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Canada Life's Engaging Virtual Holiday Party

Canada Life's Engaging Virtual Holiday Party

Canada Life Virtual Holiday Party
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Priority: Bringing Fun, Engagement, and Spontaneous Conversations to Online Events

To break up the monotony of Zoom calls a top insurance company team hosted their holiday party, and other team-building festivities, in the immersive virtual event platform Kumospace. As an organizer of his company's virtual holiday party, Jeff Nason wanted his upcoming events to break away from the monotony of Zoom. Nason, an Advanced Case Consultant for Canada Life, chose the immersive online chat platform Kumospace for his event. 

"I was looking for something different that didn't feel like a PowerPoint presentation," Nason says. He chose Kumospace largely because of its spatial audio feature in which guests can speak to individuals within their audio range, which allows for multiple conversations at once. 

"I love how fun it was in Kumospace to freely mingle, engage, and break off into different conversations."
Jeff Nason
Advanced Case Consultant

Adding Novelty in the Remote Workplace

Nason, who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada, first discovered Kumospace after attending a professional event he found out about on LinkedIn. "The technology itself seemed really interesting," Nason says. At the event, he loved the serendipitous quality of the conversations, something that had been lacking in several months packed with Zoom interactions and phone calls. "It felt almost like being face to face," Nason says. 

In the months since Nason first used Kumospace in late 2020, the platform has evolved with customizable spaces, a vast collection of new furniture, interactive games, and floor templates including a Cocktail Lounge, Beach, Disco Club,  and Rooftop Bar. This year, holiday features will include special theme floors, interactive furniture, and decor such as pumpkins, wreaths, colorful gifts, and festive trees.

holiday party-1

Nason returns to Kumsopace for the continuous novelty. He reflects: "One thing that I really appreciated with Kumospace, is that every time I log in there's more functionality and more options for things."