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Your remote team, in one space.

A virtual office for remote teams to collaborate, build culture, and thrive together.

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A Virtual Workspace for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Team collaboration happens here.

Even our executives found Kumospace out-of-the-box, engaging, and innovative, which is what NASA strives for.
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Esteban Morales, NASA
Kumospace Virtual Workspaces Leader
Kumospace Virtual Workspaces Best Usability Total

#1 Virtual workplace tool

The most highly reviewed virtual meeting tool on G2! Help your remote or hybrid team feel more productive today.

A mockup image of a desktop Mac, MacBook Pro laptop, and iPhone with images of the Kumospace app.

The Kumospace Virtual Office App

Join a virtual meeting from anywhere

Never miss a company conference call again. Kumospace offers a full suite of desktop and mobile apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Company culture happens here.

Give your remote team a virtual office to create connections and strengthen relationships.

Watercooler moments

Help your distributed teams chit-chat after All Hands, or get unexpected face time with a leader in the hallway.

Camaraderie & cohesion

Strengthen bonds while using favorite tools like online whiteboards, digital games, and customizable spaces.

Celebrate milestones

Celebrate meaningful moments and team wins with interactive features: gongs, birthday cakes, and more.

2 of 3 workers feel more productive remotely.

Kumospace helps remote teams build company culture and connection regardless of geography.

Be seen. Be accountable. Be heard.

Walk the floor—just like if you were in the office. See how your team is getting their work done.

Online Workspace Insights

Advanced people analytics

Have visibility into how your team is spending their time with the Kumospace virtual office platform.

A screenshot of the analytics interface within the Kumospace virtual office platform.

Works with Your Tools

Integrations to power your virtual office software

Connect the apps your team already uses to customize your virtual workspace needs.

Logos from eight integrations available with Kumospace: Google Drive, Ring Central, Miro, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Kumospace explained

See how your online workspace and virtual events come to life to help build team collaboration and company culture.

Transform the way your team works.

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