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An Arts Consultant Cures Zoom Fatigue With Collaborative Client Meetings on Kumospace

An Arts Consultant Cures Zoom Fatigue With Collaborative Client Meetings on Kumospace

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The simplicity of the platform and custom spaces keep Blve Consults online meet-ups engaging and creative. 

How BLVE Combats Zoom Fatigue with Collaborative Client Sessions using Kumospace’s Virtual Office. 

As an arts nonprofit consultant for his company BLVE Consults, Brian Loevner splits his time between Toronto and Chicago. Remote work is part of his daily routine. He was searching for an alternative to Zoom to meet his clients and spend time with his creative community when he stumbled upon Kumospace, an immersive virtual office software that has vivid video game-like settings.

“Honestly, I was sick of Zoom," he says. He was drawn to Kumospace as a more innovative online meeting place with its rich illustrations and interactive features. 

Brian first tried Kumospace during a family game night, and says he was struck by the simplicity of the platform and how present all the attendees were. “I like how you can walk around and do things like play chess or listen to a jukebox — it just keeps people engaged," Brian says. He finds that on Zoom people often tune out, or check emails, instead of paying attention to the meeting or activity. 

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Brian's success with his online family night in Kumospace led him to use the digital platform for his business. "I thought, 'Gee maybe my clients will like this?'" he says.

Priority: Engaging Online Client Meetings

Brian now regularly meets with his clients in Kumospace for Blve Consults, which involves advising arts organizations on leadership, business building, recruitment, and planning.

For Blve Consults meetings Brian often creates his own meeting space, using Kumospace's Build Your Own template.
Brian Loevner
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"I held some client meetings where I'm meeting a client for the first time. I'll set up a small section of the floor that just has a couple of chairs, maybe a video screen, and their logo on the floor and folks have been like, ‘Oh my god that's so cute.’ Or "Oh, that's awesome.'"
Brian Loevner

Custom Client Meetings Complete with Company Logos

One distinctive feature of Kumospace is that hosts can customize different virtual floors by choosing from a range of furniture and decor options and they can add their own SoundCloud music, YouTube videos, logos, or gifs.


"The three things I like most about Kumospace are that

1) it's different than Zoom, 2) It has spatial audio — which means I don’t have to do breakout sessions and everybody can stay in the same floor and still have separate conversations. And 3) I like the ability to make your own space," Brian says.