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Virtual Office Onboarding for Employees

Virtual Office Onboarding for Employees

Welcome to Kumospace 

Hi there! 👋

We’re thrilled to welcome you to your new virtual office in Kumospace! To ensure you settle in comfortably, here are some tips and best practices for happier and more connected remote teams.

Joining a Space

Type the Kumospace URL, e.g., into your browser and you'll land on the Joining page. Before entering, you are able to enter a name of your choosing. Click the text field under Name: to type in a name.

You'll then be prompted to give camera, microphone and recording permissions when joining for the first time. You can then select your camera, microphone, and speakers and click Join.

Once you have joined the Space, select a Floor icon to join.

Navigating a Space

After you have entered a Floor, you can begin exploring! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click with your mouse to move around the space.

Other navigation tools include opening the Map to view the entire Floor, zooming in and out to change your field of view, and exiting back to the Lobby.

For more tips to learn how to use Kumospace, read this help article on Navigating Kumospace.

Connect with Team Members

The beauty of having a virtual office is that you can have face-to-face conversations with your teammates at any moment.

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Spatial Audio

In Kumospace, people can hear each other within their audio circles using Spatial Audio, and in Rooms using Room Audio. This allows multiple conversations in the same space, without breakout rooms.



The Chat feature allows you to send Direct Messages to people, as well as message the people Nearby, on the Current Floor, and on All Floors in the Space.



Give a team members a Nudge to let them know you want to chat. Hover over their video box and click the Nudge button on the top right.



When inside of a room, you can close the Door for more privacy by clicking on it. This will disable your team members from outside of the room from hearing you or seeing your video and screen-share window.

To enter a room with a closed door, click on the door from the outside to "knock" and be let in. 

Tools for Co-Working

Group 255

Status and Availability

Set your Status to let other people in Kumospace know if you're either Available to chat, Away from your workstation, or Focusing on work.

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 11.33 1


The Present feature allows for day-to-day collaboration and “over the shoulder” visual learning. Click the Present button on the bottom bar to share your screen to the users in your audio range.

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Custom Link Tablet

Link your ongoing projects, e.g. Roadmap, Figma, PRDs, etc., on Custom Link Tablets. Place the tablets in your office or conference rooms so that your team can refer to them as needed and edit straight from your Kumospace. 

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Add a Whiteboard to your Space to collaborate with team members in real-time. Brainstorm ideas, sketch out wireframes, or takes notes from your team meeting all from inside your Space.

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You can also click the Pop-out on the bottom bar and your team members’ faces will appear – even if you’re collaborating off tab!

Room Types

Kumospace welcomes all work styles. Hold meetings inside Conference rooms, co-work with your team in a Common Area, or enter a Room for non disruptive work environment. 


Offices have private audio zones that provide a quieter place for more intimate meetings and ‘heads-down’ work. You can also close the Door 🚪to signal you don’t wish to be interrupted.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 4.50.31 PM

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms are private rooms for teams to discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and make decisions. Gather in a Conference Room to hold conference calls, board meetings, or formal discussions.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 4.44.58 PM

💡Pro Tip: Remember to close the Door for confidential meetings. This will prohibit users outside of the Conference Room from viewing your video, screen-share window, or hearing your audio.

Common areas 

Common areas in Kumospace are designed for the more social parts of work - the serendipitous run-ins and casual ☕️ chats that often lead to organic collaboration. This is great for checking in with other team members, brainstorming, and aligning on projects.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 4.53.20 PM

Personalizing your Office

In order to do your best work, you need an office tailored to your team. Whether that is a traditional work space, a comfy lounge, or a backyard campfire, create an office to help you be your most productive self! The options are truly limitless…

Explore the Furniture tab in the Edit menu and customize your workstation.

Consider recreating elements from your real-life office for a touch of nostalgia, or let your imagination run wild and come up with something totally unique – it’s okay to get silly. 

💡 Pro tip: You can import custom images like your company logo. Here’s an article on importing and resizing custom images.

Building culture remotely 

Building company culture does not need to be left solely in the hands of Team Leaders, Managers, and Space Owners.

Kumospace is designed to help teams foster a sense of togetherness and belonging. Our goal is to motivate all employees to contribute to this goal and build company culture. 

How to build culture as an employee: 

  • Meet & Greets for new team members – Onboarding can be dire in remote settings, and the newcomers themselves tend to feel a bit lonely and awkward. Welcome them to Kumospace! 
  • Team lunches– Encourage team bonding sessions over virtual pizza and drinks – explore the Decor dropdown of the Edit menu to add virtual refreshments to your office. 
  • Weekly game of Chess, Tetris, or Codenames – Teammates can wind down and play a game with a colleague. There’s always that one person at the office who never loses. Maybe it’s finally time to dethrone them 🏆! 

Celebrate the wins: 

  • Applause button – an audible representation of great work for the whole team to hear 👏!
  • Decorate teammates’ offices for their birthdays - explore the Decor dropdown of the Edit menu to find the singing birthday cake, cupcakes and balloons 🎂🎈! 
  • Strike the Gong – to signal a new sale, launch, or the end of a successful meeting. 

Please feel free to share any feedback on, so that we can keep improving, and helping remote teams everywhere. 

To happy and connected teams, 

Team Kumospace