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How a Top International School Keeps its Worldwide Alumni Connected

How a Top International School Keeps its Worldwide Alumni Connected

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Priority: Making an Online Event That Feels More like a Party And Less Like a Meeting

The Anglo-American School of Moscow hosted a successful online reunion with alumni from across the globe uniting and making new connections.

After being tasked with the responsibility of organizing an international day school’s online alumni reunion, Webodew digital marketing consultant Mike Miello knew that using Zoom wasn’t going to achieve the kind of effect that most people look for in an alumni reunion.

The Anglo-American School of Moscow, established in 1949, is a K-12 school for children of diplomats working in Russia and boasts alumni from diverse nationalities. Finding the optimal way to bring everyone together through an online format and making it feel like a party was the main challenge. 

For the virtual alumni event Mike, who runs the web services company Webodew, turned to Kumospace, an immersive virtual event platform with rich illustrations that mimic real-life. He was especially seeking to break out of Zoom's boxy format. 

"I like just walking around in Kumospace,” Mike says. “I went next to the jukebox and I started playing music.” He was drawn to what he calls Kumospace’s classic Nintendo-style format, like in The Legend of Zelda, moving around the furniture, moving from room to room, having one-on-one chats with people; and the choice to play a game of Chess. He liked that there were opportunities such as guests serving themselves virtual wine. "It just feels more like the real world," Mike says. 

Networking While Having Fun

One of the things Mike also found successful about using Kumospace for the Anglo-American School of Moscow reunion was how it worked in the spirit of an educational institution. “You’re trying new things and just doing things that are out of the ordinary,” he says. It was the school’s first-ever virtual alumni event and he wasn't completely sure how it would all work out. Fortunately, the verdict was that the reunion was a success. Approximately 55 people attended the event. Alumni broke into different rooms based on age group--some recent graduates, they shared virtual drinks, they moved from one social circle to the next. 

'They did a survey at the very end and the results were really good,” he says. “People were just really happy about it.”

"It just feels more like the real world."
Mike Miello
Digital Consultant