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Top 10 Conference Call Service Picks for Efficient Business Meetings

By Rad Aswani

Looking for the best conference call service that aligns with your business’s goals and budget? We’ve analyzed the top services of 2024, highlighting key features, cost-efficiency, and security measures. By the end of this article, you’ll have the insights to choose a conference call service that not only fits your budget but also elevates your team’s communication.

Key takeaways

  • Conference call services have evolved to include a range of advanced features that support remote and distributed teams, with essential functionalities such as video conferencing, AI-driven voice intelligence, seamless integrations with scheduling apps, and improved security measures.
  • The market offers a wide array of conference call services catered to different business sizes and needs, with diverse pricing structures. Kumospace, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and GoToMeeting are highlighted for their unique capabilities, such as immersive virtual environments, comprehensive communication suites, and seamless integration with popular business tools.
  • Security is a critical component when selecting a conference call service, with top providers offering robust measures including end-to-end encryption and additional privacy settings to ensure secure communication, particularly when handling sensitive information.

Exploring the top conference call services

Top Conference Call Services

In an age where remote work and distributed teams are becoming more prevalent, conference call services have emerged as an essential tool for businesses. They provide a platform for individuals to connect simultaneously from various locations, facilitating real-time communication and collaboration. From high-definition voice calls and unlimited VoIP calls to AI-based functionalities like voice intelligence systems, these services offer a plethora of features that enhance the effectiveness of business meetings.

Numerous free conference call services are available, but businesses often gravitate towards paid options, thanks to their advanced features and capabilities. Depending on the specific needs and budget of your business, the cost of these services can range from $0 to $50 per month per user when billed annually, with an average price of around $20 per month per user.

One must also factor in additional capabilities when choosing a conference call service to boost business communication processes. For instance, services like Kumospace, Vast Conference, and Dialpad offer integrations with scheduling apps and existing office setups, making it easy to plan and execute meetings. Furthermore, they provide features that allow presetting dial-outs to invited participants, streamlining the process of joining the call and ensuring that meetings start on time.

Kumospace: the all-in-one solution

For businesses in search of an all-in-one platform, Kumospace offers a holistic solution for their conference calling needs. Unlike traditional conference call services, Kumospace provides:

  • An immersive and interactive virtual environment that simulates the dynamics of in-person interactions
  • A unique approach to virtual offices
  • Ranked as the #1 virtual workplace tool on G2

With the ability to facilitate team collaboration, build company culture, and integrate virtual offices, Kumospace transforms the way teams work. It offers advanced people analytics, providing visibility into how the team is spending their time, which can be instrumental in boosting productivity. Furthermore, Kumospace’s integration with popular apps like Google Calendar allows for seamless collaboration and enhances the overall user experience. Kumospace stands out in the video conferencing market for several reasons, offering a modern take on remote communication:

  • Innovative virtual office platform: Kumospace combines the benefits of video conferencing, team chat, and virtual offices, avoiding productivity issues common in traditional platforms.
  • Unique features for enhanced interaction: It offers customizable virtual spaces with spatial audio, interactive elements like shared screens, built-in whiteboards, and an immersive atmosphere that increases engagement, creativity, and collaboration during meetings​​.

These aspects combine to make Kumospace the strongest competitor in the field of video conferencing, especially for businesses looking for a modern, efficient, and scalable communication solution.


  • Free Plan: This plan is ideal for small teams, allowing up to 5 registered members without any cost. It includes basic features like chat and fully customizable spaces. However, it's limited to one floor per space and lacks advanced features.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $16 USD per user per month, the Business Plan builds upon the Free Plan by adding features such as chat history, recording capabilities, user analytics, multiple floors, and enhanced privacy and access controls. Subscribers also get onboarding support. This plan is suitable for scaling businesses that require advanced functionalities.
  • Enterprise Plan: The pricing for the Enterprise Plan varies as it's tailored to specific business needs. It includes all the features of the Business Plan and adds single sign-on, custom domain, uptime SLA, HIPAA compliance, and dedicated customer success support. This plan is designed for large organizations with specific requirements.

Kumospace also offers discounts for annual subscriptions, reducing the cost by 20% compared to monthly billing. Kumospace also stands out as the most cost-effective option in the virtual workspace market, offering a comprehensive set of features at competitive pricing, especially with its free plan for small teams and reasonably priced Business and Enterprise plans for larger organizations

RingCentral: communication suite


As a communication suite, RingCentral offers features such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Video calls
  • Messaging
  • Whiteboards
  • Breakout rooms
  • Automatic recording

RingCentral offers a range of plans, including a free conference call option, with the Essentials Plan starting at $19.99 per month and other alternatives available at prices ranging from $27.99 to $49.99 per month. This pricing may be less cost effective than other conference call services.

