidental filters and screen shares, laugh your way through virtual meetings.
  • Join the ‘No Zoom Fridays’ movement & explore Kumospace for quirky virtual hangouts beyond Zoom!

Relatable Zoom memes for every occasion


We’ve all been there – staring at the screen during yet another Zoom meeting, waiting for our turn to speak, and silently praying that the internet connection holds up. And let’s be honest, there’s no better way to cope with these all-too-common “ouchies” of virtual meetings than by sharing a good laugh with relatable meeting memes, especially Zoom memes. From 40-minute meeting time cutoffs to the classic “you’re on mute” comment bombardment, these hilarious memes capture the essence of our collective video meeting experiences.


But it’s not all doom and gloom! As we navigate the world of video calls, we’re often treated to moments of pure comedy gold. Awkward encounters, technical snafus, and even our beloved pets barging in on meetings all provide a much-needed dose of humor.


So let’s raise a toast to the side-splitting Zoom memes that make our daily video meetings just a little bit more bearable.


We will now delve into the humor behind technical difficulties, the awkwardness that arises in Zoom calls, and the entertaining interruptions from pets during meetings. Grab your popcorn and prepare to chuckle your way through these delightfully relatable Zoom memes.


The classic mishap.

615ee8536edbc66aa321a0a7_zoom 83

A Zoom guilty pleasure.


Nothing worse than a Zoom exclusion.

615ee8895bd623a46de826f5_zoom 86

Typical Zoom meeting timeline and schedule.

620233b293635ae68cdd89e1_zoom memes 41
615ee8e3f72cd27467457bbb_zoom 91

Always have to dress for the circumstances.

621fc05353f33f4e3a3581aa_blog meme (26)

Streamers always have the coolest LED lights.

6202318c5e4c47b738ff054b_zoom memes 4


6152e5a6420b05c1fc1920cd_zoom 68

It’s always a party with you colleagues.

party-with-you -colleagues

Very relatable.

620233f9efbb4e27b45d8abd_zoom memes 45

Classic Zoom workaday scheduling issues.

620233522fe74070a6cbfa07_zoom memes 36

The Zoom fatigue gets so real sometimes.


Here’s a classic work from home meme.

615ee909c5e5a22471ce2955_zoom 94

Can never keep it together on Zoom.


Here’s meme #22.

620232b349aaea81a45175cb_zoom memes 23

Can never look too good on a Zoom call.

6152e58da3f006f9e7de4125_zoom 67

People need to understand this.


Couldn’t agree more, LOL.

6152e67e362df0fa320b9c5f_zoom 71

The classic catfish situation.


The only two options.

614da4056b9a61f5111a044a_zoom 13

Happens every Zoom meeting.

614dbeb5cf09f07d23e93678_zoom 25

Top 10 Zoom meeting frustrations.


Every single time.


Need to stay confident.




Need a break every couple of seconds.


Great analogy.

615ee6f32c40306a9ea18b7c_zoom 73

So relatable!

614dc157db6d5aaaf40dc1ae_zoom 41

Technical difficulties humor memes

615ee8e3f72cd27467457bbb_zoom 91-1

Ah, technical difficulties – the bane of every Zoom meeting.


From audio echoes to mysterious error codes, these pesky hiccups can turn even the most well-planned video call into a comedy of errors. But fear not! Amidst the chaos of lagging connections and frozen screens, there’s a silver lining – the hilarious memes that poke fun at our collective technical struggles.


Take, for example, the “big brain” meme – a tribute to those moments of genius when someone finally solves a tricky tech issue, making us all want to shout, “My brain is so big!” Or how about the viral sensation of a clueless boss who inadvertently turned himself into a potato during a meeting, unable to figure out how to remove the filter?


These funny memes remind us that we’re all in this together, navigating the sometimes-frustrating world of Zoom meetings with a healthy dose of humor.


So frustrating when this happens.


Awkward Zoom moment.


Always need that alternative option.

620232745e4c478365ff0b6f_zoom memes 19

Sometimes quantity comes at the expense of quality.


There is always that one person with the terrible connection.

615ee9a5e950b5c402271213_zoom 99

Sometimes Zoom just gets too complicated


Awkward moments in Zoom calls

From forgetting to mute ourselves to accidentally turning on the camera while still wearing our pajamas, awkward moments in Zoom calls are an all-too-familiar part of our virtual lives. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more hilariously relatable than a meme that captures the essence of these cringe-worthy experiences.

