50 Creative Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for 2024

By Rad Aswani

The holiday season is upon us, and while we may not be able to gather in person this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate together virtually! From festive costume contests to DIY holiday craft workshops, we’ve compiled a list of 50 creative virtual holiday party ideas for 2024 that will bring joy, laughter, and team spirit to your remote team. So, let’s dive into these fantastic ideas and start planning your unforgettable virtual holiday event!

Key takeaways

  • Picking the right technology for your virtua holiday party is key.l 
  • Explore a virtual escape room and compete in festive costume contests!
  • Create decorations, gifts & memories with DIY holiday crafts workshops.
  • Enjoy talent shows, customizable games & international celebrations!

Picking the right tech solution

The growth of remote work has reshaped the landscape of corporate culture and team dynamics. As teams have dispersed geographically, the importance of staying connected, not only for work but for social bonding, has become paramount. The holiday season, a time for celebration and camaraderie, has also evolved to cater to this new norm. By leveraging video conferencing software, teams can celebrate the holidays virtually. Here are some popular platforms can be utilized to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Kumospace Holiday Floor Template


Kumospace is a the leading virtual office provider that adds a spatial dimension to video conferencing. Unlike the standard grid of faces, Kumospace allows users to move their avatars around a virtual environment, deciding whom to interact with just like at a real party. For a holiday gathering, teams can customize the environment with festive decorations and themed zones. For example, there can be a corner for sharing holiday recipes, another for games, and perhaps a stage area for a talent showcase. The spatial audio ensures that you only hear the conversations of those close to your avatar, making it feel more like an in-person gathering.


Perhaps the most recognizable name in the video conferencing world, Zoom has been at the forefront of virtual interactions for both professional and personal gatherings. For holiday parties, Zoom's breakout rooms can be a great feature, allowing teams to split into smaller groups for more intimate conversations or games. The platform's compatibility with various third-party apps and plugins means that party organizers can include quizzes, polls, or even integrate music for a virtual dance party. Screen sharing can also be used to showcase holiday slideshows or videos. And with virtual backgrounds, every participant can get into the festive spirit, setting their background to snowy landscapes or twinkling holiday lights.

Microsoft Teams

A mainstay for many corporate teams, Microsoft Teams offers a seamless blend of chat, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. For holiday parties, Teams can be used to conduct fun team-building activities or themed challenges. The 'Together Mode' is a unique feature that places all participants in a shared background, like a coffee shop, auditorium, or festive setting, fostering a sense of unity. The integration with Microsoft 365 means that party games or trivia can be easily set up using Forms, and results can be showcased in real-time using PowerPoint. Also, the platform’s robust chat function can be used to create channels dedicated to specific holiday topics or games.

Pick the option right for you

The essence of a holiday party is to foster connections, celebrate the year's achievements, and set a positive tone for the year ahead. While virtual celebrations might lack some of the physical warmth of in-person gatherings, with a bit of creativity and the right platform, they can be just as engaging and memorable. Whether it's the spatial experience of Kumospace, the familiarity of Zoom, or the integrated features of Microsoft Teams, there's a solution for every remote team looking to celebrate the holidays together.

Get help from an expert

Now that you have the technology sorted, its time to start planning a great virtual holiday party. In some cases, this might mean getting expert help. GoLocal Virtual Events has emerged as go-to expert for lively and captivating online gatherings. Whether you're hosting town halls, conferences, workshops, games, competitions, or a virtual holiday party they can help make your virtual event unforgettable.

Virtual escape room adventure


Imagine being transported to a winter wonderland, where your team must work together to solve holiday-themed puzzles and challenges. Sounds thrilling, right? That’s precisely what a virtual escape room adventure offers! This immersive experience allows remote teams to compete in mini-games, earning extra clues, and then split into breakout rooms to solve tricky puzzles. It’s the perfect way to bond and have fun during the holiday season.

Enhance the engaging nature of your virtual escape room adventure by integrating elements like providing prompts and awarding additional points for individuals who share additional information about the objects they bring back. This adds a personal touch to the activity and helps create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

So, gather your team, let the games begin, and host a virtual holiday escape room adventure that will be the highlight of the season!

Festive costume contest


Who doesn’t love a good costume contest? A Festive Costume Contest is an exciting virtual holiday party activity where attendees dress up in their most creative and festive attire. Encourage your team members to put on their holiday best and join the contest by submitting their answers for virtual holiday party trivia using a Google Form. This activity is perfect for virtual holiday team building and brings out everyone’s competitive spirit.

