Virtual Luncheon Ideas

10 Creative Virtual Luncheon Ideas to Boost Team Morale

By Drew Moffitt

How do you keep a remote team connected and uplifted? Enter the virtual luncheon, a powerful tool to boost morale and strengthen teams. This article offers 10 creative ideas to ensure your virtual luncheon is more than just a meal but an event that enriches your team culture. Get ready for practical tips on platforms, activities, and logistics to make your virtual luncheons productive and enjoyable.

Key takeaways

  • Selecting an appropriate virtual platform like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Kumospace is crucial for creating an engaging and interactive virtual luncheon experience tailored to the team’s preferences.
  • Organizing themed virtual luncheon events such as World Tour, Retro Rewind, and Future Forward encourages participation and adds excitement, while integrated activities like Culinary Creations and Puzzle Break foster team bonding.
  • Ensuring a smooth virtual luncheon involves careful scheduling across time zones, sending detailed invites, managing logistics like meal reimbursements, and incorporating elements of wellness and employee recognition to boost morale.

Choosing the right platform for your virtual luncheon

Right Platform

The choice of platform can significantly impact the success of your virtual lunch. Consider your team’s preferences and desired level of interactivity when deciding between options such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Kumospace.

Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer a wide range of features that can enrich the virtual luncheon experience. For instance, they enable streaming of shows or presentations, fostering engagement among team members. Kumospace, on the other hand, provides a more immersive environment, ideal for both casual and structured team luncheons.

The art of scheduling and inviting team members

When planning a remote lunch meeting, it’s necessary to factor in the varying time zones of your team members and their availability. For instance, arranging a virtual lunch with a later lunch break for employees on the East Coast and an earlier one for those on the West Coast can ensure maximum participation.

Invitations should encompass all relevant information such as the date and time, a link to the virtual meeting room, and guidelines for participation. A calendar invite with the meeting link embedded can streamline the process for attendees and ensure a seamless experience.

Virtual lunch event themes to excite your remote team

Event Themes

Incorporating creative lunch ideas into your virtual lunch can effectively boost participation and engagement. Themes like World Tour, Retro Rewind, or Future Forward not only add a fun element to the lunch but also give team members something to look forward to.

World tour lunch

The World Tour Lunch theme allows teams to:

  • Virtually travel the world
  • Explore different cuisines
  • Engage in cultural exploration
  • Share their culinary experiences
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Foster a sense of global connection.

Retro rewind lunch

The Retro Rewind Lunch takes you back in time. Team members can enjoy a lunch based on a specific decade, complete with nostalgic music, attire, and food. This can be an exciting way to relive the past and learn about different eras.

Future forward lunch

The Future Forward Lunch encourages team members to discuss upcoming trends, technologies, and innovations while enjoying a futuristic-themed meal. This theme can spark intellectual conversations and encourage team members to think about the future during their next virtual lunch, where they can bring their own lunch.

Engaging activities for team bonding during lunch

Activities For Team Bonding

In addition to sharing a meal during a remote lunch, introducing engaging virtual lunch meeting ideas can enhance team bonding in the virtual lunch setting for each team member.

Activities like Culinary Creations, Puzzle Break, or Show and Share can add a layer of interaction and fun to virtual lunches, making them great virtual lunch ideas.

Culinary creations

The Culinary Creations activity encourages team members to showcase their cooking skills through a cooking class. Participants can prepare a dish and share the recipe with the group, fostering an environment of learning and sharing.

Puzzle break

The Puzzle Break activity involves:

  • Integrating puzzles, riddles, or brain teasers during lunch
  • Challenging the team
  • Sparking engaging conversations
  • Keeping the virtual lunch lively and interactive.

Show and share

The Show and Share activity allows team members to:

  • Share a personal item or story related to a specific theme
  • Promote connection and understanding among team members
  • Foster a deeper sense of camaraderie.

Making the most of mealtime: tips for a seamless virtual lunch

Seamless Virtual Lunch

Establishing a clear agenda helps in facilitating a smooth and enjoyable virtual lunch meeting experience. This not only maintains structure and efficiency during the meeting but also allows participants to savor their meals in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance.

Making the successful virtual lunch optional is another effective strategy for success, as it respects individual schedules and preferences. When scheduling the lunch, be mindful of time zones and aim for a time that accommodates all participants. This might mean rotating the event’s timing to ensure everyone is accommodated at different periods.

Recognizing achievements with a virtual award ceremony

Recognizing Achievements

Acknowledging the accomplishments of team members serves as an effective morale and motivation booster. A virtual award ceremony during lunch can serve as a perfect platform to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements.

The luncheon offers an optimal occasion for collectively acknowledging team accomplishments. It’s a time when all participants are generally available and focused, making it a suitable occasion for hosting an award ceremony.

Virtual happy hour: transitioning from lunch to leisure

Shifting from lunch to a virtual happy hour offers a welcome respite for team members. This virtual event offers a platform for team members to unwind, interact socially, and engage in conversations unrelated to work. A platform like Kumospace is a great option for hosting a virtual happy hour.

Incorporating wellness into your virtual luncheon

Incorporating Wellness

Integrating wellness activities into the virtual luncheon supports a healthy work-life balance and helps alleviate stress. Some activities to consider include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Stretching exercises
  • Breathing exercises

These activities can enhance relaxation and stress management during the luncheon.

Promoting healthy eating during virtual luncheons can also contribute to wellness. Encouraging team members to make mindful food choices and prioritize good nutrition can foster a healthier lifestyle. Inviting a nutrition expert can further promote healthy eating habits.

Virtual lunch logistics: handling invitations and meal reimbursements

Efficient management of the virtual lunch logistics is key to ensuring its success. Clear communication of the following in the invitations can ensure a seamless experience for participants:

Managing meal reimbursements can be done by providing participants with a gift card containing a pre-set spending limit or by organizing pre-paid meals to be delivered through a food delivery service. Employers typically allocate around $25 per person for the virtual lunch budget.

Inspiring employee engagement with creative lunch challenges

Creative Lunch Challenges

Introducing creative lunch challenges can stimulate employee engagement and uplift team morale. Themed meals, cooking competitions, and talent shows can make the virtual lunch more exciting and interactive.

A virtual cooking competition can foster employee engagement. Participants can submit photos of their dishes, and everyone can participate in voting for the best one. Similarly, a virtual lunch talent show can also enhance engagement.


In conclusion, virtual lunches offer a unique platform to foster connections, boost team morale, and promote a healthy work-life balance among remote teams. With the right platform, thoughtful scheduling, engaging themes and activities, and effective handling of logistics, virtual lunches can truly be a rewarding experience for all involved.

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