Microsoft Teams: integration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams-2

Microsoft Teams, with its integration with Microsoft 365, serves as a solution for businesses using the Microsoft suite. It offers:

  • A user-friendly interface with messaging controls
  • Screen-sharing capabilities
  • File sharing during live conferences
  • An AI-driven function that eliminates background noise from calls

Aside from its features, Microsoft Teams also offers a business solution. With plans starting at $4 per month, it provides integration with the Microsoft 365 suite. This integration allows teams to collaborate and communicate.

Webex: video-first conferencing


Cisco’s product, Webex, provides a video-first conferencing solution, for virtual events and interactions with external participants. It provides simple features, including screen sharing, chat, and video connectivity, and displays premium users’ participation details, such as their business or job title, during the call.

Apart from its video-first approach, Webex also offers integration with software systems. It also provides a Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution designed to help enterprises interact with their customers. simple audio conferencing, an audio conferencing solution, offers features for virtual meetings, including video meetings. provides audio conferencing features that include:

  • Participants can connect to a call using a toll-free number
  • Participants can enter a password to join the call
  • Participants can select their preferred method of joining, either by phone or internet
  • Audio controls for meeting hosts

Furthermore, its bridge audio conferencing feature accommodates participants, regardless of their preferred method, in the same meeting, ensuring an acceptable audio conferencing experience. budget-friendly option provides a platform without monthly charges, for businesses on a tight budget. It enables meetings with a maximum of 1,000 attendees simultaneously, and its standard free plan offers free video conferencing, audio conferencing, and recording.

While is a generally user-friendly option, as a free tool, the service quality is reflective of its no-cost nature. They do not provide many advanced features, making it a poor platform for any business that is not small. However, it does offer local in-country dial-in numbers in over 65 countries. 

Zoom: user-friendly interface


Zoom has a user-friendly interface and adaptable video conferencing capabilities. It offers high-quality audio and video, the ability to host group calls with up to 100 participants for up to 24 hours with premium plans, and breakout rooms, among other features.

When it comes to security, Zoom implements:

Zoom’s free and premium plans differ in several aspects, including meeting length and cloud storage availability, among others. The free plan allows for unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants, but meetings are limited to 40 minutes. On the other hand, premium plans allow for longer meetings and offer a range of additional features, including unlimited cloud recording.

Google Meet: convenient for Google Workspace users

Google Meet-1

For Google Workspace users, Google Meet presents a good solution. It’s a secure online web conferencing call and video chat service integrated within the Google Workspace ecosystem. Google Meet provides:

  • Audio and video features
  • The ability to host group calls with up to 100 participants for up to 24 hours with premium plans
  • Breakout rooms among other features.

Google Meet may offer a bit of convenience for those already using Google services, as it integrates with Google Calendar. However, there are still other conference call services that offer integration with Google Callendar, like Kumospace. Google Meet is secure for educational institutions, making it a good choice for some organizations.

Skype for Business: suited for small businesses and teams

Skype for Business

Skype for Business offers conferencing features, including:

  • Messaging
  • Screen sharing
  • Call recording with subtitles
  • Private conversations

These features may make it a good choice for facilitating collaboration only within small teams.

Local Skype Numbers enable businesses to receive unlimited incoming calls on any device for a flat fee, while Skype Credit allows for making low-cost calls to any landline or mobile number worldwide, thus making communication a bit more affordable.

GoToMeeting: possible solution for larger meetings


Designed specifically for larger meetings, GoToMeeting offers some basic features including:

  • Unlimited meeting length
  • HD video
  • Breakout rooms
  • Unlimited cloud recording
  • Transcription
  • Ability to assign co-organizers among others.

The pricing options for GoToMeeting consist of:

  • Professional plan: $12 per organizer per month when billed annually
  • Business plan: $16 per organizer per month when billed annually
  • Custom-priced Enterprise plans

This pricing structure may not be a suitable option for businesses of varying sizes and budgets.

The conference call service offered by GoTo Connect includes the following features:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Team messaging
  • Customer support
  • Unified administration

This makes it an okay choice for businesses seeking a solution for their conference calling needs.

Advanced features to look for

Advanced Features

It’s vital to take into account the advanced features offered when selecting a conference call service. When considering conferencing tools, it’s important to look for features like:

  • Video conferencing
  • Dial-in capabilities
  • Software integrations
  • Screen sharing
  • Accessibility features

These features can significantly enhance the functionality of the service, making it more useful and efficient for your business needs.

