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A Brown University Student Organization Hosted a Successful 500+ Person Model UN Event Online

A Brown University Student Organization Hosted a Successful 500+ Person Model UN Event Online

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High school students gathered in Kumospace for a virtual simulation of the United Nations with dozens of interactive debates.


Priority: An Engaging and Interactive Online Event Platform

Alexander Conner, an undergraduate at Brown University, was immediately drawn to the novelty of Kumospace. He says his team decided to use Kumospace to host the 2021 Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN) online event largely because it stood out from its competitors. 

"Kumospace really is fun," says Alexander, who is the treasurer of BUSUN.

The event planning team was particularly drawn to Kumospace's versatility. In Kumospace, users can freely move around immersive virtual floors, and dip in and out of conversations using spatial audio in which users talk only to the people close to them allowing for more intimate discussions which is essential for BUSUN's debate-centered event. 

"It's a competitive environment where we try to help these high school students build their critical thinking skills and speaking skills… all the things that we expect of a modern diplomat," Alexander says. 

Approximately 500 participants attended the online 2021 BUSUN event in Kumospace. According to Alexander, their biggest challenge was figuring out how to host the event remotely, especially considering many sessions involve a committee of up to 30 students debating along with moderators.

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Recreating the United Nations Headquarters Virtually

The BUSUN team decided to break the event into dozens of floors within their Kumospace. They personally designed each floor to correspond with different sessions. "We wanted to create the sense of a professional diplomatic space," says Alexander. "That often meant creating a podium or speaking area and then some tables where the delegations can go when they're not speaking."

A standout Kumospace feature is customization. Hosts can customize various virtual floors by choosing from a range of furniture and decor options. They can also add their own Spotify playlists, YouTube videos, logos and images. One noted favorite floor was a large oval table designed to look similar to the official UN Security Council Chamber. 

Alexander also appreciated Kumospace's Present feature, in which the host can share their screen to the entire floor. He also liked how different audio settings could be configured to contain more or less people in the conversation circles, which was helpful during large-person debates.


Saving Money and Top-Notch Customer Service

Another reason Alexander and his BUSUN team chose Kumospace is because it was a more affordable option than alternatives. He also appreciated that the customer service team swiftly helped make the event compliant with Brown University's rigorous standards. "The customer service was top notch," he says. 

Would Alexander recommend Kumospace to others? "Yes," he says. "Definitely."