Transform Your Remote Team with Gather: Unleash Virtual Office Magic!

By Drew Moffitt

Are you aiming to streamline your team’s remote workflow while maintaining the essence of a traditional office environment? Gather offers a cohesive virtual office platform designed to enhance communication, culture, and collaboration across any distance, providing all the tools your team needs to succeed in the digital workspace.

Key Takeaways

  • Gather provides a virtual office space that fosters collaboration and mirrors the benefits of a physical office for remote teams, emphasizing spontaneous interactions and seamless integration.
  • The platform enhances team engagement through dynamic communication tools, personalized virtual environments, and features like shared whiteboards, screen sharing, and real-time collaboration capabilities.
  • Gather includes comprehensive virtual office services to streamline workflows, manage documents and mail efficiently, and allow businesses to establish a professional presence in a global market with over 3,000 virtual addresses.

The essence of Gather and Kumospace in today's workplace

Business people having video conferences on a laptop

In the realm of remote work, the conventional office has evolved into a virtual hub where distance is no longer a barrier to productivity. Gather emerges as a cute pixel-based beacon for this new era, offering centralized team hubs that breathe life into remote collaboration.

It is a solution crafted to bridge the gap between distributed teams, ensuring that every virtual coworking desk in coworking spaces and meeting rooms capture the vibe of a traditional office environment.

If you’re looking for something easier to use, Kumospace is rated as better to set-up and manage. It is also easier to show visitors around and create events for your teams or guests. Kumospace also provides spatial audio so that you can hear clearer conversations with colleagues as part of your day’s work. 

Kumospace also offers interactive features like screen sharing to collaborate on apps or projects, office customization to have endless creativity with your floor space and it brings more joy to the office than Slack or Zoom.

Virtual office space: the new frontier

The concept of a virtual office space is no longer a distant future but a present-day reality. Gather leads this frontier by crafting a virtual workspace that mirrors a physical office, enabling spontaneous and organic interactions among remote teams.

This innovative virtual space, demonstrated by Gather and Kumospace, is where business addresses are no longer tied to a fixed location and meeting rooms are but a click away, fostering in-person collaboration in a virtual realm. Comparing the two Kumospace has a slightly more edgy design, while Gather has a sense of a retro role-playing game about it. 

Seamless integration for remote teams

Seamless integration is the cornerstone of remote teamwork. With Gather and Kumospace, the distributed team is woven into a cohesive whole, where communication channels flow freely, and a shared vision is amplified across the virtual office space. The result? A remarkable surge in productivity and significant savings in both time and costs, proving that remote teams can excel when given the right tools to communicate and integrate.

Cultivating company culture virtually

A virtual office is fertile ground for cultivating a strong company culture. Gather’s platform expertly replicates the social dynamics of a physical workspace, offering a sense of belonging and connectedness. It’s a place where the company name resonates within every virtual coworking desk, and where the culture thrives, unhindered by the absence of a physical space.

Collaborate better with Gather

Hands holding tablet with group video call on screen stock illustration

In the heart of Gather’s virtual office lies the potential for collaboration that transcends the limits of traditional in-person interaction. Remote teams find a dynamic environment where communication tools bring the best out of distributed teams, creating a synergy that feels as real and immediate as any physical collaboration could offer.

Using Kumospace, you can bump into people for an office chat, solve a pressing problem by getting the right people into a huddle on the spot, as well as all more productive meetings and workspace sharing, but all done with a greater sense of purpose when you can see others hard at work around you.

Dynamic communication tools

Communication in Kumospace and Gather’s virtual office is a vibrant dance of ideas and conversations, flowing seamlessly through dynamic tools designed to mimic the spontaneous nature of a physical office. These tools facilitate human connections, allowing managers to convey immediate feedback and team members to engage in informal chats, creating a rich tapestry of dialogue that fuels progress and innovation.

Real-time collaboration made simple

Gather simplifies real-time collaboration, making it as effortless as a face-to-face meeting. With Gather, you can:

  • Use shared whiteboards to brainstorm and visualize ideas
  • Share your screen to present and discuss documents or presentations
  • Create a virtual office space where you can collaborate with your team
  • Nurture ideas and hone strategies in a collaborative environment

Kumospace and Gather make real-time collaboration easy and efficient, allowing you to work together seamlessly no matter where you are. This can help you achieve a better work-life balance as you feel more comfortable in your virtual office.  

The platform’s interactive tools bolster engagement, ensuring that every virtual meeting is as effective and productive as its real-life counterpart.

Personalized virtual spaces

The ability to personalize virtual office spaces is one of Kumospace and Gather’s most compelling features. Here, teams can express their identity, creating a virtual environment that reflects their culture and enhances collaboration. Whether it’s decorating a coworking desk or designing a room for brainstorming, these customizations bring a personal touch to the workspace, making it more than just a place to work—it becomes a space to belong and grow together.

Streamlining workflows with Gather's virtual office

Friends are having a video call together

Efficiency is the lifeblood of any successful business, and Gather’s virtual office is engineered to streamline workflows, making task management feel like a breeze. From project planning to document handling, the platform elevates the remote work experience, providing tools that integrate seamlessly into the daily grind, freeing up precious time, and fostering a more productive work environment. Some key features of Kumospace and Gather’s virtual office include:

  • Seamless integration with other productivity tools
  • Collaboration and communication features

With Gather, you can optimize your remote work setup and maximize your team’s productivity.