Who hasn’t experienced the comedy skit-like scenario of talking over one another or enduring painfully long silences while waiting for someone to speak? And let’s not forget the mortifying moment when your screen shares personal or sensitive information for all to see. These Zoom memes remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and that even in the most awkward of situations, there’s always room for a good laugh.

Pets interrupting meetings

As if technical difficulties and awkward moments weren’t enough, we also have our furry friends to contend with during Zoom calls. Pets, it seems, have no concept of virtual meetings and often choose the most inopportune moments to make their presence known.


But let’s be honest – their unexpected appearances often provide much-needed comic relief and a dose of cuteness to break up the monotony of video meetings.

614dc07323b95c1e855b7e71_zoom 30

Cats, in particular, seem to have realized that Zoom calls are their big chance to finally get the adoration they so rightly deserve.


And who can resist a cameo appearance from man’s best friend? From dogs barking in the background to cats casually strolling across keyboards, these adorable interruptions remind us that even in the world of virtual meetings, there’s still room for a little fun and laughter.

614dc0b3cc356514bb85e9b8_zoom 33

Just absolutely adorable.


Cats always the trouble makers.

620233612496176ee9942b80_zoom memes 37

Can never resist seeing a cute pet.


I don’t see anything wrong with this.

614da421fbc1575615ab0de4_zoom 14

Couldn’t agree more.


Zoom meeting outfit memes

Zoom-meeting -outfit-memes

After examining the technical and awkward aspects of Zoom meetings, we now turn to the distinctive fashion trends that have blossomed in the realm of video calls. From business on top, party on the bottom to the ever-popular pajama party, Zoom meeting outfit memes highlight the humorous side of our sartorial decisions during virtual meetings.

We will now examine:

  • The skill of appearing professional on camera while remaining cozy below the waist
  • The joy of donning pajamas during virtual meetings
  • Some humorous fashion missteps that will certainly make you laugh.

Business on top, party on bottom

The concept of “business on top, party on the bottom” has become a staple of virtual meetings.

614dbf09b156f1b261dca821_zoom 27

It’s the sophisticated art of looking sharp for the camera while still being able to boogie down in your comfiest threads below the waist.


After all, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds when it comes to dressing for success during video calls?


Last but not least!!


Pajama party

Embracing the cozy trend of wearing pajamas during virtual meetings, many have discovered the joys of attending Zoom calls in their most comfortable attire.


After all, who wouldn’t want to participate in a meeting while feeling as snug as a bug in their favorite PJs?


These hilarious memes showcase the undeniable appeal of trading in business suits for sleepwear during video calls.

sleepwear-during-video -calls

Yes, please.


Fashion faux pas

Of course, not all Zoom meeting outfits are met with unanimous approval.

614dc14585bdeb33b0d04aa4_zoom 40

From wardrobe malfunctions to questionable fashion choices, these fashion faux pas memes showcase the lighter side of dressing for virtual meetings.


Whether it’s an unintentional camera reveal or an ill-timed wardrobe malfunction, these hilarious memes serve as a reminder that even in the world of Zoom meetings, fashion mishaps can still provide a good laugh.


Zoom background shenanigans

Having dissected the fashion aspect of Zoom meetings, we’ll now venture into the intriguing world of Zoom background escapades. From creative virtual backgrounds to accidental bloopers, these hilarious memes showcase how our choice of backdrop can add a touch of humor and personality to any video call.

We will now uncover the pleasure of inventive virtual backgrounds, chuckle at some unintentional background blunders, and delve into the audacious realm of pushing boundaries with our virtual backdrops in staff meetings. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be transported to a world of Zoom background hilarity.

Creative virtual backgrounds

Creative virtual backgrounds have become a fun way to add a touch of humor and personality to our Zoom calls. Some popular options include:

  • Tropical beach scenes
  • Iconic movie sets
  • Outer space
  • Underwater scenes
  • Famous landmarks

These imaginative backdrops offer an entertaining escape from the mundane world of video meetings.


So why settle for a plain white wall when you can transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away or take center stage on your favorite TV show?




Couldn’t agree more.

6152e55bb0bbfd49d140690b_zoom 66

Spectacular background idea.


Happens all the time.

615ee93347aeb490d841fadb_zoom 96

TP for the win!

615ee919940d87b60de9561a_zoom 95

Extremely creepy and extremely cool.

