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Oleander Johnson

Oleander is a professional writer with years of experience spanning across fields like content writing, copywriting, and technical writing. For him, content is just the expression of his love for the craft. As he believes it, writing is a gift to be shared with others.

As an eloquent wordsmith, Oleander Johnson has written for major corporations like CoStar Group, Indeed, and NCR. From real estate to marketing to technology, there is no limit to what industry he can write for. Adaptability is his middle name. And over the years, he has become a chameleon of sorts, capable of morphing his style and voice to match the needs of his clients, employers, and audience.

After hours, this self-proclaimed bibliophile can be found reading a book or working on his fiction novel (if he’ll ever finish it is a mystery). He is drawn to bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, museums, art galleries, vintage boutiques, and any other calming spaces that are cozy and atmospheric.

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