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Virtual Office Onboarding for Employees

Virtual Office Onboarding for Employees

Welcome to Kumospace 

Hi there! 👋

We’re thrilled to welcome you to your new virtual office in Kumospace! To ensure you settle in comfortably, here are some tips and best practices for happier and more connected remote teams.

Personalizing your Office

In order to do your best work, you need an office tailored to your team. Whether that is a traditional work space, a comfy lounge, or a backyard campfire, create an office to help you be your most productive self! The options are truly limitless…

Explore the Furniture tab in the Edit menu and customize your workstation.

You can also spend some quality time with your team and brand the common areas in your office together, incorporating your company values.

Consider recreating elements from your real-life office for a touch of nostalgia, or let your imagination run wild and come up with something totally unique together – it’s okay to get silly. 


Just remember to be mindful of your teammates' personal spaces, and before you know it, your virtual office will be as vibrant as your team! 

💡 Pro tip: You can import custom images like your company logo. Here’s an article on importing and resizing custom images.

One place to gather all

Kumospace welcomes all work styles. Connecting distributed teams is top of mind and we give individuals the possibility to opt-in to the aspects of dynamic work that suits them.  

Identifying your Work Style

Some people are most productive working in quiet isolation, without distractions and interruptions. We refer to them as “scuba divers” - they deep dive into their work for hours on end, and occasionally come up for air.

Others need more collaboration, across teams and even departments. We call them the “snorkelers” – their ‘focus’ periods are shorter, they come up for air regularly, checking in with other team members, brainstorming, and aligning on projects.

Tip from a pro scuba diver:

If you work in a pod with a team of snorkelers, but you’re more of a scuba diver, change your status to Focusing 🎧 to signal that you need some focus time. Your team can nudge you to get your attention.



Identifying if you're a scuba diver or snorkeler can help you discover the best work environment for you to work efficiently.

Your Ideal Working Environment

  • Rooms have private audio zones that provide a quieter place for more intimate meetings and ‘heads-down’ work. You can also close the Door 🚪to signal you don’t wish to be interrupted.

  • Common areas in Kumospace are designed for the more social parts of work - the serendipitous run-ins and casual ☕️ chats that often lead to organic collaboration.

Personal Preferences 

Open the Settings menu and Select the User tab to adjust your personal experience in Kumospace. These won’t affect other users’ experience.

Face-to-face collaboration

Seeing people’s faces, live reactions, and body language helps teams get to know each other and build trust.

This accelerates the sharing of information, sparks creativity, and prevents unnecessary misunderstandings that often come with asynchronous communication. 📈


The beauty of having a virtual office is that you can have face-to-face conversations with your teammates at any moment. Simply knock on the door of your teammates office or give them a Nudge to let them know you want to chat.

👉 To Nudge, hover over another user’s avatar and click the Nudge button.

The Present feature is also a great tool for day-to-day collaboration and “over the shoulder” visual learning. It allows you to quickly align with your team, and is particularly useful when onboarding new team members.

For more engaging working sessions with your colleagues, find the Custom Link Tablet in the Edit menu under the Custom dropdown. 

Drop it into your office and link a document you’re working on to it. You can edit the doc and iterate together, straight from your Kumospace. 

You can also click the Pop-out on the bottom bar and your team members’ faces will appear – even if you’re collaborating off tab!


💡 Pro tip: Start having daily team meetings in Kumospace – and you’ll start to see team members naturally dispersing into smaller work groups afterwards.

Stop the Calendar Flood

Less scheduled meetings - better interactions 

Our calendars are overflowing with redundant meetings. By the time we ‘actually’ start working, our brains are over-stimulated and we feel exhausted. It’s like we’re not working from home – but living at work. 

Spending more time in Kumospace reduces the total number of scheduled meetings on your calendar – replaced by more organic, casual and unstructured interactions with your colleagues, who are just a few pixels away. 

You’ll avoid miscommunication, make better decisions – faster – and ultimately, free up more time for deep work.

Press the M key on your keyboard to scan the interactive Map and find your colleague. Then just walk over to them. 


Time-saving tips

⏰ Office hours – Set up some time every day when you can be found in Kumospace for informal and unstructured questions with your team. Or just spend the whole day there like most teams!

📱 Custom Link tablet – Link up your ongoing projects, e.g. Roadmap, Figma, PRDs, etc., on various tablets, and place them in your conference rooms so that your team can refer to them as needed. 

🏢 Office placement – Place team members who often collaborate closer together, so that they can quickly visit one another during the work day. This can either mean building their individual offices close to each other, or grouping their workstations in pods. 

🖇 Meeting links – Move your meetings to Kumospace and you’ll soon forget about the days you had to send out meeting links.

Building culture remotely 

Physical offices lend themselves to regular impromptu interactions, which make the work day more enjoyable, and contribute to a healthy company culture. 

The lack of social connection is one of the biggest challenges for remote companies as distributed teams feel increasingly siloed, disillusioned, and bored. 

A living virtual office 

Working together in Kumospace, you’ll witness teamwork in action! 

You’ll see the sales reps pitching prospective clients in their conference rooms, the design team huddled around the interactive Whiteboard, and the engineers venturing out of their lairs for a game of Chess in the afternoon. 

All of this – designed to foster a sense of togetherness and belonging. 

How to build culture remotely? 

Organizing some social activities based on people’s shared interests will go a long way in building camaraderie and bringing your team closer together.


Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Meet & Greets for new team members – Onboarding can be dire in remote settings, and the newcomers themselves tend to feel a bit lonely and awkward. Welcome them to Kumospace! 
  • Team lunches/happy hours – Encourage team bonding sessions over virtual pizza and drinks – explore the Decor dropdown of the Edit menu to add virtual refreshments to your office. 
  • Weekly game of Chess, Tetris, or Codenames – Teammates can wind down and play a game with a colleague. There’s always that one person at the office who never loses. Maybe it’s finally time to dethrone them 🏆! 
  • Office-yoga session – Link a video of your favorite YouTube yogi to an interactive TV and stretch those shoulders and lower backs with your team. 

Celebrate the wins: 

  • Weekly shoutouts – Link a spreadsheet with peer nominations for great performance in line with your company values to a tablet, and give the winners a big shout out at your all-hands meeting. 
  • Applause button – an audible representation of great work for the whole team to hear 👏!
  • Decorate teammates’ offices for their birthdays - explore the Decor dropdown of the Edit menu to find the singing birthday cake, cupcakes and balloons 🎂🎈! 
  • Strike the Gong – to signal a new sale, launch, or the end of a successful meeting. 

Please feel free to share any feedback on, so that we can keep improving, and helping remote teams everywhere. 

To happy and connected teams, 

Team Kumospace