Get inspired by examples of festive costumes, like painting and decorating celebratory cookies, making paper holiday sweaters, or even incorporating an elf on the shelf theme for added fun. The possibilities are endless, and the more creative the costumes, the better!

For judging the contest, you might want to play Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia, an online holiday trivia game that pits teams against each other in three rounds of thrilling holiday and winter-themed trivia questions. With the combination of festive attire and friendly competition, this costume contest is sure to be a memorable part of your virtual holiday party.

DIY holiday craft workshop


If you’re looking for a hands-on activity that allows team members to connect and unleash their creativity, a DIY Holiday Craft Workshop is the perfect choice. In this virtual workshop, participants can create ornaments, decorations, or gifts while engaging with their colleagues and embracing the holiday spirit.

Begin by assembling key craft materials, which could include markers, glitter, and other holiday-themed items. Then, plan a variety of amazing activities for the workshop, like a virtual painting lesson, an online cooking experience, or even a holiday cookie gift swap. These Christmas party ideas are perfect for company holiday parties and will provide a fun and festive atmosphere for everyone involved.

At the end of the workshop, ask everyone to take a picture of their completed projects and assemble them in a stunning corporate collage. This not only showcases the incredible creativity of your team but also serves as a beautiful reminder of your virtual holiday celebration.

Virtual talent show


Ready to showcase your team’s hidden talents? A Virtual Talent Show is an exciting opportunity for team members to perform holiday-themed acts in front of their colleagues, all from the comfort of their own homes. This fun and engaging activity can be easily organized using secure video conferencing platforms like Kumospace, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

For a successful talent show, follow these steps:

  1. Appoint an emcee who will energetically invite volunteers to proudly display their remarkable talents.
  2. Each volunteer has three glorious minutes to dazzle their audience with their performance.
  3. Whether it’s singing a festive tune, reciting a holiday poem, or performing a unique talent, the virtual talent show is sure to be an entertaining and unforgettable experience for your remote team.

Customizable virtual holiday party games

Customizable-virtual-holiday-party -games

What’s a holiday party without games? Customizable virtual holiday party games make seasonal activities fun and entertaining. You and your teammates can enjoy them over video conference platforms such as Kumospace, Zoom, and WebEx. These games not only bring fun and laughter to your virtual holiday party but also help remote employees bond and connect with one another.

There are various types of customizable virtual holiday party games, such as virtual Christmas party ideas:

The best part is that these games can be easily customized to suit your team’s interests and preferences, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for all.

Feel free to mix and combine these fantastic games to create an unforgettable virtual holiday party experience tailored to your team’s preferences. Examples of customizable virtual holiday party games include Virtual White Elephant Party, Holiday Rush Scavenger Hunt, and Yuletide Showdown.

International holiday celebration

International-holiday -celebration

Why not take your virtual holiday party to the next level by celebrating international holidays and embracing different cultural traditions? This virtual holiday party idea is an excellent way to learn about and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and customs of your remote team members.

For a diverse cultural celebration, encourage team members to share their distinct holiday traditions with the rest of the group. This may involve making a traditional meal, playing a game, or performing a dance.

Additionally, you can host a virtual viewing party of Discovery Education’s Holidays Around the World or participate in an interactive lesson from to learn about global holiday traditions. By incorporating various cultural celebrations into your virtual holiday party, you’ll create a more inclusive and memorable experience for everyone.

Virtual holiday photo booth


Capture the fun and excitement of your virtual holiday party with a Virtual Holiday Photo Booth! This creative activity allows team members to snap and share festive photos using themed backgrounds and props.

Setting up a virtual holiday photo booth is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Select a theme or holiday-inspired backdrop.
  2. Collect props such as Santa hats, gifts, and reindeer antlers.
  3. During your virtual holiday party, encourage team members to take screenshots or use an image capture feature to snap fun pictures together with their themed props and backgrounds.

The virtual holiday photo booth is a fantastic way to create lasting memories and bring some extra holiday cheer to your remote team.

Online holiday gift-making workshop

Online-holiday-gift-making -workshop

Gift-giving is a beloved holiday tradition, and with an Online Holiday Gift-Making Workshop, your team can create personalized, handmade gifts for friends and family while connecting with colleagues. This virtual workshop is a fantastic way to encourage team bonding and celebrate the holiday season.

The workshop can incorporate a range of engaging activities, from virtual painting lessons and online cooking classes to holiday cookie gift exchanges. These activities not only provide a fun and interactive experience for your remote team but also teach valuable skills that can be used to create thoughtful holiday gifts.