614da2cfeba88251a560e715_zoom 8

I need this.


Some beautiful scenery.


Accidental background bloopers


As much fun as virtual backgrounds can be, they’re not without their fair share of mishaps. Here are some accidental background bloopers that provide a healthy dose of comic relief during serious meetings:

  • Unexpected guests appearing in the frame
  • Objects appearing or disappearing mysteriously
  • Hilarious malfunctions, such as glitchy backgrounds or floating heads

After all, who wouldn’t crack a smile when their colleague’s virtual backdrop unexpectedly transports them to a pirate ship or a field of dancing unicorns?

Pushing the limits

For those who dare to push the boundaries of Zoom backgrounds, the possibilities are endless. From using daring and hilarious backdrops during staff meetings to testing the limits of virtual reality, these background choices are sure to leave a lasting impression on your fellow meeting attendees.

So go ahead and embrace the wild side of Zoom backgrounds during your next zoom chat – after all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Zoom fatigue: the struggle is real

With the constant barrage of video meetings and virtual gatherings, it’s no wonder that Zoom fatigue has become a reality for many of us. The struggle is real, and the constant need to be “on” during video calls can take its toll. But fear not, as we once again turn to humor to help us cope with the overwhelming world of virtual meetings.

We now turn to investigate the fatigue induced by incessant meetings, share memes that voice our urgent need for respite, and honor the “No Zoom Fridays” movement, which promises a day devoid of video meetings. So grab a cup of coffee (or two), and let’s delve into the world of Zoom fatigue.

Exhausted by endless meetings

As we navigate the seemingly endless cycle of virtual meetings, it’s no surprise that many of us are left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


With each passing call, the energy reserves dwindle, and the need for a break becomes all the more apparent.

Zoom meme

Enter the world of hilarious memes and funny zoom memes that capture the essence of our collective Zoom exhaustion, providing a much-needed dose of humor to help us power through with hilarious zoom memes.


Don’t miss out on the latest zoom class meme that perfectly encapsulates our shared experiences.


Zoom fatigue can have you all over the place sometimes.


This was the worst feeling.


100% true.


Zoom gets to you sometimes.


Wow, Zoom should consider offering this.


Happens on the daily.


Have to keep that confidence up!!


Desperate for a break

When the weight of Zoom fatigue becomes too heavy to bear, we often find solace in memes that express our desperate need for a break.


From the ever-relatable “I need a vacation” meme to the all-too-familiar “coffee is my lifeline” image, these amusing illustrations offer a moment of reprieve from the seemingly endless cycle of video meetings.


This is so cute, yet so sad.


Straight facts.


Zoom can get to your head sometimes.


Great idea.




Every single time.


I think he has them fooled.


Zoom fatigue is so real.


So brutal.


Attention span = 0.


Last but not least.

614dc16d6ccd2b2a7f07a9ca_zoom 42

Embracing the "No Zoom Fridays" movement

For those seeking a day free from the constraints of video meetings, the “No Zoom Fridays” movement offers a glimmer of hope. By setting aside one day a week for no video meetings, workers can enjoy a welcome respite from the constant barrage of virtual calls.

So here’s to embracing the idea of a day free from video meetings – and the hilarious memes that celebrate this much-needed break.

Hilarious mishaps during Zoom calls


As we’ve explored the world of hilarious Zoom meetings, it’s clear that a myriad of mishaps can occur during virtual calls. From accidental filters to unintentional screen sharing and mute fails, these unexpected incidents provide a healthy dose of comic relief in an otherwise monotonous world of video calls.

We will now present some of the funniest blunders that can occur during Zoom calls, including:

  • The notorious cat lawyer
  • Embarrassing or confidential content exposed during screen sharing
  • Instances where individuals forget to unmute or accidentally mute others

Accidental filters

We’ve all seen the now-infamous cat lawyer meme – the result of an accidental filter during a serious Zoom call. While these unexpected filter mishaps can be mortifying in the moment, they also provide a much-needed dose of comic relief during virtual meetings.

So whether it’s a lawyer turned feline or a colleague transformed into a cartoon character, these accidental filter moments remind us that sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Screen sharing memes

We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of a presentation when you accidentally share your screen, revealing personal or sensitive information for all to see.

62022eff658b7c2b1233cf72_zoom memes 1

While these unintentional screen sharing moments can be embarrassing, they also serve as a reminder of the importance of double-checking settings and maintaining a sense of humor in the face of unexpected mishaps.


