Stream Files with Open Broadcaster Software

Our Present feature enables you to use a secondary camera as a video source that you can present in Kumospace. The best way to do this is by using OBS - Open Broadcaster Software, together with a virtual audio cable.

Set up OBS for your Kumospace

  1. The way that OBS broadcasts into Kumospace is that it acts as a virtual camera that harnesses a video input from any app on your computer, and translates it to a video output, which you can choose to send through our Present feature. You can download the OBS installer here, just select your operating system.  
  2. Once you install your virtual camera, you need to set up a virtual microphone. You can download this VB-Audio Software, which acts as a virtual audio cable, and forwards any audio input through the cable to audio output. 
  3. Now you need to connect the two, so that you can Present your secondary camera and audio together: 


In OBS, click Settings, then select Audio, and under Advanced set the Monitoring device to VB Cable.

The VB cable is silent by default. To turn it on, right click the Media Source field and open Advanced Audio Properties. Then set Audio Monitoring to Monitor only or Monitor and Output.
Finally, back in Kumospace, click Present from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Set your Camera input to OBS and your Microphone input to VB Cable and you’re ready to go! 
If you’d like to be able to hear your presentation, make sure to check the Play audio through speakers box. 
Click Start Broadcast to begin presenting.

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