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Streamline Team Communication: Unveiling Spike, the Ultimate Tool

By Kyla Mintz

Navigating team communication often involves managing multiple applications, which can dilute focus and hinder efficiency. Spike presents an attempt to solve this common business issue by integrating email, chat, and collaboration tools into one platform. For teams seeking a more immersive communication experience, incorporating Kumospace with Spike can drive the overall dynamic. Kumospace, with its innovative spatial audio and video capabilities, adds a layer of engagement that traditional platforms lack, promoting a more interactive and cohesive team environment. 

Key takeaways

  • Spike is a communication platform that integrates email, chat, and collaboration tools.
  • The platform has email interfaces, notes and tasks, messaging, video calling integration, and productivity tools.
  • Spike has pricing plans, including a free version with basic features and paid plans with additional storage and capabilities for businesses.

Exploring Spike: a new approach to email

Email Service with Correspondence Delivery

Spike is a business communication service designed to handle multiple messaging formats including emails, chats, and collaborative features, essentially a new take on email communication. In IT terms, it offers one platform for communication. 

A recent VentureBeat article discusses how Spike aims to help digital transformation, communication, and productivity efforts. Whether you use Gmail, Microsoft, or another email provider, most clients are compatible with Spike, allowing businesses to manage multiple email accounts from one feed.

The concept behind Spike

At the core of Spike is a mission to trim the inbox by removing clutter, signatures, and formatting. The email interface in Spike resembles a chat client, merging the concepts of emails and messaging into a unified space.

Spike allows users to view contact email addresses and timestamps.

Transitioning from traditional email

Spike’s email turns traditional email threads into chat-like conversations, making it a Google Inbox substitute, with features such as:

  • ‘Instant Unsubscribe’
  • Smart inbox prioritization
  • ‘Send Later’
  • ‘Snooze’
  • ‘Undo Send’
  • ‘In-line RSVP’
  • Customizable interactions

Spike attempts to simplify email management, with a variety of features.

Spike features: unifying communication for teams

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Integrating chat, email, collaboration, and video calling, Spike’s chat app provides teams with communication and collaboration options. This integration may reduce the need for app switching.

Businesses using Spike have reported a 52% increase in productivity and a 25% increase in operating profit. The reason? Spike’s advanced features like ‘Magic Message’ use AI technology to help with brainstorming, collaboration, and communication.

Conversational email interface

Spike’s conversational email feature includes:

  • Emails are presented in a chat-like format attempt to make real-time conversations and reduce confusion from traditional email threads
  • Communication features such as showing when messages are sent and seen
  • Send voice messages directly from the inbox, making voice messages an integral part of the communication experience
  • Indicating when fellow Spike users are online

Users can customize their Spike inbox in various ways. The Priority Inbox sorts important messages to the top, People Mode sorts conversations by individuals, and subject lines in bold. These features create a logical workflow for users.

Notes, tasks, and collaboration

Email, notes, task management, and reminders are all in a single platform, Spike. This reduces the need for multiple applications and boosts productivity.

With features like:

  • Collaborative Tasks for progress tracking
  • ‘Real Time Collaboration’ workspaces with comment and mention capabilities
  • Team chat 
  • Private Groups 
  • Channels for organizational communication

Features in Spike allow teams to manage tasks and write notes.

Video calls and meetings

In today’s remote work environment, video calls and meetings have become essential tools for team communication. Spike integrates video calls and meetings into the platform, removing the need for external conferencing applications.

Spike allows users to schedule video meeting links within calendar invites. Non-Spike users can join meetings through an invite link. With these features, Spike has communication options through email messages, team chats, or video meetings.

Spike pricing and plans

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Spike has paid plans for a solopreneur, small team, or a large organization.

The free plan of Spike includes some functionality, allowing the use of a single email address, with limitations such as 60 days of search history and 1GB storage for files in notes and tasks. 

For businesses that require more robust features, Spike’s premium plans, including Pro, Team, and Business, offer more features such as full search history, increased storage in notes and tasks, a large file uploading capability, and the choice of additional services like professional business email with custom domains.

Free vs. paid plans

While Spike’s free plan includes the Smart Inbox feature for a single email address, its paid plans offer additional features. Spike’s paid plans have a few features beyond basic email management.

Some reviewers argue Spike is only worth it when using paid plans.

