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Finally a Fix for Too Many Meetings


Finally a Fix for Too Many Meetings

Are you and your team being less productive by filling your days with too many meetings for small tasks?

"In a survey of 435 workers conducted by Jenna Butler, a senior software engineer at Microsoft, “too many meetings” consistently topped all of the study’s other work challenges, which included everything from workspace issues to distractions from the kids. In fact, 57 percent of workers said their meeting load had increased."
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Many remote companies are struggling to find a way to be efficient, while being virtual (whether that’s fully remote or hybrid). What if there was a platform where you could feel like you were in a real office and have synchronous communication amongst your team? Well, now there is! Kumospace is an immersive virtual office environment designed to power up productivity, collaboration, and community in remote and hybrid teams with video chat.


Since the pandemic, work has changed for the entire world. Many teams prefer a work from home environment, but don’t like working overtime just because they have too many meetings and no time to actually complete their tasks. 

As mentioned in The Atlantic, “Our late-night mini workdays are not just an expression of benign flexibility. They’re also the consequence of inflexible managers filling the day with so many meetings that we have to add a “worknight” to do our job.”

We’ve all attended that meeting that could have been an email! In fact, our calendars seem to be overly filled with meetings, so by the time actual work starts, our brains are over-stimulated and we feel exhausted. 


Too Many Meetings for Your Remote Team? Here’s a Solution…


Spending time in your Kumospace virtual office (sometimes called a virtual workspace) reduces the total number of meetings on your calendar, since the majority of them are replaced by quick interaction with your colleagues, who are all just a few pixels away. Instead of messaging back and forth on slack throughout the day, hopping into a virtual office can provide quick and effective solutions. Sometimes all you need is a two minute chat with a coworker. All you’ll have to do is walk over to your teammate to ask a quick question without needing to schedule a formal meeting.

By utilizing a virtual office, you allow team members to have casual run-ins with each other, similar to real life. This unlocks more moments for informal and unstructured conversations that can spark ideas or provide a sense of community, even in a virtual setting. Our users say that using Kumospace saves time and improves communication. 

Find a platform, where you can have working sessions with colleagues, edit documents and iterate on projects together, straight from your virtual office workspace. Kumospace offers this functionality by linking key documents to the Custom Link tablet. Set up ongoing projects, e.g. Roadmap, Figma, PRDs, etc., on various tablets and place them in your virtual conference rooms for everyone to refer to as needed. 


It doesn’t stop there. Not only does a virtual office help productivity, but it also enhances company culture and supports new onboarding collaboration. Check out some tips and tricks to enhance your team work adventures: 

Office Hours

Try setting up some time every day when you can be found in a virtual office, like Kumospace, for informal and unstructured questions.

Some tips to do this: 

  • Default to your virtual HQ for all video meetings throughout the day 
  • Picking offices near you team mates, it’s easier to bump into each other
  • Have conference rooms across the hall to bump into each other


Company Culture 

How to effectively and enjoyably cowork in a virtual office. 

Try the following: 

  • Use the common areas for collaboration or invite folks to your room 
  • Muting yourself but leaving video on provides accountability, to foster a sense of presence
  • Set up a few designated recreational areas around the virtual office for fun!
  • Designated team lunches in Kumospace! Treat your team once in a while to show appreciation for all that they do.
  • Provide outlets for your teams to meet outside of work hours (book clubs, board game club, yoga club, etc.)


A Winning Culture! 

A winning culture sets the stage. We all know it’s tough to create bonds virtually sometimes. Being a hybrid or fully remote team, you should find fun new ways to keep your team engaged and excited. 

Here are some tips and tricks to follow: 

  • Hold your team building events in a virtual office common area. Mix structured and unstructured activities together to cater to the largest audience.
  • Customize to express yourself! Let your team get creative and customize their virtual office spaces just as they would in real life. 
  • Common spaces rooms dedicated to having fun (games, yoga or whatever your team’s interests are) build camaraderie in smaller groups. 
  • Don’t forget to celebrate the wins: 
    • Ring a virtual gong when a new sale happens
    • Clap for teammates when they go the extra mile
    • Decorate a colleague's office for their birthday


Onboard New Team Members

Great team culture is nurtured by frequent interaction. Leverage virtual work spaces to build a better and happier team through daily micro-interactions and virtual team activities that are actually fun. When hiring a new hybrid or remote employee, you’re setting a precedent for what remote works look like during the onboarding phase. By ensuring your new team members have what they need and have access to other team members is important when they first start. 

Try out the following: 

  • Ensure your new hire has easy access to communication, even virtually 
  • Screensharing can help speed up the process 
  • Bounce ideas around on the interactive Whiteboard
  • Make sure to check in to see if your new team member has any questions


Still Worried About Too Many Meetings? A Virtual Office is the Answer! 


Synchronous communication is key to ensure your company is working fast and effectively. By introducing a platform like Kumospace, you are essentially recreating a normal work environment in the comfort of your own home. The key to a successful post-pandemic company is allowing your team to have work life integration, while still being productive and collaborative. Stop having too many meetings by providing the platform that will ensure a productive and collaborative work environment, while allowing for plenty of time during the work day to get the job done.

Milica Stojanovic
Milica does Product Marketing at Kumospace, where her work entails flexing her creative muscles as well as supporting users' wants and needs. She loves traveling, and when she started working at Kumospace, she was sailing off the coast of Portugal and Spain.
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Rad Aswani
Rad has over 7 years of experience in Marketing. Currently, she is the fun Digital Marketer at Kumospace. She leads initiatives such as influencer marketing, SEO management, and social media to name a few. Outside of work, Rad enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time with her family and friends.
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