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A Global Management Consultancy Kicked Off Virtual Campus Recruiting in Kumospace

A Global Management Consultancy Kicked Off Virtual Campus Recruiting in Kumospace

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Priority: Engaging with Candidates

Capco hosted a successful online recruitment event in a virtual conference hall.

In August 2021 Capco, a global management consultancy specializing in IT technology, finance, and digital transformation work, hosted a virtual campus recruitment event. Students with an interest in business or finance were invited to meet Capco Toronto consultants in a virtual conference hall in Kumospace to learn more about roles at the firm. 

 "The Kumospace platform gave us a lot of flexibility to interact with candidates, and they were really engaging and asked a lot of questions," says Matthew Wong, a Senior Recruiter at Capco. "To be honest, it felt like the actual in-person event."

According to Matthew, in the past the Capco recruitment team has solely used Zoom or Microsoft Teams which has been effective for delivering presentations but falls short when candidates need to network, mingle, or ask various Capco representatives questions. 

"There's a lack of flexibility in those platforms," Matthew says. 

Approximately 100 participants were invited to gather in the virtual events platform, Kumospace. The space was designed as an online conference hall and complete with cozy couches, a snack corner with virtual coffee, and other beverages, along with a YouTube TV playing a short video clip featuring an introduction to Capco. There was an additional virtual floor for mingling, that included a virtual Jukebox, pingpong table, barstools, and tables. 

"To be honest, it felt like the actual in-person event."
Matthew Wong
Senior Recruiter

Cameras On and Increased Engagement

"While using Kumospace we saw most of the people turn on their cameras," Matthew says. He adds that this is especially helpful as a recruiter so that his team could see candidates' presentation and their communication skills. According to Matthew,  candidates were less likely to turn on their cameras while using Microsoft Teams. 

"I quite enjoy it," Matthew says about Kumospace. "You can also play around with the floor layout, and you can design anything you like." His team also appreciated the spatial audio feature, in which participants could only speak to someone within their audio circle, allowing for multiple conversations at once.

Saving Time and Money

Matthew says using Kumospace saved the recruitment team time and money as no traveling was involved, and there were much fewer costs for the event as a whole. He concludes: "It's a really good tool that I would recommend."