Once the workshop is complete, encourage participants to take photos of their finished projects and share them with the team. This not only showcases their creativity and hard work but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the time spent together during the virtual holiday celebration.

Virtual office decoration contest


Add a little festive flair to your team’s virtual workspaces with a Virtual Office Decoration Contest! Encourage remote team members to decorate their workspaces with holiday-themed decorations, and then share photos of their creations with the group. Many virtual workspace software providers, like Kumospace, offer holiday theme virtual office furniture (see catalog).

Enhance the contest’s engagement by awarding prizes in categories such as “Most Creative,” “Best Theme,” or “Most Festive.” This friendly competition will not only brighten up everyone’s workspaces but also foster team spirit and camaraderie during the holiday season.

So, get your team in the holiday spirit and see who can create the most festive virtual office space!

Remote team holiday cookbook


Food is a universal language that brings people together, especially during the holiday season. Why not create a Remote Team Holiday Cookbook, featuring favorite recipes from your team members? This virtual activity allows your team to share their beloved holiday dishes and create a sense of togetherness, even when working remotely.

For the cookbook creation, follow these steps:

  1. Solicit each team member’s favorite holiday recipe.
  2. Compile these recipes into a digital document, utilizing platforms such as Google Docs.
  3. Once the cookbook is complete, share it with the team.
  4. Encourage everyone to try out the recipes during the holiday season.

This collaborative cookbook is a fantastic way to celebrate your team’s diverse culinary heritage and create lasting memories together.

Virtual holiday themed breakout rooms

Virtual-holiday-themed -breakout-rooms

For a more immersive and interactive virtual holiday party experience, consider organizing Virtual Holiday Themed Breakout Rooms. These online rooms incorporate festive holiday themes and elements into virtual escape rooms or puzzle-based adventures. They often include thrilling games, puzzles, and challenges that participants must solve to complete the jolly holiday-themed experience.

Virtual holiday themed breakout rooms provide a fun and interactive way to bring teams together during the holiday season, foster team building and collaboration, and engage in creative problem-solving. So, gather your team, enter the world of virtual holiday themed breakout rooms, and embark on an unforgettable festive adventure!

Virtual holiday movie trivia


Test your team’s knowledge of classic and modern holiday films with Virtual Holiday Movie Trivia! This engaging activity allows participants to answer questions about their favorite holiday movies while competing for the title of ultimate holiday movie buff.

To initiate the game, follow these steps:

  1. Establish a virtual trivia game using platforms such as TriviaMaker, Quizizz, or Kahoot.
  2. Create a list of holiday movie trivia questions.
  3. Invite your team members to join the trivia game.
  4. Watch as they eagerly compete to prove their holiday movie expertise.

Virtual Holiday Movie Trivia is not only a fun and engaging activity for your remote team but also a fantastic way to reminisce about beloved holiday films and share a few laughs along the way.

Online Secret Santa gift exchange


Bring the magic of gift-giving to your virtual holiday party with a Virtual Secret Santa Gift Exchange! This classic holiday activity can easily be adapted for remote teams, allowing participants to purchase and send gifts to one another while keeping their identities a secret until after the gifts are opened.

For organizing the gift exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Designate a recipient for each team member.
  2. Set a budget for the gifts.
  3. Have each person ship their gift to the recipient.
  4. Schedule a virtual holiday party where everyone can open their gifts together during a video call.
  5. For added fun, challenge participants to guess the identity of their Secret Santa after all the gifts have been opened.

As for gift ideas, consider virtual presents like online gift cards and internet subscriptions. These digital gifts are not only convenient for remote teams but also provide recipients with the flexibility to choose their own perfect gift. With a little creativity and planning, an Online Secret Santa Gift Exchange can be a heartwarming and memorable addition to your virtual holiday party.

Virtual holiday karaoke party

Virtual-holiday -karaoke-party

Get ready to sing your heart out with a Virtual Holiday Karaoke Party! This lively activity encourages team members to belt out their favorite holiday tunes and share their passion for music with their colleagues.

Establish a virtual meeting on platforms such as Kumospace, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to host the karaoke party, and send out invitations for participants to join in. During the event, take turns singing holiday songs and enjoy watching your teammates bravely take the virtual stage.

A Virtual Holiday Karaoke Party is not only a fun way to celebrate the season but also a fantastic opportunity for team members to bond and share a few laughs together.

Remote team holiday fitness challenge

Remote-team-holiday-fitness -challenge

Encourage health and wellness during the busy holiday season with a Remote Team Holiday Fitness Challenge. This virtual activity challenges team members to participate in various fitness activities and exercises, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle throughout the holiday season.

