Supported Devices & Browsers

How to optimize your Kumospace experience

In order to provide the best possible Kumospace experience possible, we have focused our development efforts on optimizing for Google Chrome, the world's most popular web browser.Device support

Kumospace works best with macOS or Windows desktop and laptop computers. For help getting your audio or video working, use these Kumospace FAQ resources:

Mobile devices

At this time Kumospace is not fully supported on iPhones, iPads or Android devices. We are working quickly to improve performance across all devices so please stay tuned.

Web browser compatibility

Below is a list of browsers and their expected performance.

  • Chrome Chrome  Supported (preferred). Results in an optimal Kumospace experience with  colleagues, friends, family, and new connections.

  • microsoftedgenewlogo Edge  Supported. This browser should work well with Kumospace.

  • logo-lg-high-res.7ba3ce88e665 Firefox  Not supported. When using Firefox, you may experience some video/audio latency and other performance-related issues. We recommend that you switch to Chrome if you run into issues.

  • safari_logo_icon_147241 Safari  Not supported. With Safari, you may experience video and audio issues due to browser incompatibilities. We recommend that you switch to Chrome if you run into issues.

  • brave Brave  Not supported. However, because of Brave's technical similarities to Chrome, it should have few issues with Kumospace.

  • 1200px-Opera_2015_icon.svg Opera  Not supported. A number of compatibility issues exist with this browser and therefore Kumospace does not support Opera.

We understand that people have different favorite browsers, and we look forward to supporting optimal experiences for as many people as possible, so please stay tuned for future Kumospace releases.

Unresponsive or laggy performance

If you are experiencing unresponsive movement, freezing, or lagging performance, it's best to close out background tabs and applications. This is because Kumospace (and video chat generally) uses a fair amount of your computer's processing power. Therefore it's best to make sure you don't have too many other applications or other browser tabs running while using Kumospace.

One other step that we’ve found helps some users is plugging your computer in when it is low on battery. This will also help improve performance.

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