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Geologie reinvents company culture with Kumospace

Geologie reinvents company culture with Kumospace

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When remote employees are allowed to express themselves and create meaningful bonds through a thriving culture, better collaboration and company success are inevitable.

Learn how one remote company has helped its global team achieve cohesion and culture through our virtual office platform.

Meet Geologie

Geologie is an award-winning haven for top-quality skin, hair, and body care products at an approachable price. Entirely dedicated to helping men and women achieve self-confidence, the company has won the hearts of many through its impressive impact on people’s lives.

With a knack for creating unique formulas that solve day-to-day skincare issues, the Geologie team understands that self-expression starts from authentic confidence. It's easy to see why this people-centered company would utilize Kumospace to give their employees the same enabling environment to promote self-expression.

A founder and CEO who’s looking out for his team

Nick Allen is a natural leader. His ability to inspire teams through complex initiatives to achieve highly recognized success has helped him understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

The impact of putting in place the right virtual structures that promote team culture and inspire employees to give their best in a fully remote company can easily get overlooked. And often, the employees find themselves in a demotivating cycle of dreaded meetings and nothing else.

Organization strategy: fully remote

Since its launch in 2018, Geologie has operated as a fully remote company with no headquarters. For a team that is spread across the globe, finding the right online platform that helps keep the company fabric intact—a base where team members can connect, collaborate, and enhance team culture— is crucial.

The problem: Kumospace unearths problems that nobody knew were there

For remote employees, it's easy to feel isolated from each other, and over time, the lack of proper communication and cohesive culture eats into productivity. The opportunities to recognize such gaps and find the right tools to remedy the situation may not always be upfront. For Geologie, Kumospace helped them identify problems they didn’t even know existed. It was the tool they never knew they needed and now can’t imagine working without.

Improving team culture

Culture is an imperative aspect of a company's operations. Unfortunately, if the team members have acquired a bad culture, it spills over into bad products, performance, customer experience, and more. And as the company scales up, keeping tabs on the team culture becomes harder.

Importance of culture

Company culture fosters authentic communication, trust, and cohesion. However, it takes intentionality to create a culture for a remote team, and all founders should work towards building a thriving culture.

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"Just because you’re remote, don’t forget about your culture."
Nick Allen
Founder & CEO, Geologie

Replacing Google Meet and Slack video meetings

Before adopting Kumospace, the team utilized the popular Google Meet and Slack for video meetings. While these applications provide support for work-related tasks, a space to forge deeper connections, hang out, and grow the company culture beyond just work talk was lacking.

With Kumospace, meetings have changed to a space where the team can collaborate, create real connections, and hang out. Nick has replaced Google Meet and Slack with Kumospace to a large degree and plans to phase them out completely. All their Google Calendar invites, Monday morning meetings, and hangout sessions are now on Kumospace.

The solution: establish culture via self-expression

Nick embraced the possibilities that Kumospace could bring to the company culture. He was not looking to track his employees. After all, they are spread across numerous time zones. Instead, it was about establishing company culture through self-expression. When the team felt comfortable and relaxed, organic conversations that would tap into the team’s best creative potential began taking shape to form the company culture.

Fun office decor

The team organizes the office space in departments just like a physical office (and rearranges Nick’s office all the time for fun, too), and it's easy to pop into a team member's office to seek guidance or collaborate on a project.

Geologie Virtual Office

Personality and real bonding

Understanding individual people’s personalities became easier, which in turn shaped the overall office personality. As a result, the team can create more genuine bonds beyond the green dot on Slack to see who’s online. Such strong ties between them and honest conversations that emanate from a place of trust have made team cohesion a reality.

Enhanced office collaboration

Team members pop into each other’s office for collaborative tasks, screen sharing, dashboards, and number walkthroughs, which helps maintain work coordination and keep the focus centered on the right things.

It’s fun to hangout in Kumospace

Kumospace is the perfect plan for a remote office. Here’s how one of the Geologie employees sums it up.

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"With Kumospace, we finally have a home base for our fully remote global team! It’s been amazing to have a place we can go to every day that enhances our company culture and helps bring the team together."
Stephen Racano
Head of Growth, Geologie

People-aspect of the business

A virtual office needs to get this right - put the humans first and allow them to create real connections. It’s the secret to improving their confidence and genuine belief in the company's goals. As Nick rightfully puts it, “as a founder, even though you’re focused on the business, don’t forget the people aspect and how important it is for people to get to know each other and to express themselves.”

Try Kumospace for your team

It’s time to try out Kumospace. Test the platform out for free and make use of our free trials for paid accounts to spread the joy. Need some help scheduling a demo? Want to talk to an actual human about Kumospace? Reach out and we’d be happy to chat.