For the fitness challenge organization, select an array of exercises and activities that accommodate different fitness levels and preferences. Encourage team members to track their progress and share their achievements with the group.

The Remote Team Holiday Fitness Challenge not only supports a healthy lifestyle during the holidays but also fosters team spirit and camaraderie as everyone works together towards a common goal.

Virtual ugly sweater party


What better way to spread holiday cheer than with an outrageous and tacky sweater? A Virtual Ugly Sweater Party invites team members to don their most outlandish holiday sweaters and compete for the title of “Ugliest Sweater”.

Select a virtual meeting platform to host the company holiday party and invite your team members, reminding them to dress in their most creative and attention-grabbing holiday sweaters. During the event, allow participants to show off their festive attire and vote on the best (or worst) sweater.

A Virtual Ugly Sweater Party is not only a fun and lighthearted activity for your remote team but also a unique way to embrace the holiday spirit and create lasting memories together.

Online holiday book club


For those who love to curl up with a good book during the holiday season, an Online Holiday Book Club is the perfect virtual activity to share your passion for literature with your remote team. Select a festive book for your team members to read, and then schedule a virtual meeting to discuss the book and share insights and opinions.

For choosing the ideal holiday book, you might want to research holiday-themed books, seek recommendations from team members, or explore online book clubs for ideas. During the book club meeting, facilitate a thoughtful and engaging discussion by assigning roles to team members and providing discussion questions or prompts.

An Online Holiday Book Club not only provides a cozy and intellectual activity for your virtual holiday party but also fosters a sense of community and togetherness among your remote team.

Virtual gratitude wall


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re grateful for. A Virtual Gratitude Wall is a fantastic way for team members to share messages of appreciation and positivity during the festive season.

Establish a digital platform for creating a virtual gratitude wall, where team members can post their messages of appreciation. This can be done through a shared Google Doc, an online bulletin board, or even a dedicated Slack or Kumospace chat channel. Encourage everyone to contribute their thoughts and feelings, and take the time to read and reflect on the messages shared by others. A Virtual Gratitude Wall not only promotes a positive and appreciative mindset during the holidays but also strengthens the bonds between remote team members.

Remote team holiday playlist collaboration


Music’s unifying power can be harnessed through a Remote Team Holiday Playlist Collaboration to bring your team together in the shared joy of holiday tunes. Invite each team member to suggest their favorite holiday or wintertime song. Use a platform like Spotify to create a playlist that all can enjoy..

As the playlist comes together, encourage team members to share stories or memories associated with their chosen songs. This not only helps to create a more personal and meaningful playlist but also allows team members to learn more about one another and form deeper connections.

So, let the music play, and enjoy the sounds of the season with your remote team.

Virtual holiday pet parade


For all the pet lovers out there, a Virtual Holiday Pet Parade is a must-have addition to your virtual holiday party. This adorable activity allows team members to show off their pets in festive attire and share stories about their furry friends.

For hosting the pet parade, you can:

  1. Ask team members to adorn their pets in holiday-themed costumes or accessories.
  2. Capture photos or videos of the pets for sharing during the virtual party.
  3. Encourage participants to tell stories about their pets and the special role they play in their lives.

With wagging tails and holiday cheer, a Virtual Holiday Pet Parade is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your remote team.

DIY holiday cocktail or mocktail class

Raise a glass to the holiday season with a DIY Holiday Cocktail or Mocktail Class! In this virtual activity, team members can learn how to create festive holiday-themed drinks to enjoy during the celebration. Video chat platform Kumosapce allow participants to have virtual drinks while making real ones. 

Arrange the class by engaging an experienced mixologist or bartender who can lead the participants in creating delectable holiday cocktails or mocktails. This not only provides a fun and interactive experience for your remote team but also teaches them valuable skills that they can use to impress their friends and family during the holiday season.

Cheers to the best virtual holiday party, making your next virtual holiday party a memorable and festive experience! Don’t miss out on the excitement of virtual christmas parties and the online holiday party this season. Plan your own virtual holiday event to join in on the virtual christmas party fun!


In conclusion, hosting a virtual holiday party for your remote team is not only possible but can be an incredibly fun and memorable experience. With a little creativity and planning, you can bring the magic of the holiday season to your remote team members in a way that fosters connection, team spirit, and festive cheer. So, don’t let distance keep you from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year – embrace the power of technology and bring your team together for a virtual holiday party they’ll never forget!

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