Project management in a virtual world

Project management in a virtual world demands tools that keep teams aligned and goals within reach. Gather responds with robust features like kanban boards and Gantt charts, ensuring that every project stays on track.

The cloud-based document management and sharing, and team chat functionalities keep everyone on the same page, driving progress and enabling managers to guide their teams proactively.

Efficient mail and document handling

In the virtual office, efficient mail and document handling is paramount. Gather offers the following features to help you manage your documents and mail effectively:

  • Integration with cloud services for secure document management
  • Automated workflows for a smooth document lifecycle
  • Mobile access to documents
  • Professional mailroom services

With these features, Gather ensures that every file and piece of mail is managed with the utmost care and precision, reflecting the professionalism of your virtual office address.

Access anywhere, anytime

Gather’s virtual office space breaks down the walls of traditional offices, offering access anywhere, anytime. This flexibility ensures that no matter where your team members might be, the virtual office is just a click away—be it on a phone, a computer, or even someone’s desk.

Real-time collaboration becomes the norm, not the exception, empowering teams to engage in spontaneous discussions and maintain the momentum of work moving forward.

Design your ideal virtual office with Gather

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Your virtual office is a blank canvas, and Gather provides the palette to create an environment that resonates with your brand’s vision and values. From the initial template selection to the fine-tuning of access levels, every detail can be customized to reflect your company’s unique identity, transforming your virtual space into a true extension of your business.

Building your brand's virtual presence

A virtual office is more than just a space; it’s a testament to your brand’s professionalism and presence. With Gather’s virtual office address and mail handling services, companies can establish a reputable business address that instills confidence in clients and partners alike.

This virtual presence is the bedrock of your digital identity, offering both credibility and reach in the online world.

Crafting the perfect solution for your team

Gather empowers you to:

  • Craft the perfect solution for your remote team
  • Create detailed spec sheets
  • Manage project selections
  • Design interactive virtual spaces that foster collaboration and creativity.

From game rooms to private meeting areas, Gather encourages you to think beyond the traditional office setup, offering tools that promote deeper interpersonal communication and a sense of togetherness among team members.

Expand beyond physical limitations

With Gather, the limitations of physical space are left behind as your business expands into the global market. The platform’s virtual office space allows for the creation of multiple virtual addresses, enabling businesses to establish a presence in diverse locations.

Customizable avatars and objects add depth to online interactions, making the virtual office a dynamic and engaging workplace that knows no borders.

Optimizing team engagement in a virtual environment

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In the digital age, team engagement is paramount, and Gather offers the tools to ensure that your remote team feels connected and motivated. Through a combination of communication strategies and virtual events, Gather fosters an environment where in-person collaboration is emulated virtually, maintaining the heartbeat of your team’s culture and productivity.

Fostering In-Person Collaboration Virtually

Gather’s virtual office platform fosters collaboration that captures the essence of in-person interactions. By encouraging informal, real-time dialogue, the platform provides a space for:

  • impromptu discussions
  • brainstorming sessions
  • sharing ideas
  • problem-solving
  • driving innovation

Additionally, virtual social gatherings and a strong leadership presence enhance the team's interactive spirit, mirroring the social dynamics found in a traditional office setting.

Boost team meetings with virtual tools

Virtual tools are essential for enhancing team meetings, and Gather delivers with features that facilitate clear communication and focused engagement. Meticulous planning, adherence to a well-defined agenda, and the use of diverse communication technologies ensure that virtual meetings with remote teams are as impactful as their in-person counterparts.

This approach ensures that every meeting is a step forward in the pursuit of your team’s objectives.

Celebrating successes and milestones online

Celebrating team successes and milestones is crucial for morale, and Gather’s virtual office platform makes it possible to do so online. From virtual mixology classes to online escape rooms, the platform offers diverse ways to recognize and honor the achievements of your team. These celebrations contribute to a culture of recognition that can be felt across the virtual space, affirming the value of each team member’s contributions.

Empowering businesses with comprehensive virtual office services

Office workers at the video conference with coffee

Gather’s virtual office services are a powerhouse of capabilities designed to empower businesses. From digital mailboxes to professional call handling, the platform offers a full spectrum of services tailored to meet the needs of modern companies. With cost-effective plans and features that manage mail and packages with ease, Gather ensures that your business operations are smooth, professional, and client-focused.

Full-spectrum support for every aspect of remote business

Gather provides full-spectrum support that covers every aspect of your business’s administrative needs. From phone services that include call forwarding to CRM integrations for client management, the platform ensures that your operations are streamlined and efficient. These services liberate your team from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on growth and client satisfaction.

Adapting to the evolving world of work

As the modern workspace evolves, Gather’s virtual office services offer the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt and thrive. The platform’s benefits cater to companies at various stages of growth, ensuring that as your business expands, your virtual office can scale to match your needs.

This adaptability is crucial for keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of work. The future of work, will see remote teams operating at a faster pace, supported by AI, and using tools like Kumospace to keep up the tempo in a digital business environment.


As we conclude, it’s clear that Gather’s virtual office space is more than just a digital environment; it’s a transformative platform that fosters collaboration, engagement, and innovation for remote teams. With its comprehensive suite of tools and services, Gather empowers businesses to transcend physical limitations and cultivate a vibrant, connected workplace, no matter where team members are located. Embrace the endless possibilities that Gather offers, and watch as your business flourishes in this new virtual frontier.

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