Mute fails

Mute fails are a common occurrence in the world of virtual meetings – forgetting to unmute ourselves or accidentally muting others during important discussions.


These hilarious gaffes serve as a reminder that even in the most professional of settings, there’s always room for a little humor.


So the next time you find yourself muting or unmuting at the wrong moment, remember – laughter is the best medicine, and taking notes can help you avoid such mishaps in the future.


Oh no.


Sometimes it gets so rough.


This sounds like quite the predicament

615ee73189d0ccb08f081410_zoom 75

There is always that one co-worker.


Amazing analogy.


Last but not least!

615ee8ba71a6877d19495b55_zoom 89

Zoom in education: virtual learning humor


As if the world of Zoom meetings wasn’t entertaining enough, we now turn our attention to the realm of virtual learning. 

614dc221b7e6626d37f44a38_zoom 45

From teacher struggles to student antics and the challenges faced by parents navigating remote education, these hilarious memes highlight the humorous side of Zoom in education.


We will now investigate the difficulties encountered by teachers managing virtual classrooms, reveal the inventive methods students use to evade participation or create amusing diversions during class, and probe into the hurdles parents face while supporting their children’s education from home.


Teacher struggles

Teachers have been thrust into the world of virtual learning, grappling with the challenges of managing a virtual classroom and dealing with technology issues.

620233225e4c476738ff120d_zoom memes 33-1

From trying to keep students engaged during online classes to navigating the complexities of Zoom, these amusing memes provide a lighthearted look at the struggles faced by educators in the digital age.


Student antics

As students adapt to the world of virtual learning, they’ve also found creative ways to avoid participation or provide amusing distractions during class.


From using virtual backgrounds to camouflage themselves to playing games during lessons, these amusing memes showcase the ingenuity and humor of students in the age of remote education.


The classic student-teacher scenario.


Typical Zoom highschool students.


Every single time.


Need to get that participation grade up!


Checks out.


Worst possible phrase you can hear on a Zoom class.


Need to try this.


The Zoom hunger is real.

62023282392479acb2c83753_zoom memes 20

Sucks waking up for a Zoom class.

615ee9c46627f532029542e9_zoom 101

Love when this happens.


Very accurate.

615ee99084b66ff759528051_zoom 98

This is kind of creepy.


Also creepy.


Great representation.

614dc1ffe794ceaf14c56c60_zoom 46

So true, LOL!


Have to keep that swag.


Parenting and homeschooling challenges

Parents, too, have faced their fair share of challenges as they navigate the world of virtual learning alongside their children.


From managing work and homeschooling responsibilities to keeping children entertained and engaged, these hilarious memes provide a glimpse into the often chaotic and always entertaining world of parenting during a pandemic.


Scarry situation.


Kumospace: virtual meeting platform that drives productivity


While Zoom gained widespread adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic, many business professionals have switched to Zoom alternatives. Kumospace has emerged as the go-to business communication alternative to Zoom. Kumospace, offers a unique product that combines the benefits of video conferencing with team chat. The innovative approach has resulted in reported productivity boosts as well as reduced virtual meeting fatigue.


In Kumospace, the average meeting lasts <9 minutes and most companies see a 20-40% boost in employee productivity and collaboration. Built-in features driving this boost include: Kumospace provides a fresh and enjoyable way to connect with others, including:

  • Video conferencing
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Kumospace has revolutionized online meetings by seamlessly integrating video conferencing, enhanced communication, team chat, and file sharing, fostering a more productive and collaborative work environment. This innovative approach not only reduces virtual meeting fatigue but also positions Kumospace as the leading choice for businesses seeking to optimize their online communication and team efficiency.


In this whirlwind tour of Zoom memes, we’ve explored the humorous side of virtual meetings, from relatable struggles and awkward moments to the creative world of virtual backgrounds and meeting outfit memes. We’ve also delved into the reality of Zoom fatigue, sharing the hilarious mishaps and emotions experienced by those overwhelmed by video meetings. And for educators and parents alike, we’ve uncovered the amusing challenges and triumphs of virtual learning.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving world of virtual meetings and remote learning, let us remember to embrace the power of laughter. After all, a little humor goes a long way in making even the most mundane Zoom call an opportunity for connection, levity, and shared amusement. So keep calm, carry on, and don’t forget to laugh.

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