Pro and business plans

Geared towards team or business users with multiple email addresses, Spike’s ‘Pro’ plan offers some features for $8 per month or $60 per year.

For users who require even more robust features, Spike’s ‘Business’ plan provides 20GB of storage for notes and tasks and includes more collaboration tools.

Spike compatibility: platforms and email clients

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Spike is compatible with Mac and PC, Android and iOS. Spike is compatible with email clients, including:

Spike’s integration can be used on desktop and mobile platforms. This cross-platform compatibility allows users to:

  • Manage their emails on any device
  • Access their emails and files from anywhere
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time
  • Stay organized with advanced search and filtering options

Spike alternatives: comparing similar tools

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Although Spike presents a novel approach to email communication, other tools provide similar functionality. The top alternatives to Spike for email management include:

Some of these products offer features and pricing similar to Spike, providing users with various options. Others, like Kumospace, go above and beyond and take workplace productivity and streamlined communication to a whole new level. Below we review each tool and its unique strengths (and weaknesses). The choice ultimately depends on individual user needs and preferences.


Kumospace offers a unique and engaging virtual space for users to connect and collaborate. Its standout feature is its spatial audio, which simulates real-life conversations by adjusting volume based on proximity, creating a more immersive experience. Users can move freely around the virtual environment and customize their workspaces, fostering natural interactions and human connection

With its built-in video conferencing capabilities, Kumospace allows for seamless communication, enabling users to hold meetings, host events, and entirely run or participate in an office, from the comfort of their home. The platform supports screen sharing, enabling collaboration on documents or presentations within the virtual space. Kumospace also provides a range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their spaces with backgrounds, decorations, and interactive elements. Overall, Kumospace offers a versatile and interactive platform for online work and streamlined communication, blending the convenience of online communication with the richness of real-world interactions.

Canary Mail

Canary Mail prioritizes security by offering end-to-end encryption, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality and user privacy in email communication.

Canary Mail provides email management features. For instance, Canary Mail provides a ‘Read Receipts’ feature, allowing users to see when their emails are read by recipients.

Unfortunately, Canary Mail is only compatible with Mac and iOS users, barring Android and PC users from using their products. In addition, it does not integrate easily with other platforms and the interface can be difficult to navigate at first.

Free alternatives: Twobird and Thunderbird

When it comes to free alternatives, Twobird and Thunderbird stand out. Thunderbird is an open-source email client that extends its functionality through add-ons and supports most email protocols including IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Twobird opts for an alternative email experience by not offering advanced calendar features. Instead, it focuses on providing a list of upcoming appointments. It introduces a ‘Low Priority’ folder to automatically separate less critical emails, like newsletters and promotional content, from the main inbox.

Real-world applications: Spike and Kumospace integration

If you are set on still using Spike, fear not—the amalgamation of Spike and Kumospace presents a comprehensive solution for team communication. Kumospace enhances team interaction by integrating with solutions like Spike, enabling users to move smoothly from email communication to an engaging virtual event experience.

Streamlining team communication, this integration facilitates the transition of virtual team meetings from email-based discussions to real-time interactive sessions in a virtual environment. Combined, the best features of both platforms join for a single, powerful tool for team communication.

Spike and Kumospace synergy

The synergy between Spike and Kumospace enables users to boost their overall productivity and collaboration capability. This integration aims to enable users to move smoothly from email communication to an engaging virtual event experience.

Users can transition easily from Spike email to Kumospace’s immersive, interactive spaces. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms productivity is boosted, fostering more effective and engaging communication.

Use cases for integrated solutions

There are several use cases where the integration of Spike and Kumospace can significantly improve the quality of team communication. For instance, virtual team meetings can transition from email-based discussions to real-time interactive sessions in Kumospace’s virtual environment.

Additional use cases include:

In all these scenarios, the combination of Spike’s email interface and Kumospace’s virtual spaces supports direct engagement and interaction, improving the overall communication experience.


In conclusion, Spike is an email client. It’s a platform that integrates emails, chats, and collaboration into one conversation. Whether you’re an individual, a small team, or a large organization, Spike has a plan that caters to your needs, with broad compatibility across various platforms and email clients. 

The integration of Spike with Kumospace offers a comprehensive solution for team communication, making it a game-changer in the world of email communication.

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