Additionally, some conference call services, including conference calling service, offer features such as:

  • Automatic calendar updates
  • Post-call summaries
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Drawing tools
  • Breakout rooms
  • Commuter mode

These advanced features can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your conference calls, thus enhancing the overall productivity of your team.

Security and privacy considerations

Security And Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount in relation to conference call services. Particularly when sensitive information is being exchanged, it’s crucial to ensure that your communication is protected from unauthorized access and breaches.

Most conference call services implement robust security measures to protect your data. These include:

  • Password protection
  • Single sign-on
  • Call encryption
  • Guest lists
  • Green room or breakout room capabilities
  • Call locking

Services such as Kumospace, Zoom, Branded Bridge Line, Dialpad, and Nextiva are highly regarded for their comprehensive security features that guarantee safe and secure communication.

For instance, Kumospace implements security protocols that are officially compliant with AICPA, HIPAA, and GDPR regulations.

Adapting to remote and hybrid work environments

Remote And Hybrid Work

Conference call services have gained even more importance in today’s era of remote and hybrid work environments. They enable teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of their geographical location. Some popular conference call services include:

  • Kumospace
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Cisco Webex
  • GoToMeeting

These tools facilitate team collaboration and create connections among remote teams, making employees feel connected and engaged in the hybrid work model.

Likewise, Microsoft Teams facilitates remote and hybrid work by providing a comprehensive collaboration platform that allows for:

  • Communication
  • Virtual meetings
  • Chat
  • File sharing
  • Document collaboration

These functionalities assist remote and hybrid teams in maintaining connectivity and effective collaboration, even when geographically separated.

Customizing your conference call experience

Conference Call Experience

Customizing your conference call service to align with your business’s specific needs is key to maximizing its benefits. Most services allow for a certain level of customization to enhance the user experience. For instance, in Kumospace, customization options benefit businesses by allowing them to create brand-aligned virtual environments, enhancing engagement and collaboration among team members and clients. These customizable spaces also support flexibility and cost-effectiveness, accommodating various business needs and reducing overhead costs associated with physical office spaces.

Similarly, in Microsoft Teams, you can customize your conference call settings by accessing the Settings and more option located next to your profile picture at the top of Teams.

By customizing your conference call experience, you can ensure that the service meets your specific needs and enhances the efficiency of your business communication.

International access and scalability

International Access And Scalability

Businesses with global operations must consider international access and scalability as crucial factors when selecting a conference call service. These features enable participation from any location worldwide, creating global opportunities without geographical constraints, minimizing the necessity for travel, offering convenient meeting access, promoting collaboration, and lowering expenses.

Services like Kumospace, Vast Conference, and provide extensive international access, making it easy for participants to join conference calls from various global locations. They offer local in-country numbers to ensure cost-effective access for most international attendees, as well as the availability of a toll-free number for international guests.

Integrations with popular business tools

Popular Business Tools

The functionality and efficiency of conference call services can be significantly enhanced by integrating them with popular business tools. Services like Kumospace provide integrations with a range of widely used business tools, including Google Calendar and Outlook.

These integrations enable users to seamlessly link their conference call services with other essential tools utilized in their daily business operations, such as project management, customer relationship management, and scheduling.

This integration fosters a smooth workflow, minimizes the necessity to switch between applications, and optimizes processes, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Tips for effective conference calls

Having the right conference call service is crucial, but knowing how to utilize it effectively can considerably impact the success of your meetings. Some key strategies for conducting successful conference calls include:

  • Starting and ending promptly
  • Maintaining focus during discussions
  • Encouraging non-speaking participants to use mute
  • Managing the group size effectively
  • Being well-prepared

In addition, enhancing audio quality by minimizing background noise, utilizing high-quality technology, and maintaining low ambient noise levels throughout the call can significantly improve the experience for all participants. For large group audio conference calls, creating a selective invite list of key participants, providing concise introductions for each speaker, and adhering to an agenda to maintain the flow of the meeting can ensure a smooth and effective conference call.


In conclusion, conference call services are indispensable tools in today’s business world, particularly in the context of remote and hybrid work environments. From free conference call options to comprehensive communication suites, there is an array of services available, each with its unique features and benefits. As we’ve discussed, it’s crucial to consider factors such as advanced features, security and privacy, international access and scalability, and integrations with popular business tools when choosing a service. Remember, the best conference call service is not necessarily the most expensive one, but the one that meets your specific business needs and enhances the efficiency of your communication processes.

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